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*Christmas *

Arabelle sucked in deep breath biting her lip and arched back moaning out loud as Archer tasted her teasing her breasts and squeezing every sensitive part of her body . She was tired , too tired but Archer wanted more , she didn't want this moment to end yet her body was now exhausted , " Archer more " she whispered scratching her nails on his bicep as he entered her yet again and moved faster . " Shh ..just one last time , please " he said and she kissed his lips deeply . 

Archer didn't let go of Arabelle since yesterday . His flight was in the noon tomorrow . He knew how much they would miss each other . " Archer , I .." Arabelle spoke and he stopped looking down at his now weak belle . " I am sorry . am i hurting you love ?" he asked and she shook her head clenching her pussy making him groan and bury his head in his neck . She grinds on him making him clench his jaw and bite her ear . She squeaked . " Unless you me to go fast ,don't dare do that " He warned but she bites her lips as Arabelle was feeling hot over again . 

Archer flipped her over and spanked her bum twice before slamming into her tight little pussy and occasionally kissing her back . Archer growled hearing his belle's cute wines and breaths . She moaned as he finished off coming and making her come . Unfortunately Archer had to wear a condom since his belle forgot to take any pills . He watched as she took in small breaths and his eyes wander to her perky ass and slapped it making it jiggle . " What was that for !?" she asked and he chuckled . 

" I am sorry " Archer said an she laid on his chest caressing his cheek , " Why ?" she asked and he ran his hands down from her neck to her chest . all the way down to her stomach . " Do they hurt ?" he asked and belle looked down to see multiple red marks but it never bothered her . " I love you " she said and he hugged her . " I love you more " her replied . 

" Now can we please eat ? you have kept me in bed for hours " she said , her voice muffled because of her face in his neck . Archer chuckled slowly laying her down and kissing her forehead .He ordered something from a known restaurant and walked to the bathroom running the water to fill the tub . Arabelle was laying on the bed with the white thin sheets covering her breasts and down to her lady bits .

She bites her lip huffing as it hurt when she tried to get up . Archer sat next to picking her up and making her sit on his lap . As soon as his belle faced him she took hold of his cheeks and squeezed them . "What are you doing ?" Archer asked and she giggled . "I am sore !" She shouts and he spanked her asscheek making her jump .

"Stop spanking me !" She shouts again and he sighs . "You are mad aren't you ?" He asked rubbing his forehead . "Yes i am . Very because you are leaving . Unless you bring me chocolates and cookies i won't forgive you for leaving me in Christmas " Archer smiled kissing her cheeks and she turned her head away . "Aren't you being harsh to me love ? " he asked picking her up and walking in the bathroom closing the door by his leg .

"You took me so many times and now can't walk " she said as he sets her on her counter . He chuckled.  "That's what i ought to do my belle " she blushed . Archer picked her up and sat in the bath with his belle between his legs . He took the sponge and softly ran it on her shoulder . "I should start studying now " Belle stated frowned . "You should " Archer replied and she sighs looking back at him and poking his cheek .

"You love doing that don't you love ?" He said a bit irritated of how his belle always pokes his cheek . It makes him grab her and kiss her roughly ." Speak what i want you to say " he commanded and Arabelle coiled her hands around his neck and kissed his nose . " I love you " she whispered and he grabbed the back of her head kissing her .

"Be safe . Have a good trip " Arabelle said hugging Archer . Archer kissed her forehead and then her neck . Nobody dared to look their way as he gave his goodbyes to his women . His men knew better not to put themselves in danger . " I will, take care . Don't talk to strangers , don't cross roads without looking either sides , don't drink beer or wine when i am not beside you , Don't .." Arabelle kissed his lips suddenly . " I know , i won't cry i will call if something bad or good happens !" Archer smiled softly but not enough so people could see it .

Archer didn't speak too much at their goodbye . Arabelle was totally fine with considering he was always like this when surrounded with people , and Archer had made up with his belle that morning . Arabelle gave him a cheeky grin and waved with both hands as he looked back . and then he was gone .  

Arabelle's studies when were not going well she took her father's help , when they weren't home she called Denna and Caroline . They ended up calling Sky and Dean and had a group study . " No it isn't like this ! You have to take the root first then multiply "Arabelle wined as Sky didn't believe her . " You do have to the root first " Denna said and Arabelle threw her hands up glaring at  Sky for not believing her . . " Okay okay sorry " Sky said. 

The Christmas finally came over and everyone was busy decorating there houses and making cookies . Arabelle giggled taking the cupcakes out the oven . " That smell, wow " Her father tried taking one but her mother slapped his hand away making Arabelle laugh . "That's for after dinner " She said . she heard a 'oh common ' from her father making her chuckle . 

On the day on the eve Arabelle and her parents visited her grandparents like every year . She was getting really old but she looked healthy . " What can i say , your grandpa doesn't take care of me dear , oh what can i do ?" Grandma's acts made Belle giggle . " Oh then who it it making dinner for you ?" Grandpa yelled from the kitchen . " Now now ,stop fighting you both have have lunch " Her mother said . After Lunch they sat talking as Arabelle's other cousin's visited the house .

Arabelle enjoyed every last minute of it . Her parents took her to shopping and cake and finally in the evening they went to see a act . Arabelle missed Archer . Every second of the day . But  she simply ignored the empty feeling . Archer was the first to call her in the morning and wish a merry christmas .But she still wanted his warm hug , she wanted his kiss. 

The next day Arabelle and her friends went to a lunch . She was enjoying when her eyes landed across the table to see a man sitting . He was already looking at her and he waved at her . She then remembered him . It was Max . The pizza guy . 

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