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Arabelle was busy eating that she didn't notice the slight change in air at the table . She looked up but her parents were talking silently . " What's wrong ?" she asked but her mom shook her head . Suddenly the door bell rang and her mom headed for the door . Arabelle immediately sensed Archer's heat from within and stood up .

She giggled and hugged Archer who in return wrapped his arms around her and pecked her head . " You are here for dinner ? if i knew i would've waited Archer , common lets eat " she smiled and dragged him towards the table . Ararbelle's parents only sat stiff during the dinner not daring to interrupt their daughter's or Archer's conversation .

They knew better than to do that .

" How is Mary ? You never answer " she asked and Archer wiped the excess sauce of her lips . " She is doing great , she wants to meet soon " He answer coldly but Arabelle knew it was only because they weren't alone . Arabelle sighs as she makes her way to her bedroom with Archer right behind her .

" Are you sleeping here tonight ?" she asked and he shook his head . She came back from a shower to see Archer in a deep thought laying on her bed She jumps in the bed laughing and pulling his cheeks . If anyone was to touch him like that , he would've killed them . But some how watching his girl make fun of him made him smile .

He grabbed her wrist and pushed her back on the bed kissing her forehead . " I have some work " he said and she pouts . His jaw clenched and he smashed his lips on her only for her to arch back and meet her chest on his . He grinned and squeezed her waist .

" Sleep Belle " he commanded but she played with his hair . " I am not sleepy " she said and he sighs and walks to her door . " Belle , Sleep I'll pick you up tomorrow " she was disappointed , but she slept alone anyway . Although knowing Archer perfectly she still was curious to the fact the he always had work at night on Monday's . She shrugged it off and went to sleep .

The next morning Arabelle woke up with her sneezing almost five times and again after shower . She felt dizzy and she huffed in annoyance . The weather had gotten cold , too cold for her liking but she wore a hoodie and jeans . She hair left as it was with some lipbalm .

She didn't expect Archer to be on the couch of her living room . Her heart beat pick up watching him stand up and walk towards her . " You parents are gone already , why is your nose red ?" he asked pouring her some coffee and handing her while she sat on the counter . " i have been sneezing the sixth time today " she said sniffing and taking a sip . " Did you close the windows to you bedroom ? Last night ?" he asked making her a sandwich .

"I guess i forgot , my mom didn't make any breakfast today ?" she asked walking to the sink . " They left in a hurry " he blankly replied and she bit her lip . " Hmm" she hummed and walked towards Archer . Her hand fist on his shirt and she tip toed to meet her lips to his cheek . " Good winter morning Archer " she greeted with a smile and he smile a little . " Morning belle , now lets get going " he said taking her bag and her hand and pulling her out .

" My keys ?" she extended her hand but he dropped them in his pockets . " You are staying with me tonight " he stated and she frowned . " But i have to come home , what about mom and dad ?" She asked and he let out a frustrated sigh . " They are gonna be late today Arabelle , you have to sleep at my place now get inside its cold " he said gesturing to his car and she nodded walking slowly .

Archer was sure angry but on what she didn't know . She sat in the car and they drove off . Reaching the college Arabelle bit her lip not knowing whether to say goodbye or not. But then he willget more angry if she didn't say goodbye . Archer never spoke a word but pulled up in front of the gates .She inhaled and exhaled . " Bye Archer" she mummer thinking he would only nod but her heart fluttered as he pulled her by her elbow in a sweet soft kiss . " I'll pick you up by 1 if you leave early text me and wait for me in the library " he said and she beamed a happy smile and kissed his cheek ." Bye bye Archie "

He couldn't help but smile at the nick name as that was what she called him when she was happy .He drove off with one more glance of his girl entering the college grounds with a smile , Arabelle was immediately met with her friends and she hugged them . " So ! did you know deadpool 2 is coming ?" she started making her friends laugh .

