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* Max *

Arabelle Remembered Max from that day she had ordered a pizza . She smiled at him nervously and went back to talking with her friends . Suddenly they all stopped talking as Max came towards their table and said a 'hi' to Arabelle .

" You know him ?" Dean asked and Arabelle bit her lip . " um , this is Max " she introduced him ." so you do remember my name ? That day , you left me hanging there " He said taking a chair near and sitting on it . " How do you two know each other ?" Caroline asked a bit to uncomfortable with belle talking to someone they didn't know .

" He delivered Pizza at my house " Arabelle said . " I never got your name " Max said . " You don't need to she had a boyfriend " Sky stated and Max frowned . " I don't believe you " Max said . " Then suck it up boy " Caroline said . " So where is he ?" Max asked . " He is busy " Denna stated and Max nodded smirking and walked away while Arabelle watched him walk out he winked at her making Arabelle's eyes wide .

She never told them about it . They carried on with their chatting . As Arabelle left with Caroline she asked her to stay over at her house . Arabelle's parents were coming late that night . And she didn't want to be alone until one in the morning. When Archer used to be near he would also sleep next to her and make her feel safe .

Fortunately Caroline agreed to come over by seven in the evening. Arabelle studied for two hours and started getting the dinner ready . She foiled some for her parents and kept it in the fridge . As Caroline came over they had their dinner . The next day she studied for the exam held the next week . Alone in her house and tired of eating chips she walked out and locked her house .

She went to a cafe and smiled at the lady who she knew for some time . "Hi sweety . What do you want today ?" She asked and Arabelle looked at the menu . "Matcha lattè please " the lady nodded asking her to sit until her drink arrived . As she got the drink she thought for a second and rather than going home she sat near the last tables reading comics they had on the shelf near .

The bell chimed again but she didn't pay attention . As more people came in Arabelle got engrossed in reading some comics . Suddenly the chair i front of her was pulled and she jump at the sound to look up and met her eyes with Max again . "Hello beautiful " he said and Arabelle only looked at him in surprise . "U-uh . Hello " she greeted .

"I was just here to take a coffee . Why are sitting by yourself ?" He asked " just ..because i am bored " she said . "Oh . So can you please tell me your name now ? I am pretty sure we are friends since we met thrice now " he said smiling . "Arabelle " she spoke nervously. He nodded smiling ."its a beautiful name . Can i call you bella ?"he asked and she gulped .

"You can't " she whispered but he heard it . "Why is that ?" He asked . "Because my name is Arabelle " she answer and he laughed . "I will call you bella because it will be cute " he said but she shook her head . "Please don't " it was only Archer who could call her names like those . Nobody ever called her bella or belle . Because they knew Archer hated it .

Not even Caroline called her that . " why not ?" He asked . Arabelle bit her lip not knowing what to say . Suddenly the mug containing Macha lattè was kept on the table . Arabelle jumped looking up to a guy . "Your drink mam. Any trouble you are having ?" He asked but Arabelle only stared at him . " You can go now , we are talking " Max said looking and grinning at Arabelle . The waiter looked at Arabelle and raised his eyebrows to which Arabelle frowned . 

" He troubling you Miss ?" he said and she gulped . Thinking what she could say the waiter spoke up , " Sir , i suggest you find a different seat . The young lady seems uncomfortable " Max only gave him 'are you joking ' look, "We both are pretty comfortable you can leave now " Max said trying to sound inferior . The waiter cleared his throat and smiled . " I asked her not you sir , now Miss are you comfortable with him or not ?" He asked . By now Arabelle was scared to talk . She didn't wanna deny his statement nor hurt Max . 

" Umm, i was about to leave " She said standing up and keeping the book on the shelf . " I'll take you home " Arabelle quickly rejected him but Max started insisting . " When the girl says no Three times you should understand it is infact a NO " The waiter said . She saw another guy coming towards them and he kept his hand on the waiters shoulder . 

" Everything alright here ?" He asked . Arabelle was about to say yes when the waiter whispered something in his ears and he looked at Arabelle differently ." What happened ?" He asked Arabelle but Max spoke up . " And who are you ?" He asked , " I  am the manager " he said and max chuckled . " Your waiter here is interrupting our sweet time , ask him to not bother us " Max said . " Common Arabelle i'll take you home" He said and was about to take her hand when the manager grabbed his hand . 

" Did the lady say yes to you in any way to take her home ?" The manger spoke . " Listen here boy , we cannot let you do this .Leave her alone " He said and Max snatched his hand away from him . " What the fuck is wrong with you guys !? all we are doing is talking ! this is ridiculous !" The waiter looked at Arabelle and nodded his head took the doors and she took her bag biting her lip . " I will go now " she muttered and the manager held Max back as she made her way out not before looking at the waiter for a thanks . 

They watched the girl walk away and Max grit his teeth . As soon as she was out of sight the manager left him. " Listen , when a girl really feels uncomfortable you should just give up , She was scared " Max rolled his eyes and walked out . 

Arabelle reached her home and her cell pone rang It was Archer , She smiled picking it up and chirping a hello . " How are you ?" he asked , " good " she answered . " Hmm..are you eating good ? did you call Denna and Caroline for some nights when mom and dad weren't home ?" he asked and she answered with an yes . After an hour of talking she finally said her goodbyes . " Ya , love you " he said . " I love you back " she said chuckling and heard his laugh before hanging up . 

While Arabelle was struggling with her studies , Archer was having the time of his life. he grinned dragging his hand over the bare skin and hearing deep breaths and groans . " You are kidding me aren't you ?" Antonio spoke and chuckled . " Where did you find this one ?" he asked walking towards them . " Hiding in the warehouse , seems like he had no clue i bought it " Archer stated leaning back and watched as the man cried . 

" Did he see anything ?" Antonio asked ." Doubt it " Archer replied . " But we don't take chances " he said pulling the trigger and killing the man , " How about we moved from this area ? The police will notice though " Antonio spoke and Archer looked at the outlines . " Start a fire in this club , not before taking the women out of course . Sell them to the local bar again . Get the payment by next week tell him make sure he does it or his club will be burned " Archer spoke and Antonio nodded . 

Arabelle huffed pulling her hoodie on and walking out the door . how could she forget !? She had no soaps , no candles , she was running out of sanitary napkins . Arabelle got in the car and her mother and her drove to the near by mall to get themselves somethings they needed . " You wanna take a manicure ?" her mother asked and Arabelle shook her head . " Alright , how about you go buy us some shampoo and stuff from bath and body and call me . if i am not done you come to me and if i am done we will meet at VS " Arabelle nodded taking her bag . 

" Done paint you nail black or golden dad hates it " her mother laughed  " Ya i am definitely doing that " Arabelle chuckled kissing her mother and they parted in the parking lot. Arabelle entered the shop and her phone rang she smiled picking it up . " You didn't call for morning greeting " She said and heard his sigh . " Then you should've called me instead love " he said and she bit her lip not trying to smile . She took the candle and smelled it . " Nope ! its your job " she said . 

" Where are you ?" he asked . " The mall , me and mamma are shopping . " she said and he hummed . " Can you get me one of the black soaps ? " he asked , " Hmm they should have it here , and what's with you liking black soaps Archie , and ..its not call black soap its charcoal soap " she said grabbing the black soaps and putting them in the basket . " Okay , it was good the last time i tried it " He said . " I have to get going love , talk to you soon " he said . " Bye bye " she said hanging up. 

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