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angel was completely exhausted.

school had been frenetic, with the indigent girl having to take a pop quiz in world history, being forced to write an essay about the vietnam war for english, and having to play an excruciating game of soccer for physical education.

feeling depleted, angel whined on the spot when her friends had begged her to tag along to the mall with them after school.

"it'll only take ten minutes!" mary-jane persuaded as angel practically dozed off on lilith's shoulder. "we'll just be window shopping!"

after some cogency, angel had ultimately agreed to head to the mall, her half-asleep figure being dragged on by her delighted pals.


"ok... so what are we thinking?"

the four girls were currently in a macy's, perusing down some dress aisles. mary-jane held a skin-tight, sequined red dress up to her body, consulting her friends if she would wear it to the upcoming dance.

"cute!" tabitha responded, holding up a pink, poofy dress. "how about this?"

"too poofy." mary-jane rejected, scrounging up her face in disdain.

while the two girls examined the rest of the dresses, lilith and angel stood behind.

angel, with the little energy she had left, was stuck in her thoughts. looking at her friends racking through dresses for the dance, her mind wandered off to herself trying on some dresses, only instead of her friends voicing in their thoughts, it was slash there with her.

she eyed a pastel pink dress, and instantly her mind conjured up a vision.

"you look beautiful, " angel could hear slash say as she twirled around in the dress. "c'mon, let's get it for you."

these kinds of illusions had been swirling around in angel's brain the whole week! her illusions had bore a lot of questions into her head late at night, but only two stuck with angel the most.

why am i imagining these images? was the first one, with the second one being...

why do i want them to happen in real life?

God, angel needed someone to talk to. someone that wasn't slash for the time being.

fortunately, a tall, brunette angel with big eyes instead of big wings was there for her relief.

"are you okay?" lilith muttered, noticing the grimace on her dear friend's face. "you look worried."

normally, angel would try to brush off her emotions for how long as she could in front of her friends, preserving herself until she was able to cry to her heart's content in the privacy of her home. however, there was only so much the girl was able to keep to herself before snapping.

today was the day of her snapping.

"no, " angel whispered back, sucking her lips in so she wouldn't cry. "no, i'm not okay."

lilith nodded, before she bellowed out a "guys, angel and i are gonna head down to the food court, okay?"

mary-jane, who'd been skipping down the mall hand-in-hand with tabitha, let out a "sure! tabby and i are gonna check out that new store, delia's."

"we'll meet you there!" tabitha asserted, letting herself be dragged away by her giggling friend just moments subsequently.

lilith shook her head, before jerking her head towards the food court. "c'mon, " she'd spoken, walking that direction while the sad, blonde puppy followed suit.


"what happened?"

the two girls were sat on a mall bench, enjoying themselves some baskin robbins ice cream in a cone.

angel shook her head as she licked her vanilla with rainbow sprinkles ice cream. "nothing happened it's just..." the girl hesitated, before continuing. "i've just been having these, thoughts."

"what kind of, thoughts?" the girl with the mint and oreo's ice cream questioned.

"thoughts about..." angel paused, needing a moment to gather her thoughts while lilith patiently waited for her to continue. "thoughts about me and a friend. weird thoughts about us. the thing is..." angel looks up, anguish in her eyes.

"i don't think i want to be just friends."

lilith took a deep breath in. "do i know this... friend?"

"... you might."

"hm." a lick of the mint ice cream. "how long have these thoughts been going on?"

"a couple of weeks."

another little hm. angel fingers the fringe on her uniform plaid skirt, anxious to see what her blue-eyed friend would say.

"my advice to you..." she started, keeping a sharp gaze on angel so she'd be forced to pay attention. "... is to act on your thoughts. if this has been going on for weeks, then you gotta tell the person you're thinking about how you feel about them."

"but what if they don't feel the same way?!" angel clamored, eyes widening frantically.

lilith just rolled her eyes and scoffed. "angel, you're crazy. you're cute, good-hearted, and beautiful. how could anyone not feel the same?"

angel sniffled. "thank you, " she whispered, leaning her head on her slightly older friend's shoulder.

"anytime." lilith wrapped an arm around her delighted friend.

as they sat there on the bench, embracing each other, angel soaked in the words from her best friend.

lilith was right. angel had to make a move.


"bye!" angel called out, waving her arm madly as she watched her three friends depart after dropping her off home.

standing on her porch, angel made work to unlock her front door. however, a surprise had been waiting for her inside.

her parents. they were finally home.

angel couldn't believe it. maybe this was another illusion. maybe her brain freeze from the ice cream earlier had remained and this was her delusion.

but, as she stepped inside her home, placing her book back down and closing the door slowly as she studied the possible aliens in her home, she could conclude, very positive with herself...

her parents were actually home.

standing in the living room awkwardly, she looked around the room. her father was on the pull-out sofa, fully immersed in some sort of german speaking show. her mother was in the kitchen, cleaning some plates.

when angel had left for school, there were no dirty plates. angel's heart dropped. did they have dinner without me?

angel traipse-walked into the kitchen prepared to speak with her mother. "hi, mama."

no response. the sound of plates being scrubbed continued.