Time passed by and they finally were done with there lectures , As Arabelle hurried to grab her bag and get out not able wait as it was already 1:15 Lucy greeted her with her presence . " Hey Arabelle , Is Archer coming to get you today ?" she asked , " Hello" she waved both her hands in a childish way and replied , " he always picks me up " she said swinging her bag on her shoulders . " Always ?" Lucy asked and she nodded smiling .

'This girl smiles on everything ' Lucy thought , Lucy looked at Arabelle and smiled back but without any sweetness in it .Arabelle was too innocent to notice . " I am sorry Lucy but i am late talk tomorrow okay ? bye bye" she said waving her hands and running away .

Lucy saw how Arabelle ran towards Archer and he opened the door for her . How could she be his girlfriend ? She was just like a child, he should be with someone who thought like him , like an adult . He didn't deserve a girl who liked barbie movies .Lucy huffed and waked away .

" Can we stop at a supermarket please ? i have to get something , i am baking cupcakes for everyone today . Caro said she wanted those candy ones i made remember on my birthday ? " Arabelle rambled as Archer drove to her house without a word ,but Arabelle was very much familiar with that side of his .

As they stopped near his house she jumped out and Archer opened his door making her skip inside to the kitchen to set all the things they bought on the counter . " you are making cupcakes now ?" he asked kissing her neck and pushing her body into his . " Hmm , yes !" she said and he chuckled pecking her forehead . " go freshen up first belle " he said and she ran off to his room to wear something comfy .

Arabelle always preferred his clothes over hers . she got a hoodie from Archer's closet and slipped it on her body and walked out . Archer was laying on his couch having his shirt taken off and only in his pants . As he heard the door shut of bedroom he poke , " Arabelle , come here love " She walked to him and straddled his waist making him smirk .

" Eager are we ?" he muttered in her ear sitting up and she giggled . " Stop " she wined , " You seemed angry in the morning " she confessed making him kiss her sweet lips harshly . " Yes , i was stressed because of work , sorry if i made you sad love " Arabelle only kissed his jaw .

He couldn't hold himself back and he hoisted her up holding her like a baby and carried her to his bedroom . " Archer ...I " " Shhh" he laid her down on the bed and took the hoodie off her . His inner beast wanted nothing more than to eat her and fuck her . As much as he didn't want to hurt her , he knew she loved it . Archer bit her skin leaving marks at several places and grinned as she moaned for him .

" Do you want me my belle ? say it " he whispered tugging at the hem of her panties . " Mmmmm yes " she answer and he wasted no time to take her undergarments off with his . " Are you taking pills like i told you ?" he asked ans she nodded . He hummed in approval . He didn't need to be slow , as he had already claimed Arabelle a long time ago , never did he carve anything as much as her touch .

" Spread your legs for me love " he demanded as she did he latched his mouth on her pussy , Arabelle moaned as he pleasured her , a whimpered left her mouth as her entered her without any warning but she arched back making her breasts jiggle and meet his chest . He sucked her pink round nipples occasionally biting them making her moan his name .

He slammed into her pussy roughly taking in and giving her want she wanted .As she came Archer stopped for some time letting her catch her breath before flipping her over and bringing her cute perky ass up . She was turned on , all ready for Archer to take her again . A loud spank echoed through the room and she lets out a cute whimper before giving him the urge to do it again . He spanked her asscheeks many times as it got pretty pink as he slammed his cock inside her again .

" Arc-Archer , Please ...ahh " he was proud at the fact the his women only though of him . She was his to claim and only his to love ." Come Belle cum for me " her thigh tremble before she came and not long after she felt his warm liquid inside her . " Archer " she moaned .

He laid her on his chest as she was already sleepy . "Sleep belle " he kissed her once again but she straddled him . Archer clenched his jaw as he saw his beauty naked , her breasts all red and full with marks . Infact Arabelle now had new marks allover her body . Arabelle leaned in to kiss him and he gripped her waist kissing her passionately . " You are going to help me make cupcakes now Archie " she said before cuddling into his large frame .he chuckled kissing her cheek , " Yes my queen " . She closed her eyes not before sneezing loudly making Archer laugh again .

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