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*More Fights *

Arabelle stood up with Caroline as they looked around but couldn't find Archer anywhere . Sky tried calling him but the range was unavailable . "Maybe we should check the nearby cabin , he must be there to get some drinks " Sky suggested and Arabelle nodded , As they walked to the cabin they saw no one around it . Caroline tried opening the the door but it seemed that the door was locked and it needed a key or it was locked from inside .

Caroline tried to push the door open when a guy came near and he asked who there were ." You have the key ?" Caroline asked and he titled his head up and looked at the door . " I guess " he said . " Then open the door " Caroline said and he chuckled . " I have been told not to until i get a message " He said and Caroline frowned .

" Who is in there ?" Arabelle asked ." A girl and a boy " he replied . Suddenly the window of the cabin shattered open and Archer jumped out . He looked to his side to see his belle and two others . He looked back to see Lucy crying and he ignored her and walked to belle . " Come on , we are going home " he said and he dragged her away . While walking her gaze went inside the cabin to Lucy holding her face crying and her eyes went wide . " Lucy was in there with you ?" Arabelle asked and he nodded . " We were locked " he replied simply and unlocked the car getting inside .

Arabelle wonder what happen the whole ride home and she finally asked him when he stopped his car in front of her house . Archer sighs . " We got locked inside and i broke the window to get out " he explained . Arabelle looked into his eyes to see some thing she couldn't figure out . " Why was Lucy crying inside ?" she asked and he grits his teeth ." Because she got scared " He answered .

'OF me ' Archer really wanted to say further what she was scared of . But he couldn't . He didn't want his belle knowing what he had did to push Lucy away .

Archer was angry at himself for letting his belle be sad . It was because of his rude behaviour. Lucy stood up tried to lean against Archer and grabbed his hand tripping again . Archer as a reflex grabbed her hand and kneel down to her wincing face
Archer looked down to see her leg which she claimed was hurt .

As his eyes fell towards her leg Lucy took the chance to lean in quick and kiss his lips . The action was so quick that he pushed her back by force making her fall hitting her head . "The fuck !?" Archer shouts . He grits his teeth Clenching his jaw and breathing heavily . She had no rights to kiss him . He belonged to his belle . She was insulting his belle by seducing him .

"I am sorry . Archer . I really like you . I do . I know it wasn't nice but i will make it up to you . " Lucy spoke and he walked to her making hope that he was coming to get her . But Archer grabbed her by her neck picking her up partially choking her . "Archer " she wheezed .
"You dared to kiss me ? You dare insult Arabelle in front of me ? " he said releasing his hold on her making her fall again as she gasped for breath .

He then kneels down and held the neck of her shirt. "If i ever see you look me in the eyes again you will surely be dead by my hands . If you think i will spare your life considering that you are a women then no . I can be the monster you wished you never met " he said pushing her back and stood back up .

She crawled away sobbing looking at him as he walked near the window and slammed his hand on it breaking the glass and climbing out . Lucy laid on the floor sobbing as fear took over her . She wished she had never done such a thing .

He looked over at Arabelle who was about to get out and he got out slamming his door shut . He walked over to Arabelle pushing her against the door trapping her between his arms as she looked into his eyes . He looked into her beautiful eyes and saw innocence. He didn't want her knowing that he had hurt a women . His belle might get angry and scared of him

He pushed himself off the car and sigh . "Get inside . Sleep . " he said leaving her in front of her house and driving away . Arabelle felt tears swell up in her eyes as she saw Archer drive away without any goodbye or hug. Or a kiss . He always gave her a kiss . He always hugged her . Arabelle was sad . She laid on her bed looking at the message she had got from Archer's mother .

During the night while Archer was no where to be seen she had got a message from a unknown number . The women claimed to be Archer's mother . She had invited Arabelle to a evening party there were holding . Arabelle had no idea Archer's mother knew her . She was hesitant. But she didn't know what to do .

"I said no means no !" Archer stated and Arabelle frowned . "Why don't you want me going ? You mother invited me personally " Archer grits his teeth walking towards her and pressing her to the wall .

Somewhere in the middle of the night Archer had surprisingly walked through the door of Arabelle's bedroom . He was angry . But he need his belle . Arabelle was happy that he had come . But as they laid together Belle somehow had to go and tell him about his mother's invitation for her . Archer was quick to reject the idea . However belle wanted to go . It ended up with belle pressed against the wall with a raging Archer .

"You will not go to that party . Am i clear Arabelle ?" He asked . She gulped and nodded . He nodded approving that she had understood him . He grabbed her hand pulling her towards the bed and sleeping . Arabelle didn't feel his affectionate kiss that night . She was only more sad .

The next day when Arabelle woke up she was empty in her bed . Archer dropped her to the college gates as every other day . Only difference was that both of them had stayed quite the entire ride . Archer was angry because his mother had dared contact his belle . Arabelle was angry that Archer had been acting very rude . Both these conditions would add up if Arabelle decided to go against Archer and attend the party .

During Lunch Arabelle received a call . She bit her lip and answered it .
"Arabelle ?" A women asked and she answer with an yes . " oh ! I am happy to talk to you . I hope you are ready to for tomorrow evening. " she said and Arabelle sighs .
"I am sorry Miss Marilyn. Archer said he doesn't want me going " Arabelle said . Both the women were now acquainted to each other . Marilyn, Archer's mother was very delighted when she heard that her son finally had a women . And she wanted to meet her .

"What !? Why !?" She asked and Arabelle twisted the hem of her dress in her fingers. " I don't know . But he said not to go " Marilyn didn't accept that . "No . I will handle my son . You will be coming . My car will pick you up that evening dear . Tell me your address. " Arabelle protested . But Marilyn assured her that everything will be fine .

Although Marilyn has sources who could easily get her address. She needed to know if Archer's girl was trusted enough to give where she live . Arabelle texted her the address of her house and Marilyn was happy to know that she lived in a good area . Marilyn had only received pictures of Arabelle from her sources . She never got to see what kind of a girl Arabelle was . But one look and Archer's mother knew Arabelle would be the women to stay by her son's side . She only needed to talk to her .

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