"how was work?" angel asked timidly, attempting to keep striving for some sort of acknowledgment. "I don't have any homework today, which is a first."

the scrubbing became harsher with every word the youngest blonde in the household spoke.

"i went to the mall today, " a screeching noise could be heard by how violently hard mrs. schmidt was rubbing that cloth on her now clean plate. "i saw a couple of cute dresses for the dance coming up..."

as angel went on and on, mrs. schmidt broke. she quickly whirled around with her cloth in hand, jerking it in the direction of her daughter.

"shut the fuck up, " mrs. schmidt growled, causing angel to shrivel due to the fierceness of the adult's words. "do you know how tired we are? how tired your father and i both are?" a head nod no. "of course you don't, " her voice rises with every word. "because all you do is thinking about yourself!"

"that's not true, " angel defended herself, shaking in fear and shock.

"your father and i work day in and day out with no days off trying to provide for this family yet you treat us like this. you treat our one day off with little to no respect. we're tired!"

mrs. schmidt had screamed the entirety of her tirade, causing her to pant while angel stands there in misery.

"i'm sorry, i'm so sorry," angel apologized for a crime she did not commit. "i'm really sorry."

"get the fuck out of my face." her mother coldly said, death glaring her only child. "get out!"

the logically action next for angel would be to scurry over to her room and lock herself in until morning came. unfortunately, the poor girl was in an immense state of shock, she just did what her body told her to do without thinking.

she rushed completely outside, out into the chill and dark streets of her connecticut neighborhood.

back in the home, mrs. schmidt threw her little cloth towel into the sink in animosity.

"bring mir ein bier, " mr. schmidt said to his wife, eyes never leaving the bright television screen.


in the dead of the night, the dreadful girl roamed the streets of her neighborhood, worrying about where she could possibly stay the night.

she couldn't ask mary-jane or tabitha since they lived so far. she couldn't ask lilith cause angel didn't even know where she lived.

james was a good option, seeing that he was close and awake around these hours. she decided against it, due to the fact that his father was a cop. she didn't want her parents to get in trouble even after they kicked her out of her own home.

angel stumbled onto a familiar road, and instantly her mood increased a little.

there was only one option left.


angel knocked on the inconspicuous, metal door three times before stepping back, patiently waiting for someone to respond.

she stood outside fearfully, the thoughts what if everyone's asleep? or what if no one's home? rang in her ears, but hastily vanished as angel heard footprints from inside before the door opened.

"angel?" willow questioned, rubbing her eyes as if she'd just woken up. "it's late, what happened?"

suddenly, slash appeared from behind his pink-haired cousin, looking equally confused. "angel, why aren't you home?"

angel faltered, before slash continued with a "come in, we'll talk about it in my room."

the girl let herself be guided in the little home, hearing the door behind her close as she followed the older teenager into his room.

everything about the area was blue. the walls with the guns n roses posters were blue. the unmade bedsheets were blue. even the rug which had shoes and dog toys littered on it was blue.

"here, " slash softly said, handing angel a plain white tee, "i won't look."

true to his word, slash turned away on his mattress, whistling to the wall while angel switched out of her uniform into the dress-like garment.

feeling the bed droop a little from behind him, slash finally turned around, smiling.

"adorable, " slash let out, eyeing the tiny girl in his big t-shirt. "now, tell me, what happened?"

"i got into a fight with my mom tonight, " she sadly admitted, playing with a loose thread in the shirt. "she told me to get out. other than you, i didn't have anyone else to turn to."

"hey," slash mumbled, placing a finger underneath her chin, forcing her to maintain eye contact with him. "you'll always have me to turn to, okay? my doors are always open for you."

the pair were sitting parallel to slash's large window, moonlight coming in and bouncing off their faces. angel thought he looked alluring; light illuminating on his face, highlighting significant facial features like his eyes, his nose, his lips.

suddenly, lilith's words came rushing back to her. "act on your thoughts... you gotta tell the person you're thinking about how you feel about them."

with new found determination and strength, angel didn't hesitate on delivering her next move.

she kissed slash.

pulling away, both parties were equally shocked at angel's action.

"i-" angel tried to explain, but was cut off by a pair of softer lips on her own. slash was kissing her back.

the remainder of the night was spent with kisses being exchanged passionately, with the two finally being able to express their pent up feelings for each other without words.

although angel and slash had yet to verbally confess their affections to the other, they already knew, since tonight alone was the only confirmation they needed.

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