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angel didn't know how to feel.

the circumstance was from a couple of days ago but was still fresh in her mind on a loop.

of course, she was delighted, since she was finally given the chance to express her feelings for the older boy. it was just the confusion that had angel all miffed.

the pair continued their daily phone calls to each other, choosing to avoid the discussion of that incident. although angel did appreciate the lack of awkwardness, the girl still needed some answers.

were they a couple now, or not?

"hey." lilith suddenly appeared, plopping herself right next to angel, the girl too absorbed in her thoughts as she played with her baby carrots. "mary-jane and tabby are still at their lockers. i didn't want to wait for them so i just came here."

angel let out a noise of acknowledge.

"so..." lilith began, starting to nibble on her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "did you put my plan into action yet? did you make a move?"

"yeah, " angel confirms, bobbing her head up and down as she does so. "yeah, i did."

the blonde didn't add anything after that, launching lilith into a stage of perplexity.

"well?" a show of jazz hands, with the brunette's whole body shaking as well. "you can't just leave me like that. what happened? was it a success?"

"yeah, " angel took a suck from her apple juice packet. she looked around the room before leaning closer towards lilith. "we kissed, " she whispered, as though it might've been a sin if anyone but them would've heard.

lilith silently gasped, before bushing her eyebrows in confusion. "if nothing went wrong, then why do you seem upset?"

"because," angel dramatically drops the carrots back onto her lunch tray. "i don't know where we stand now. we talked afterward, but not about the situation."

lilith was stupefied. "is that all? angel, how about you bringing up the conversation? if you really want to know and you feel he isn't going to talk about it anytime soon, why don't you make the first move again?"

the stumped girl didn't reply at first. after some consideration, she nodded her head. "yeah, you're right. i'm just nervous for things to be awkward if i bring it up."

"girl, " lilith replied, finally returning to her peanut butter and jelly sandwich by taking a bite from it. "if you can survive kissing him out of nowhere and it ended up successful, then you can handle talking to him about it."

angel nodded her head again, then resumed munching on her carrots. the scene was peaceful, with the two friends enjoying a favorable lunch together.

unfortunately, the quietude was short-lived as mary-jane and tabitha joined the table.

"hey guys," mary-jane bellowed, dropping herself next to lilith while tabitha followed. "sorry for taking forever," tabitha apologized, her face contorting as if she was struggling to conceal laughter. "we just got some exciting news for something and it needed our planning."

unexpectedly, a third party had plopped themselves right next to angel, causing her to almost choke on her carrots.

"james?" she questioned the grinning boy.

"i hope you guys don't mind me sitting here for lunch today, " james said, politely smiling at angel and lilith.

"we're cool with it, " lilith said, confused as to why james chose to sit with them today. her confusion doubled as angel looked back at her with equal confusion, clearly lost as to what was happening.

despite the new company, lunch was spent semi-normally. mary-jane and tabitha gossiped about their fellow peers and the dance while lilith and angel blocked their voices out and gave little nods here and there.

the only new aspect was the looming presence of the brunette boy just a hair away from angel.

"did anyone study for mr. picardo's test?" he'd ask, attempting to make conversation.

it wasn't long before lunch was over. around them, students were already up and moving, throwing out their trays before making their way to their next classes.

"well, " mary-jane started, standing up from the circular table. "lunch was fun today. thanks for sitting with us today, james."

"of course, " the boy responded, flashing one of his signature grins. "i'll talk to you guys later? you know, for that thing?"

angel and lilith blinked at each other. what thing?

"we'll see you at lockers during the end of the day, " tabitha planned. "i gotta go, guys. science starts in like three minutes. byeee."

sprinting out of the large room with mary-jane in tow, lilith, angel and james were the only students left, save for a handful of their peers.

"i'll see you around, angel," james uttered, his fingers dancing on angel's shoulder. "see ya, lilith," james said, wishing the taller girl who'd been dumping her tray out a goodbye before walking out of the luncheon room.

as angel watched the blazer-wearing boy saunter away, lilith slithered next to her.

