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*Upsetting News*

Arabelle hummed her favourite song swaying her hips to it as she dipped her fingers in the peanut butter jar and licked it . Archer had gone to his office to resolve some problems and said he wouldn't be back until evening . So Arabelle though about calling Caroline and Denna over for a little party .

Arabelle had made some cupcakes with strawberries filled with chocolate. She had ordered some pizza and coke to go with it . The bell rang and she smiled running to the door forgetting the fact that she was in booty shorts with a top . She opened the door expecting the girls but it was the pizza guy . He looked at her for a few seconds before naming the amount of money . As Arabelle ran to the kitchen he stood there watching her .

As she handed him the money his eyes follow over her body and legs making her uncomfortable . " You have a little party ?" he asked searching for change in his pockets . " Um , ya " Arabelle answer nervously laughing . " OH , nice  my name is Max " he introduced . " Thank you for bring the pizza Max " she said taking the change and the Pizza from his hand .As he handed her the coke he spoke again , " Aren't you gonna tell me your name beautiful ?" he asked and Arbelle suddenly gulped not wanting to talk to him any longer . 

She took the coke from his hand , " I don't think my boyfriend would like me telling my name to a stranger , bye " she said slamming the door on his face . She heard his bike drive away and huffed , but froze and the bell rang again .This time she opened the windows from her kitchen slightly to see it was Caro and Deanna and smiled widely . 

The three girls ate and watched lots of movies enjoying the evening until Arabelle's parents came home ." OH wow , looks like you are having a party here " Her mom said and Arabelle giggles nodding . Her mom took a strawberry and walked away . Arabelle's dad kissed her head and stole a pizza piece making her pout but he laughed walking away . " Have fun but no litter on my carpet girls " Her mom yelled and the girls laughed .

Archer walked into the third meeting for the day and greeted the clients , he need their approval for the next project and Archer was confident enough that it would be a success . " I was thinking more of a wireless approach to this design , about inserting a microchip and controlling the change of density , wind , speed , velocity and other parameters by IOT  rather than using the same old infra ray " The director spoke . " Using IOT will cost " the assistant added , " But will make it more convenient " Archer nodded typing on the laptop considering their thoughts . 

" We do have a product which works on IOT allthough its estimate price will go up to 65 we can start the productions at fifty but you will have to give your forty percent shares to us to start this " Archer spoke and he got a text message from his manager saying that this investment was worth .The clients finally settled one the idea and the meeting was dismissed . 

Archer had yet to visit the dealers for new equipment but asked his manager to do so as it was already late . He called Arabelle walking to his car and tossing the car keys to the driver getting in .Archer clenched his jaw and the rings went unattended and he called again this time his belle picked her phone up ." You didn't answer " he stated . " To Arabelle's house " Archer ordered the driver and leaned back on the seat . " Sorry Archie , i was have a shower " She said and he smiled . 

" Come out the house you are staying with me tonight " He stated and heard her huff . " But you can come home " she said wining , " Arabelle , i am in your driveway come out , now " he commands and heard her shuffled before cutting the call . After a few more minutes she finally walked out with a coat on her and her cell phone . She stopped at the door  looking back and talking to some one before closing the door and walking to the car . The driver opened the door and she got in thanking him .

She sighs hugging Archer as he picked her up and settled her on his lap . " why do you look so tired ?" he asked and she kissed his cheek . " Me , Denna and Caro were having a pizza Party , i spilled my drink on mom's  beautiful carpet and had to clean it " Archer chuckled . " Not funny ! she yelled at me" Arabelle said , " Well what do you expect her to do if you ruin her carpet love ?" 

Arabelle pouted her lips and Archer was quick to peck them . AS they entered the house Arabelle ran up to his bedroom and took off her coat revealing her nightdress which was simple satin thigh high with lace . She jumped on the bed making herself comfortable and closing her eyes . After a few minutes Archer laid next to her pulling her close and playing with the neckline of her dress . He flipped her under him and kissed her neck and down to her now exposed cleavage . 

" What did you have for dinner ?" he asked tracing his knuckles up and down the valley of her breasts and she hummed biting her lip slightly . " I had Pizza , strawberries with lots of chocolates , which reminds me , those mints one were so good !" she said giggling like a child . Archer smile kissing her cheek softly . " When are your exams ?" he asked and Arabelle looked up thinking keeping her hands on his chest . " They will start after christmas . " She said and he nodded dipping his head in her chest making her moan and Moved her hips . 

" Archer " she called and he groaned hugging her tightly ." Will you be mad if i say that i won't be here for christmas " he asked and Arabelled immediately looked at him with wide eyes . " Are you going somewhere ?" she asked he and sighs kissing her deeply and squeezing her butt . " Yes , I have to go out the town , to Florida " Aarbelle frowned looking out the window at the snow . 

Archer hand moved against her waist and cupped her cheek moving her head to face his ." Say something love , i know you are upset , but its a business trip , i could've taken you but i will be gone until your exams start  , we won't come until then " he said and she nodded understanding . Not that Arabelle wanted to go with him , she would never spend her christmas away from her friends and family . But not having Archer was very upsetting . 

" I understand , i am not mad just upset " she said and he groaned . " I am sorry love  i will bring whatever you want name it you will have it when i get home " he said . " Really ?"she asked and he nodded . " Then will you bring yourself home safely for me ?" She asked and he clenched his jaw . " I am here Baby " he said and she hugged him tightly her didn't waste time in grabbing her face and kissing her deeply . 

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