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the four girls giggled to each other as they walked home together, while popsicles dripped in their hands.

it was friday, may 1st. to the students of st. barbara's private catholic school, the first friday of every month called for the pupils to move on down to st. john's church in order to give thanks to God for another month.

the event could be quite boring, with the sermons dragging on and on. but, on the bright side, the students were let out early from school at twelve p.m.

as the girls walked down maple street, they chattered to each other with colorful-flavored stained mouths, gossiping about jessica rydell and her affiliation with baron harbor.

"it's so gross... lindsay told me that she caught jessica and baron making out under the gym bleachers. apparently he even gave her a hickey!"

"oh, yeah? well that's nothing, because supposedly her and him sneaked into the boys bathroom and she... gave him a handy." tabitha uttered, making sure to whisper that last part so the baby wouldn't hear and start to ask questions.

fortunately for them, the blond angel was in her own world, sucking intensely on her cherry popsicle as she watched blue jay's in the tree above her play together. if her mouth wasn't too preoccupied, she would've been giggling at the sight.

the girls stopped at the end of the block, waiting for the next red light as they watched cars of all kinds zoom past them.

angel looked around as they deferred until her eyes stopped on a sight perpendicular to the road she was on. to the right of her, a couple of older-looking teenagers laughed to each other as they sat on buckets, with some of them even banging on the orange objects as if they were drums.

angel didn't notice how long she'd been staring for since one of the boys glanced up at the feeling of eyes on him, and gazed right back at the girl.

the babe didn't cease the silent staring battle. instead, she continued to eyeball the boy, visibly sucking harder on the popsicle as she innocently pushed more of the treat into her mouth. much to angel's confusion, the boy across the street gasped, before smirking and laughing silently to himself.

why is he laughing? the sweet girl asked herself. did she do something funny?

before she knew it, angel was jerked back to reality with a muffled hmp! as she was dragged forward, tearing her eyes off from the boy across the street.

she was instantly bombarded with questions and shouts.

"angel, do you know who that was!?"

"honey chop, he was staring right into your soul!"

"oh, angel... it looked like he was gonna cross the street and do something terrible to you!"

angel's head was spinning, lost as to what was going on. the girl removed the popsicle from her mouth to ask her girl friends as to what was the big deal. "what happened?" she asked with puppy eyes, causing her friends to slightly coo. "what did i do wrong?"

"oh honey," mary-jane started. "you didn't do anything wrong, you probably didn't even know."

"know what?"

"who you were staring at." lilith answered, holding angel's right hand as the girls continued their walk.

"you guys are giving her such vague answers," tabitha let out, much to angel's agreement. "you were staring at slash, love. he and his friends are pretty dangerous from what i've heard. apparently ever since they dropped out of high school, they began to sell drugs and rob people for money."

"i heard from jenny that they even killed someone during a home robbery."

"... yeah, i think you're buggin'. don't you think that's a little extreme?"

"i mean, yeah, but i got it from jenny. and you know jenny is never wrong."

angel just stayed silent the whole time, listening in on what her friends had to say about these supposed dangerous people.

it wasn't long until the girls made it to angel's house, ready to drop her off.

"alright, honey, " lilith began, letting go of the lamb's hand. "we'll call you tomorrow, okay? good night!"

angel and the girls wished each other their good nights and goodbyes. not wanting to go in quite yet, angel watched as her friends departed away from the youngest. as they disappeared down the block, angel finally unlocked the door, and made her way inside.

she was home alone, nothing surprising. with no siblings and having a doctor for a father and a lawyer for a mother, there were nights where angel had the entire house for herself, which made her feel quite lonely.

launching herself onto the couch, angel took time to reflect on what had happened just half an hour prior.

what was the big deal with the guy across the street she was staring at? was he and his friends really that dangerous?

with all these thoughts interlocking with each other, the girl on the brown, pull-out couch felt her exhaustion level increase by the minutes.

giving her brain a rest, it didn't take long for the sweet pea to fall asleep right there on the couch, concluding that her questions will just go unanswered for now.

somewhere, not very far to where the dreaming girl dozed off, was the boy with questions of his own, such as who was the girl that was staring at him, and wondering if he'd ever get to see her again.

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