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Arabelle stepped back gulping and keeping the glass down on the nearby table . She had no idea Archer would be here . Or she did but ignored it . She saw him walking towards her in speed and she stood on her ground watch him coming towards her . Arabelle didn't know what to expect. 

She was frozen . She heard a voice ask her if she was okay but her eyes never left Archer . Archer grabbed her elbow pulling her to his chest . "Archer . My brother " Lucifer as he introduced himself to Arabelle spoke . "Lovely meeting your lady this evening " Archer held his anger and dragged Arabelle out the hall to upstairs where his childhood room was .

He pushed Arabelle inside and punched the wall besides her head making a quite scream leave her mouth . She cover her mouth breathing heavily as tears swell up her eyes due to the fear of Archer . "A-Archer " she whisper . Arabelle didn't want to admit it but she was scared of him . So scared . She didn't want to admit the fact that she scared of him hitting her .

Archer moved near her and rested his head in the crook of her neck . His arms coiling around her waist . Her scent , her skin . Her voice all bring Archer to breath slowly . "Why did you go against me belle ? When i do not want you doing something it means there a specific reason behind it " he said picking her up and sitting on the couch near the big window . He settled his belle on his lap and caressed her face

Arabelle gazed into his eyes having no clue what he thought.  "Why . Why didn't you want me going ? Am i not acceptable in your world and family " Archer chuckled shaking his head negatively.  "If I take you to any of my family meeting.  My brothers will know of you . If they take interest in you ..if they ...if they like you . They might try to pull us apart . I will not let it happen Love . But these dinner parties are not what you expect.  Not in my family " he said kissing her forehead and holding his lips for a while . Arabelle missed his kisses .

She hugged him hesitantly and whispered ," i am sorry " . " Archer . You have been very rude to me " she said and he kissed her roughly . She let out a squeak as he laid her back on the couch and bit her lower lip . "Have you seen any paper notes in your locker ? " he asked and she frowned . " one ." She answer and he nodded . "What did it say ?" He asked . "I don't remember but it did say 'i like you' or something . but i think it was a prank made by Caro " she answer . He nodded kissing her neck and sitting up helping her sit up as well .

"I am sorry . Very sorry love . I have been stressed lately " he said holding his head in his hands . Arabelle hated watching her Archer like this . She took both his hand away from his face and cupped his cheeks . "Are you alright Archie ?" She asked and he shook his head . She kissed his cheek . "I am sorry for giving you trouble " she said but Archer was immediate to decline it .

"Its never you . Not you Arabelle . Stop blaming yourself . " he said . They sat on the couch in each others arms for an hour . Finally coming upto good terms . Archer had now gotten happy to the fact that Arabelle was safe in His arms. "I love you " Arabelle spoke . "I love you my belle " he said and kissed her lips passionately.  His lip licked her and bit hers making her moan . His hands on the back of her neck with other wrapped around her back pulling her close . Arabelle let his tongue enter her mouth and they moved slowly but the sparks she was feeling inside her body were unstoppable. 

Archer pulled away and kissed her forehead . "You look so beautiful. Like a goddess . My goddess" he said and she giggled kissed his cheek . "Well thank you my prince " Archer smiled hugging her and she wrapped her arms around his neck . "Can we go home ? I am hungry " she said and he hummed .

"Stay here . I will be back . " he said and she held his hand . " where are you going ?" She asked . "I need to go see my mother tell her we will leave " he said kissed her hair again and Arabelle nodded . Only then he left the room . Arabelle moved her eyes around to see a queen sized bed with grey sheets . A big shelf filled with books . The walls painted the colour yellow and grey with a picture Of  a car painted on the wall above his bed .

She smiled running her hands on Archer's study table . His stuff stayed there as it must have been . Archer didn't have any toys of childhood . This was the first time Arabelle was standing in his bedroom . His childhood bedroom . She sat on the bed loving the cozy feeling . Loving the exact  warmness it gave as Archer . Only that the sheets were cold .

She noticed a box on the space of his shelf and she walked near it . It was a beautiful green box with diamonds on it . She opened it to see a bracelet inside . She didn't touch it . Archer might not like her doing that . "Its mine " she sucked in deep breath as she left Archer's lips on the back of her ear . He wrapped his hands around her stomach and took the bracelet in one hand studying it .

"Mother gave it to me . But it was too girly so i kept it but never wore it " he said and Arabelle chuckled . "Girly ? Archer its a gift form your mum . You should wear it . " she said looking at the golden bracelet.  It was simple with a little design on it and few diamonds . Archer took his belle's hand and slid it in her hands . Surprising it fit her perfectly . "How come it fits me so well " she asked lifting her hand to inspect it . "Well it was given to me when i was young . " Archer replied. 

He kissed her cheek and took her hand walking out the room . As they walked towards the hall Marilyn smiled at Arabelle . " it was nice meeting you sweetie.  Hopefully my son will bring you for a lunch next time . " she said leaning in and giving Arabelle a hug . "Not happening mother "Archer said she Marilyn frowned .

"Can you not cared for your mother ?" She asked and Arabelle smiled . "I do . We have to go . Bye " he said and she nodded . Archer kept his hands on her thigh and Arabelle played with his pinky finger . "Promise me not to get mad and not to go away without kissing me bye " Arabelle said as she looked down to Archer's big hand on her thigh .

Archer leaned in cupping her cheeks and kissing them each . "I promise . " he said and stepped out the car and opened the door for Arabelle . "Are you staying !?" She asked and he nodded . She grinned . Her parents were already sleeping due it being late in the night . Arabelle walked up the stairs struggling with her gown and Archer behind her .

Archer lifted up the trail of her gown to help her walk up the stairs and when they finally got to her bed room he was shocked to see mess . There were chocolate wrappers and  empty bag of chips laying on the floor .the bed was not made . There were clothes on her study table . "What's this ?" He asked and and looked down to his belle to see her struggling with the zip of her dress .

He helped her take the zip down and she huffed taking the dress off . Archer grinned at his beautiful belle wearing a silky white lace petticoat inside . She walked straight to the bed and took her heels off falling on the soft sheets . Archer chuckled taking the dress and heels and keeping them inside her closet .

Inside his beast was crawling out to take his beauty . Archer didn't hesitate climbing in bed and kissing her .

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