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she was an angel on earth, with her peers treating her like such by shielding her from the evils of the world. but what were to happen, if she was to come face to face with said evils?

Romance / Erotica
val <3
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ever since second grade, the young students at st. barbara's private catholic school had been so captivated by their fellow peer.

she was so spirited, invariably smiling, and incredibly kind-hearted, even to those who didn't deserve it. and although she wasn't the youngest in the class, she became everyone's baby.

due to her sweet nature, and the difficult pronunciation of her name, they decided to give the bambi a nickname.


under their guidance, her friends began to shield her and teach angel about the evils of the world. they taught her what words not to use, what to do when a stranger approaches her, but most importantly... what type of people to avoid, for there is nothing more evil in this world than the human souls themselves that are inhabitants of this earth.

but, what they couldn't teach her was what to do when she's face-to-face with said evil person, and what would happen next if she were to get involved with their larks.

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