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the air smelt really pleasant that day, angel thought as it breezed through her hair, kissing her face in the process. angel didn't know how to describe it, really. it smelt calm. it smelt controlled. it smelt peaceful.

not only was the air charming that day, so was the sunlight as it bounced off her skin, making her look appear as if she was glowing. to slash, she really was.

sitting underneath their favorite sycamore tree, slash couldn't help but watch in awe at how heavenly angel looked as she embraced nature's gifts.

"prawdziwy anioΕ‚ na ziemi" slash couldn't help but to murmur out loud in his mother tongue.

the unfamiliar language caught angel's attention, for she opened her eyes and giggled as she glimpsed at slash. "what?"

"you look beautiful." was all slash said, smiling back at his darling, shining girl.

the two had arranged to meet at their beloved park during a phone call that was held recently.

"slash, " angel whined, gripping on her teddy bear while the boy listened on the other line, lighting one up. "can we hang out today at the park?"

slash didn't have much to do that day and his dearest girl sounded so lonely. why wouldn't he say yes?

that was how the two adolescents found themselves in fulton park, enjoying nature's beauty.

"what language is that?" angel asked, chewing away at a piece of bubble gum that slash had offered to her.

"polish." he simply answered. "my mother used to speak it to me all the time when i was younger, giving me no choice but to learn it myself since i couldn't understand what she was saying. at first, i hated it since it was too hard and complicated. but, i developed a fondness for the language, once i got over how difficult it was to learn it."

angel nodded in comprehension, beaming a bit when slash tucked a strand of hair that got blown a little too hard by the wind behind her ear. "what about you, " he inquired. "can you speak another language?"

"not really, " she bashfully admitted. "i would say german, but the only words i know how to say are hallo and wasser. my parents can speak it fluently, so i don't know why they never taught me." angel looked heartbroken at this fact, which in turn caused slash to feel sorry for her.

"let's learn german together, " he proposed, glancing towards the playground as he watched parents play with their children. "it shouldn't be hard since we'll be doing it together."

"yeah, " angel agreed distractedly as she took the time to focus on slash's face while he wasn't looking.

the older boy was certainly attractive, angel thought, biting her lip as he gazed off into the distance. the way his jaw clenched lightly when he focused on something, the way his eyes narrowed when they were concentrated, the way he raked a veiny hand through his boyish hair...

angel felt butterflies in her stomach. what was going on?

sensing eyes on him, the center of angel's attention chuckled guffawed. "you need something, honey?"

angel averted her stare on the man as he turned to look at her. she felt indistinguishable to a child getting his hand caught in the cookie jar.

at that moment, little raindrops began to fall from the sky. they were only a few drops, but from the way the clouds were beginning to form, it's safe to say that heavy rainfall was soon to follow.

"ok, kid, " slash said, getting up off of the ground, pulling angel up with him. "we gotta go. it's gonna rain soon."

fully on their feet, slash and angel walked out of the park, leaving behind the enchanting smelling wind and the glowing sunlight.


slash was right. things got worse.

standing underneath a bus shelter, slash and angel watched as unfortunate people scampered, desperately trying to make it back to their homes as droplets of rain began to fall on them in large quantities.

angel knew her home would take quite a while to reach, especially in this weather. it wouldn't be fair for slash to have to walk her all the way to hers then be forced to walk all the way back to his. he'd probably catch a cold from how drenched he'd be!

"slash, " she embarked, tugging a bit on his jean jacket. "how far is your home from here?"

"not that far, " he answered, tugging angel underneath his arm.

"can we go to yours, then? i'll only stay until it stops raining."

he didn't answer at first, probably debating to himself if he should allow that request. thankfully, after careful consideration, he did!

"ok, pipsqueak." he mumbled, taking off his jacket to use as an umbrella. "let's go."


"home sweet home."

angel had never seen such a sight.

there was colored graffiti on the walls. there were posters up of men with motorcycles and girls in itty bitty bikinis. there was loud, rap music being played from the tiny tv in the tinier living room.

compared to how she lived, angel thought this all looked cool.

"slash?" an unfamiliar voice rung from somewhere deep in the house, startling angel a little. "that you?"

footprints could be heard, echoing down the hall as they got closer and closer. it wasn't long before the footprints revealed their owner who suddenly stood right in front of angel.

the owner was a very tall girl, with eccentric pink pixie-cut hair. she wore a guns n' roses band tee which was pared with baggy camo pants that were held up by a silver pyramid studded belt. her jewelry was probably the best part about her since they were everywhere on her. her entire ears were pierced with yin yang earrings, hoops, and studs. her nose and lips were pierced as well with hoops. chains hung from her neck and wrists, making clinking noises as they dangled.


"slash, " the unfamiliar woman said, confusion embedded into her voice as she stared angel down, examining her similar to how the girl was ogling at her not too long ago. "who's this?"

"angel, " slash said, migrating to the kitchen while angel stayed put. "this is my friend, angel." he pulled out two cans of coca-cola. "angel, this is my cousin, willow." he strode back into the living room, handing the girl a can.

"oh, " willow said, eyes widening in familiarity as she snapped out of her trance. "well, welcome to our home, angel."

angel shyly waved, but all that shyness went away as her eyes trailed on the most adorable sight ever.

emerging from out of the blanket placed in the corner of the small home, a fat -yet precious - little bulldog appeared, waddling towards the triad.

"oh my God!" she exclaimed, practically jumping in her spot in excitement. "you have a dog!"

seated on the tiny living room couch, slash trailed his eyes towards what angel was looking at. he chuckled. "that's axl. he's a lazy old man who loves belly rubs. you can pet him if you'd like."

"really?" the girl asked. she got a confirmation nod in return, which is all the girl needed before she set down the unopened can of cola before racing off, frantically giggling as she played with axl.

willow sat down next to her cousin as she watched the now preoccupied girl have the time of her life.

"that's angel?" willow whispered in disbelief as slash downed his can. "that's the girl you've been telling me about?"

"the same girl, " he rumbled, setting his now emptied can down as he feasted his eyes on what willow had been so focused on. he smiled as he watched her, chirping and bouncing in her crouched position.

"are you guys going steady?"

"not yet, " slash confirmed, a frown appearing on his face in despair. "i was gonna ask her today, but mother nature had other plans."

a nod. "just remember, be careful with her, okay?"


"no, slash, " willow asserted, fully grabbing slash's attention away from angel directing it onto his cousin. "i mean it. compared to you, that girl is practically a baby. she's innocuous, judging from what you've told me and how she's acting right now. just promise me something..."

slash watched her, ready for her next words.

"whatever you do with her, just don't hurt her."

looking back at his girl, slash almost scoffed at her words.

slash knew the type of person he was. he was the type of man parents forbid their daughters for dating. the type of man who couldn't hold a job because of his criminal record. the type of man who'd tussle in an alleyway just for looking at him funny.

he was, what you could say, a bad person. but, he'd never harm any woman in his life. especially not women like angel.

angel, to him, was the light at the end of the tunnel. she was everything he wasn't: benign, cherished, and loved. because of this, you'd think angel would try her hardest to stay away, too afraid of being corrupted. to his utter surprise, she stayed. not only did she stay, but she also managed to take over not only his thoughts but his heart.

looking back at his little fairy, slash knew he'd have no complication responding to willow.

"i promise," he assured, nodding his head as he did so. "nothing is going to happen to her as long as she's with me."

he truly believed his words, so utterly devoted to them. if something were to happen to angel, slash would cause hell on earth. why?

because slash was entirely in love with angel.

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