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There wasn't much need for people to ask since they already knew . She belonged to him , forever as they stated . Shall it be true ? I can't say. He picked her upsetting her on the counter top as she held his shirt , his eyes gazing into her with anger . She bit her lip finally speaking up , " I am sorry i didn't tell you " He clenched his jaw squeezing he thighs . " I am very sure i don't have to remind you that you belong to me My belle but if i hear this happening again , people will be kill by my hand and i swear i won't regret doing that " She whimper burying her face in his neck. " I hope you understand me belle , you shall not be touch by any other man but me " he stated to her

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*The New Girl*

Arabelle skipped through her class to the door giggling at her stupid imagination , Pigs in the sky ? what a sight it will be . She looked up at her locker and unlocked it getting a cold breeze from the now open doors of the hallway , as she started taking her notes out when her ears picked up her friends voice and she smiled widely .

" Arabelle !" Denna Yelled and dropped her hand on Arabelle's shoulder . "I am so done already !" she sighs . "But its only the second period De " Arabelle stated while Denna rolled her eyes . " I know i know " . The girls walked to their respective classes when arabelle noticed a unknown girl walking through the hallways . She looked lost . She must be new .

" Are you lost ?" Arabelle asked her as she leaned on the lockers . She body immediately jerked towards Arabelle and she smiled . " Yes i am . My name is Lucy " they both introduced each other while Arabelle showed Lucy the class she was suppose to be in .

"Thanks " , " No problem " Arabelle replied to Lucy . " If you like you can sit with us at lunch , we sit on the Very last table in the canteen " Arabelle smiled before walking away while Lucy thanked her again .

Sitting with four unknown people was difficult for Lucy but they were all were sweet . " This is Dena !!" Arabelle said hugging Dean from behind . " I am Dean , her brother " The guy in black hair spoke pointing at Denna . " No wonder you alike " Lucy said . Arabelle sat next to Denna while Lucy sat next to Sky . Sky was a total flirt . But she didn't mind .

"She is Caroline " Arabelle said gesturing a ginger hair girl next to sky . " Nice to meet you Lucy " she spoke and Lucy smiled back . Lunch was more fun now that they had one more friend . Arabelle was happy as usual for no particular reason .

As the noon hit the sky they all were free to go home , " I thinking we should all protest for the college to be in the morning or something " Sky stated making Arabelle laugh while other sigh at his stupidity .

As Arabelle walked out and stood near the gates with others she munched on her chocolate . Being a chocoholic sure wasn't good but she loved it so who would stop her . " Why are you guys waiting ? He will come soon you all should go home " Arabelle stated . " Who ?" Lucy asked but her voice didn't reached through .

" Ya but he is late today " Denna stated and Arabelle nods . " Its okay . You can't miss your bus go " Arabelle stated finally insisting and making Dean and Denna walk away but Caroline and Sky stayed with Lucy and Arabelle . " Who are we waiting for ?" Lucy asked and Arabelle beamed like a child . " Archer "she said .

" And who is AR-" her voice was cut by the sound of a honk . She saw a black Audi pull up in front of Arabelle as she laughs at one of Sky's jokes .

Lucy was startled as she saw a handsome breathtakingly hot guy hop out . Oh he is soooo good looking But he looked so dangerous. She throught . Must be her Brother ? Lucy was about to ask when Arabelle beamed up again ." See Caro , i told you that jacket would look nice !!!" Arabelle laughed as Caroline nodded .

She saw Him walking towards them when two senior guys started talking to him . They looked in a serious talk .

" Who is he ?" Lucy asked when Sky replied . " He is Archer , Three years senior to us " Sky muttered . " Is he Arabelle's brother ?" Lucy asked and Sky laughed . " No " he said . Lucy was taken away by him . She could feel the voices drop as he walked inside the gates and everyone go quite.

"Hi !!" Arabelle jumped to greet him like a child but he did not smile nor looked at any of her friends but her . " You are late !" She said hugging him . Lucy couldn't understand it . How could a funny witty dumb girl be talking to a hot yet dangerous guy like him .

She didn't mean to sound bad but , Arabelle was the overly excited girl and He . Archer was just quite , Almost like he hated everyone . "How was lunch? is Mary coming tonight ?" Arabelle rambled while Lucy stood their confused . But to everyone . It was normal , Obvious and that was how it was .

Archer suddenly leaned down and laid his lips on her making Lucy gulp . " They ...They are together ?!!" she whisper yelled . " Yep , They have been together for Six months now , But even before that , he wouldn't let any guy take her " Sky mutter near Lucy .

Arabelle bit goodbyes as Archer opened the car door for her . She smiled at Lucy but Lucy only nodded back still surprise .

The ride back home was quite . Arabelle knew Archer well then his own family . Archer wasn't a talk and smiled . He opened his mouth only in crucial moments . But when with Arabelle He would talk more . Arabelle bit her lip as his hand rested on her thigh . Her fingers played with his pinky .

"You know Dad and mom are going to Germany next week " She sounded sad . " Its only for ten days but i guess i will miss them " she stated , " Is your Aunt coming to stay over ?" Archer asked taking his hand off her thigh to put it on the wheel . After a turn he slipped it right back into her hand .

" Haven't asked yet " she muttered . Archer couldn't handle his girl being sad . Hence he pulled up near the sweet shop and as soon as Arabelle saw it her eyes lit up . her hand slipped off Archer's and rested on the window . " Archer ! Please ! pretty please ! I promise i will give you two from mine !!!!" She started jumping on her seat and he laughed a her childish behaviour .

" Only if i get a kiss " He was immediately given a kiss on his cheek but he wasn't satisfied . He stopped the car but kept the doors locker . " Here " he said tapping his lips . Arabelle blushed red but moved near and peck his lips softly . Archer smirked Took her hand in his as his girl giggled like a baby .

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