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the first thing angel had noticed when she woke up was the fact her parents still weren't home. the second thing she'd noticed was how hot the inside of her room was thanks to the 77Β° weather outside.

due to the smothering weather outside, the freshly woken up girl decided to go down to her local corner store and treat herself to a scribbler popsicle.

changing into a pair of denim shorts, a plain white tee, and some pink flip flops, the girl promptly left the house with some saved dollars in her right pocket.


the little bell above giuseppe's corner store rung as angel walked in.

the girl hastily greeted the man himself behind the counter, giuseppe, by delivering a quick wave before she beelined her way towards the frozen treats section. she was a woman on a mission, desperate to find a scribbler after being directly exposed to the heat from the sun outside.

she instantly slid open the glass slide door of the treats aisle, frantically scrounging through the goodies to find the exact one she was looking for.

to engaged in her search, the doll missed the sound of the familiar store bell ringing as someone new stepped into the little store.

what she had also failed to notice, was the sound of footprints sauntering directly her way.

the walking person had halted just two steps away from her, around the same time the blissfully unaware judy had finally found a scribbler popsicle. huzzah! after sliding the glass door closed and planning her next move to then just pay for the treat and go home, the fawn was not prepared to gasp and drop her treat in shock at the view in front of her.

to her complete surprise, she was graced in the presence of a Greek God. a man, noticeably taller than the girl, stared down at her with his almond-shaped, slightly hooded brown eyes. the adonis' delicate nose was flared, most likely indulging in the cool air granted by the store's air conditioner. finally, the handsome creature's thin, but not flat, lips we're pulled into a smirk that was way too familiar to the girl.

it only took three seconds for the bambi to realize where she recognized that smirk from, for it belonged to the one person she was advised to stay away from. the same person who was accused of by her friends for selling drugs and being dangerous. the same person who'd she'd had that staring battle with yesterday afternoon.


there was a period of silence between the two, with the beautiful, yet dangerous man studied the flustered girl's face, wondering if she was going to move, or say something.

figuring that the mademoiselle didn't know what to say, slash started up with a smooth, "so, we meet again. the seΓ±orita who had been staring at me from across the street yesterday."

instantly, the seΓ±orita herself had gone red at the call-out. mentally scrambling up an immediate response to his utterance, the best she could come up with was an, "i'm sorry, i didn't mean to stare at you. i know staring is rude and i don't know why i did it for so long but i-"

"shh". the rambling was cut short due to the hissing sound, along with the sudden pointer finger on her lips, signaling her to quell her loquacity. "it's alright, sweet pea. no harm done."

the baby just nodded as a form of acceptance of the intimidating man's words. the finger slid deliberately down her plump lips until the rest of the bloke's fingers joined the one as they worked together to pick up the forgotten popsicle off the floor.

"you dropped your treat, honey." slash vocalized, making no apparent moves to hand the girl her treat back. it didn't look like angel caught sight of that, because of how hypnotized she was of the divinity's voice and face. she was too entranced to notice anything other than those two things.

it seemed as though slash could hear what she was thinking since he just smiled to himself. "cmon, " he told the girl, simultaneously bopping his head in the direction of the cash register area. he ambled that direction, expecting the angel to follow behind him, which she did. she followed him to the front of the door like a little puppy following its owner.


macerena by los del rΓ­o played on giuseppe's stereo as slash and angel waiting to be attended since the man behind the counter was occupied with scratching his lottery ticket with a quarter while whistling to himself. eventually noticing his waiting customers, he put down the ticket and got back to his job.

"the popsicle is $3.75. anything else, sir?"

"a pack of camel's would be much appreciated, " slash responded, pulling out a couple of dollars from his back pocket as giuse fetched the cigarettes for the devilish man. "that'll be $13.27 now."

when slash placed down money on the counter and was given the items, angel just now caught on to what he'd done.

"why'd you pay for me?" she asked, flushed from his generosity, yet she couldn't help but feel like a mooch. "i had my own money i could've paid for my own-"

"sweetheart," she was interrupted for the second time that day. "let me cover you for today, okay?" he pushed a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear as he picked up the paid-for popsicle and handed it to her. G held his hand out with the man's change as slash placed his ciggies in his back pocket. noticing the hand, slash glanced at him, then responded with a prompt...

"keep the change."

sending a wink to the stunned girl, and a "good day, Big G" to giuseppe, he strode out of the store, leaving behind two astonished people.

"huh." was all that came out of the cashier's mouth, before resuming back to his lottery ticket.

within a beat, angel stormed out the corner store, determined to repay slash for his sweet, yet unnecessary, act.

outside, she spotted the male minx leaning against a wall not too far from the store itself, smoking away at one of his new cigs.

walking up to him, the swain instantly glimpsed down at the girl, grinning as he pulled the cancer-stick from his mouth. "back so soon?"

suddenly shy, the sweet thing rocked back at forth as she answered back with a "i just wanted to repay you for buying my popsicle for me, since you didn't have to do that."

"oh, honey." slash responded, a little sweetly, due to how cute the girl sounded. so appreciative. "i'm not allowing you to pay me back in cash. if i wanted to pay for you, then i'm going to pay for you."

"wha-" the confused girl mumbled. "but i feel bad! if i can't repay you in cash, then how else should i repay you?"

the boy gazed up, ostensibly conjuring up a resolution for angel. then, suddenly, an impish smile formed on the gangster's thin lips.

"how about a kiss, right here?" he pointed to his right cheek.

the fawn's eyes widened but approved his wish.

"okay, " she accepted, her voice barely above a whisper. she leaned in, planting a soft, sweet kiss on the boy's firm, yet smooth cheek. as she pulled back, the pair of youngsters looked at each other, until angel broke eye contact by looking at the ground.

softly, slash took the popsicle packet from the girl's hands and opened it. placing his fingers underneath the girl's chin, he lifted under it so that the honey bee would have no choice but to have eye contact with him. with the popsicle in the other hand, slash brought it up to the girl's lips, rubbing the sugary delight against the pink, soft petals.

"suck, " he said, resulting in the flower to do what was told of her, the popsicle stick now in her hands.

he watched her enjoy her gifted treat for a little, before patting her head and letting out a, "oh, you're so precious."

she smiled with the popsicle in her mouth, and the adonis let out his final statement to her.

"i hope i see you around, darling."

the cigarette back his in mouth, he affectionately stroked her chin before he departed.

with the scribbler heavy in her mouth, she watched the real life picasso painting promenade away, too blissed out at the events that had unfolded.

she too, hoped that she'll see him around.

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