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angel felt her whole world beginning to crash down. she felt her lungs swell up as she hyperventilated, trying her hardest not to wail in this dingy classroom.

she got a fifty-seven percent on her algebra quiz.

"now, don't cry." mr. irish tried to comfort the weeping girl, handing her a box of tissues while other students started gathering their supplies and departing. "it's the beginning of may. there will be numerous assignments provided to make up for this grade before the year ends."

that reassured angel a bit, until mr. irish continued his assertion.

"but, judging from how poor your grades for this class has been, i honestly sense you're on the verge of failing this class, unless you find yourself a tutor. at this point, you need one."

she couldn't help it. tears gushed out of her eyes.

"b-but, " she blubbered, earning herself rose-colored cheeks from frantically trying to catch falling tears with her tissues. "w-where am i gonna find a tutor?"

as the young lady silently wept, mr. irish searched around until his eyes landed on one familiar student who hadn't left the room yet.

"mr. macaroe, " his screechy voice bounced off the walls, summoning the boy's attention. "come here, please."

wasting no time, the sonny cantered towards the teacher's mental desk. "yes, mr. irish?"

"i was wondering if you would be generous enough to help ms. schmidt here. your fellow peer is presently struggling on her school work and needs a tutor. since you were in the room and earned nothing less than a ninety-five percent on the past assesses, it would be very wise of me to ask if you would gladly-"

"i'll tutor her, " james spontaneously replied, glancing at his teacher before gazing at his slightly shorter female counterpart.

"fantastic, " mr. irish happily responded. "because our next quiz will be approximately one week from now, i'd say the tutoring shall begin today, after school. now leave, this is my lunch period."

with the termination of the conversation, angel and james left the classroom, prepared to head to their own lunch period.

"come over to my house today, " james asked, lighting pressing his hand on angel's shoulder. "for the tutoring session."

"ok, " angel agreed, before they went their own separate ways.


"ok, so what would be the area of this parallelogram?"

it was around five o' clock. the two students had been studying for nearly two hours and some minutes. angel had grew exceedingly weary of doing math, while james was the complete opposite. if anything, he looked thrilled as he explained equations to his pupil.

"umm, is it four hundred thirty-two?" angel asked, uncertainty residence in her voice as she gnawed on her pencil.

"no, no, no, " james responded softly, freeing the pencil from her jaws, rubbing away the excess drool on the eraser part on his shirt. "remember, it's base times height, so if the base is thirty-two and the height is fourteen... what will the area be?"

quickly busting out her calculator, the little angel practically beamed once she solved the true answer. "four hundred and forty-eight!"

james laughed as he wrote down the answer on the worksheet for angel, before wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

"you're improving so much, i'm proud of you." james squeezed her shoulder playfully.

"thank you, " angel softly said, looking down while blushing due to the praise.

james shook her once to garner her attention, which he obtained. angel glanced up at the sudden movement, causing her to lock eyes with her mentor. they ogled each other for a while, not daring to move an inch. unexpectedly, angel felt herself being nudged towards the boy, while the boy himself was moving towards the girl.

what is happening? angel thought to herself, eyes widening while james's eyes were shutting. oh my goodness what is happening?

noses touching, it was right then and there that the front door opened loudly, causing the two teens to jump away from each other.

"honey, i'm home!" mr. macaroe exclaimed while the youngest people in the house tried their best to avoid each other's gazes.

"oh, perfect timing! dinner's ready! kids, dinner!" mrs. macaroe called from the kitchen.

angel and james scrambled from the living room, desperately trying to escape from whatever that was.


dinner was baked mac and cheese. angel munched from her plate while she listened to what the macaroe's had to say to each other.

"lynn is coming home from college in a couple of days, so james i'm going to need you to move a couple of your things out of her room by tomorrow."

"consider it done,"

"good. how was work, honey?" mrs. macaroe asked, sipping on a glass of white wine.

"very interesting. bobby said he'd spot a couple of misfits tagging right next to bernadette's shoe store. he jumped in the cruiser to catch them, but he was too late. by the time he got there, the only thing left was a cigarette on the floor."

angel stopped chewing. a cigarette?

"is it the same people from last time?" last time?

"that's what we're suspecting. we don't know for certain who these delinquents are, nor can we catch them. one thing's for sure though... they've caused too much havoc across this town to go off scot-free. they'll be caught for sure."

the dining room had fallen silent again, save for some clinking sounds coming from the glass cups and forks crashing into the porcelain plates.

"so, angel, " mrs. macaroe commenced, promptly grabbing her attention. "how's tutoring going?"

"it's going good... thanks to james, of course, " angel chirped, deciding to acknowledge james for the first time since that aforesaid incident. james smiled at the mention of his name, before continuing to dine from his plate.

"and how's school?" mr. macaroe joined in, adding more pepper to his mac and cheese. "i heard you guys have that dance coming up. any lucky boys caught your attention?"

angel flushed, before a "no, no, no boys yet."

angel swore she saw james shag his shoulders in defeat.

shortly after, dinner fell calm again, until everyone had finished eating.

"well, " mrs. macaroe said, standing up as she placed now dirty dishes into the sink. "it's getting awfully late, and you two have school tomorrow. theodore, can you drive angel home?"

"of course, " the man in question replied, getting up with a huff.

"can i come too?" james asked, jumping up from the dinner table.

with approval from his parents, james ran to put on a pair of shoes while mr. macaron fled the scene. "i'll meet you kids in the car."

grabbing her backpack, angel attempted to make her leave but was stopped thanks to a grip on her shoulder.

"hey angel, " james whispered, jerking angel around so they were face to face with each other. "that... thing that happened earlier... can we just forget it ever happened? i'm sorry for coming onto you like that, it was really weird of me and i promise it'll never happen again."

angel nodded, accepting his proposal to ignore that.

with smiles exchanged, the two teens sauntered towards the vehicle waiting to deliver angel back home.

unbeknownst to them, this wouldn't be the first time that james were to act like that towards angel.

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