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 Arabelle walked in the college grounds with her bag on her shoulder and looked behind her waving a goodbye to Archer . She suddenly remembered that she would waved him goodbye within some days just like this and he will be gone for days . Arabelle shook off the thoughts and walked to her locker and saw Caroline . She immediately ran to her hugging her . "woah ! what's up Arabelle " Caroline asked and Arabelle gave her a sad smile . " What's wrong ?" . Arabelle sighs , " Archer will be gone for a work trip in christmas " Caroline frowned . 

" When will he come back ?" she asked and Arabelle shook her head . " I asked him this morning but he said he wasn't sure . it might take him as along until our exams start that's why he didn't take me with him , not that want to go , cause i will miss you and the others and mom and dad " Arabelle spoke and Caroline nodded . " Don't worry , he will be back as soon as possible " Arabelle nodded smiling and both of them jointed their respective classes . 

Archer was desperately trying to find a way to look over Arabelle while he was away . He had asked Dean and Sky but they would only be there with her till school timings . He called you Caroline asking her to stayed with Arabelle overnight if her parents wouldn't be home . After solving his Belle's problems her moved to his work . The rings on his cell phone distracted him .  It was of course his mother . 

" I am working mother " he said , " Oh i know you are honey , but i was wondering , why don't you invite Belle home for the christmas party your dad has held on the 23rd ?" she asked and Archer clenched his jaw , " First , do not call her belle, its Arabelle to you and everyone for that matter , second , I am out the town so she won't be coming to that house alone , Third, Don't dare invite her she has exams as soon as Christmas ends " He heard her mom say a 'oh no'  , " You will be leaving your girlfriend for christmas alone ?" she yelled . Archer groaned . 

" She has a family and i will have go settle some issues in Florida " he said and she hummed . "Well then make sure she comes here to meet again after her exams " Before Archer could say a 'no' she hung up . Archer continued his work until noon When his manager informed him about the family meeting in the evening , Archer stood up and grabbed his car keys driving to pickup Arabelle . As he waited for her to come her stood leaning on his car texting some important people . 

He sensed his belle walking towards him and watched her hug Caroline and say goodbye to other then she ran to Archer and kissed his cheek . " Hi !!" She greets giving him a cheeky smile which made him melt . He opened the car door for to get in and got in himself . " You know , our biology teacher took our practicals today . It was on blood sample , i had to prick my finger , My blood group in AB positive ,i never that " Archer looked at her and kissed her cheek taking her hands and looking at them . " This finger " she said . The finger didn't look any different . But there was a little round red dot in the middle . 

" Archie " Arabelle called and he looked at her , " Kiss my boo-boo goodbye " she said making Archer burst out in laughter . Arabelle started laughing blushing as she loved it when he laughs . 

Archer dropped Arbelle home and left to the meeting not before giving Arabelle a long deep kiss on her lips . As Archer walked in the villa the servants greeted him taking his coat and bag and offering him a glass of water , " Archer My son " His father came walking with his cousin towards him . Zander was Archer's cousin , although involved in illeagle affairs he was more modest than Archer's other cousins . " Archer " Zander greeted and they shook their hands . " Nice meeting you after three years bother " Zander stated and Archer sighs . 

" Its been long" he mutter , " as expected ,he stayed quite and conserved " Zander stated laughing . As they decended down the stairs of the basement office all the others stood up to greet Archer and his father . " Take your seats " His father said and sat down himself . " Lets began " He muttered . 

After an hour of discussing how to expand there underground business they came to he conclusion that they will need Zander's help in establishing their territory over some parts of various cities , Although their was a high chance in Zander getting caught  Archer's manager knew the police force in Chicago , hence everything was under control . 

" I also want to mention one more thing " His father stated , leaning back and looked at Archer who was studying the PPT , " As you all know that now i am ageing .." Archer moved his head to his father with slight surprise in his eyes , " ..I willl have to pass my established foundation to my son " he said " And as you all know , he is now 24 and ready to take over with his cousin Zander , Archer will soon be taking a wife and taking my seat " 

Archer clenched his jaw and looked down to his lap leaning back on his chair . As soon as the meeting was over everyone left the room but Zander , Archer and his father . " You know you didn't have to tell everybody that i am suppose to take a wife " Archer grits and his father laughed . " Archer , my boy . I married your mother when i was your age and now its your turn , i have many women lined up to marry you.." , " No " Archer stated but his father continued . 

" You shall have a wife till the end of next year . You get yourself one or i will " He said , " You are not forcing me marry another girl " Archer stated with anger in his eyes and his father watched his son . Zander suddenly bursts out laughing and patting his lap . He looked at Archer and shook his head , " You have a women don't you ?" , "No " Archer replied and Zander narrowed his eyes . 

" Then don't you wanna take a women ?" he asked and Archer stayed quite , " Archer " His father called making Archer look at him . " I was just like you , hiding my women to keep her safe " He said and Acher clenched his jaw , " But if you bring her in this world , don't you think she will have more security than she had now ? one wrong moved , one picture to the knights and she is gone " Archer slammed his hand on the . " Don't say that " he warned but his father rolled his eys , " Its better you claim your women completely , so that our men can watch her " His father said and walked out . 

Zander sighs walking to Archer and patting his back . " you know , sometime you have to given in , you gotta marry her bro " Archer huffed , " She is too young " Zander's eyes went wide . " Is she 16 ?" Archer gave him a death look making him laugh , " How much ?" , " 19 " Archer replied . " Damn " Zander mutter sitting down . " Marry her when she turns 21 , i'll reason with your dad . Has she come out yet ?" Zander asked . 

" Once , mother made her . And Lucifer has seen her " Zander nodded . " Lucifer is a pussy her won't make a single move . But if they have seen her with you its a big probs " Zander said . 

" I am keeping tabs on her " Archer confessed and Zander smiled . " Don't we all on our women ?, i have people working at many shops in this town . underground , over ground . They'll look after  her while you are away " He said and Archer gave him a nod before walking out the door . 

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