"lunch today was so weird, " lilith said, matching her shorter friend's gaze. she quickly paced out into the hallway, leaving angel no choice but to follow suit.


it was the end of the school day. all angel wanted to do was to go home, call slash, and set the record straight.

fortunately, angel was independently walking home, meaning that the girl would arrive home as quickly as possible without any distractions.

unfortunately, the resolute young lady was forced to abruptly stop in her tracks.

"angel!" she heard. "wait up!"

the boisterous sound of oxfords slapping against the concrete ground heightened until suddenly, they stopped. an arm wrapped around angel's shoulder, causing the girl to jump at the startling move.

"i thought i'd walk you home today, " james said, gleaming as he already started to walk, the astounded girl in tow.

"...sure, " angel replied, not being able to do anything else but feel herself being guided home.

save for the vociferous sounds of the blue jays above them chirping or the occasional ice cream truck darting past the teens, the walk, for the most part, was relaxed.

that was until james felt the need to strike up a conversation.

"so, " he started, his arm refusing to unhook from the girl's shoulder. "you still haven't found a date for the dance yet?"

"no, " angel bashfully replied, cheeks reddening in embarrassment at her lack of a date.

"well, " james asserted, playfully bouncing her a little in his one arm. "i have a feeling that's about to change."

before angel could ask what he meant, the two had reached the end of maple street. horizontal to them was slash and his friends, sitting on their colorful buckets as they laughed and sang to each other.

slash raised his head, locking eyes with angel.

angel smiled, and so did slash. this moment brought angel back to when they first met, from when they first innocently layed eyes on each other.

the only difference was that then, his eyes were soft, curious, enticing.

now? they were blurred in confusion and agitation as his eyes darted to the boy next to angel. no, scratch that. the boy practically on angel from the way he engulfed her with his arm.

angel could see slash suck his teeth from across the street. the girl squinted her eyes at him in retort. her eyes quickly widened, however, when she felt herself being dragged away rapidly to the next street.

huh, dΓ©jΓ  vu.

abruptly, the fast pacing stopped, and angel was given the opportunity to catch her breath.

"what... happened?" angel asked in-between pants,

"angel, " james frantically started, simultaneously shaking her shoulders in the process as he stood in front of her now. "do you know who that was? who those people were?"

as the shaken girl looked at her riled up friend, she debated on whether or not she should tell him the truth. yes, she did know who they were. they were slash and his friends. not at all the juveniles that this town depicted them of.

but, as angel gazed into the fanatic boy's eyes, all she saw was rage, emotion, resentment.

angel had never seen her friend in this state before. he looked very unnerving in this moment.

"those were the guys your dad mentioned that one time at dinner, i think, " angel cautiously replied. "the misfits."

"that's right. the misfits."

"but what's the big deal?" angel asked, wanting to know what made james do a whole one-eighty from the way he was acting before.

james just scoffed. he scoffed right there in angel's face before backing off her, pacing back and forth as a hand levitated over his mouth. "angel, did you see the way he looked at you? it looked like he was going to walk across this street, snatch you away and do God knows what with you."

angel shook her head as she let out a nervous giggle. "james, i think you're just being overdramatic. it's broad daylight! i don't think he was going to do anything to me where everyone can see. plus, i stared at him first which gives him the right to stare at me back."

james stopped pacing. instead, he swiftly stepped right in front of angel, sticking a finger in her face. "i don't want you to walk this street again."

angel's jaw slightly dropped at the boy's rough ruling. "what?"

"you heard what i said, " james replied, crossing his arms.

"b-but, " angel stammered frantically looking to the left and the right of her. "this street is the quickest way home!"

"don't care; i'd rather you have to spend fifteen extra minutes to walk home safely instead of spending five minutes walking home at the risk of danger. take madison street instead."

looking up at james, angel knew his word was final from the way he squared his face, letting her know he wouldn't hesitate to put her in her place again.

"ok, " angel ultimately agreed, her head nodding in dismay.

james perked up, surprised at the girl's sudden obedience. grinning, he wrapped an arm around the petite daisy. "ok, " was all james responded with, before continuing to walk forward with angel in his grasp. "now, let's get you home."

as the pair walked home, angel was stuck in her own thoughts, absorbing the new sudden change in her walk home that she had no choice but to relinquish.

unfortunately, the girl was so lost in her reflections that she didn't realize the one thing she missed.

she entirely forgot to call slash that night she got home.

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