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*Her Man *

There were only three days left for the exam , Arabelle was fighting with keeping all the answers in her head , The burden of her parents not home all day to see her , The burden of exams , what happened with Lucy last week , and the fact that Archer called last friday revelling that he won't be back until Next Sunday . So she was in fact having a bad week . 

Arabelle Huffed walking out the doors of the college and saw all her friends . They waved at her and she smiled . " Hello ! How was the paper ? " Denna asked Putting her hands around Arabelle . " I getting only 70 out of 100 this time in biology " Arabelle stated looking up and sighing . " At least you are getting 70 , wait you already counted how much you are getting ?" Sky asked . Arabele chuckled . 

" I attempted for 80 and i know my some answers are wrong " Arabelle said and he nodded . " Okay , two down two to go !" Dean said . The next day and the day after that all the students held a knowing look of tough papers . But the the exam was over . Arabelle wasn't cheerful because Archer hadn't been home , He was coming on this sunday , thee days more to wait . Arabelle saw Lucy and Lucy smirked , Lucy was walking towards her with two more girls , " Your boyfriend not here to get you yet or he just forgot ?" Lucy whispered walking away . 

Arabelle ignored her and Caroline dropped her home . Arabelle took her keys out and held the door handle for the door to open . She frowned. She had locked the door . Arabelle walked in and call for her mother but got no answer . She looked around and gulped walking up to her bedroom . As she opened her door she gasped stepping back and looking around . Her room was filled with red and white balloons and three big gifts laid on the ground . 

"Hi " Arabelle jerk back looking behind her and her eyes held so much surprise . She threw herself in Archers arms making him stumble back and hugged him tightly . " you're back !!" she said and he chuckled walking to the bed and picking her up laying her on the sheets . He pressed his lips to hers taking her by surprise and roughly kissing her . His lips captured her mouth and his tongue ventured her in . Arabelle moaned pulling his hair and he bit her lip making her moan again . 

" I missed you " Arabelle said nuzzling her face in his neck while Archer inhaled his girls scent . His inner beast ready to her claim her . Archer pulled away making Arabelle whimper but he shushed his belle to walk too the door and lock it . Archer's eyes were full of determination and lust , only for his Belle . He pulled belle by her ankle and ran his hands to the waistband of her pants pulling them down and kissing her right above her pantie line . Arabelle shivered taking in deep breath as he took her shirt off and then her underwear .

Archer took his clothes off giving his belle a good show making her wet for him . " Archer " Belle moaned as he kissed her neck . Suddenly Arabelle remembered Lucy and she froze ."Belle ?" Archer called and he cupped her cheek , " What's wrong love ?" he asked and she shook her head biting her lip and covering herself with the blankets . Of course this made Archer flame in anger . He clenched his jaw and Arabelle struggled to say something . " Belle , tell me what's wrong , Now !" He demanded her and Arabelle gulped looking down . 

Archer's inner beast wanted to spank her and kiss her roughly but he took her hand and looked at her face his eyes roaming on her body for any sight of injury . " Are you hurt ? " she shook her head and opened her mouth but , nothing came out . " Aarbelle " Archer warned and she only shivered due to his angry voice .

Archer forcefully pulled her on his lap and kissed her head looking at her hands and then her now covered body . " Are you pregnant ?" He asked softly and she swiftly looked at him in surprise . " Are you love ?" he asked , " No , no i am not " she said , " Then why are you so quite ?" he asked kissing her cheek . " Answer me honestly Archer , do I act like a child and annoy people ? do i annoy you by being clingy ? " Archer held a shocked face . Archer face went hard and cold . " Where is this coming from Aarbelle ?" he asked and she was now scared . 

She finally gave in and told him everything that happened with Lucy to which Archer growled and slammed his hand on the wall near making Arabelle  jump and immediately place her hand on his chest to cool his temper but Archer stood up not caring her was only in his boxers . " First of all , Lucy kissed me , she disrespected you by touching me " Arabelle looked at him with wide eyes , " Second , i pushed her and yes i did hurt her but by words not abuse her , third WHY THE FUCK would you think i got got annoyed by you ? I love you My belle , the only thing annoying me now is that you are insecure of this relationship just because of a girl who you knew only for months , The fuck is wrong with you Belle !!? You trusted her more than me ?!" 

" No !" Arabelle answer quickly and Archer cupped her cheeks but with a dangerous expression in his face . " Then why did you consider listen to that bitch ?" he asked in a low voice . " I ..I " , " You what ?" he asked and Arabelle let out a silent sob, tears starting running down her face but this time Archer didn't cuddle her , He need to make sure his belle wouldn't think something like this again . " Look at me " he ordered her and she sniffed . " I said look at me !" he demanded and she flinched looking that him . 

" Tell me Arabelle , why do i kiss you ?Why do i think about only you ? why do i make love to you ? why the fuck do i buy you gifts ? why in fucking world do i say i love you !!? " She only cried and he melted looking at his beauty crying . He coiled his hands around her and sat her on his lap . " Its because i really Love you Aarbelle , I am YOUR man , i belong to you just as you belong with me  " he said kissing her forehead . " I love you so fucking much ,it kills me to stay away from you . It kills me not able to touch you . I got so fucking irritated when you weren't in the bed next to me " He stated and she hugged Archer . 

" I am sorry Archie , i am sorry " she said and he sighs . " I don't wanna hear one fucking word about me not loving you again, Understood ?" he asked and she nodded . " Say it " He demanded . " I won't I promise , I love you so much Archer , I was only insecure because you are so smart , so intelligent , so handsome . Girls better than me in looks and brains will always want you " She spoke and he kissed her cheek , " But all i want is you my love " He said and Aarbelle kissed him . 

As they deeply kissed her flipped her on her front and spanked her hard making her squeak and whimper . " I missed you so much " he asked kissed her back and then her neck . She turned around now all hot and bothered , " I missed you too " She said and he wasted no time in spreading her legs and fucking her . 

Arabelle moaned and took in short breaths coming for him again , Archer didn't stop though . He continued his teasing assault on her neck and moved himself slowly inside her occasionally squeezing her butt and slapping it lightly only to arouse her more . "  Archer " She moaned biting her lip and whimpering as her took hold of her hands and held them above her head leaving big red marks over her chest and neck . 

Archer scrapped his teeth over her rosy hard nipples making  her arch back yet again grinding on his cock , Archer growled in satisfaction and he slammed into her hard making her come again." Archer !" She shouts as he flipped her over and entered her making her feel his cock twitched inside her . " You belong to me baby " he said turning her around and kissing her lips . 

Archer kissed his belle over and over as she laid cuddled to his chest . His eyes roamed over her shoulder which hand a bite over it then to her neck ,then to her breasts , Her nipples stuck to his chest . He could feel her stomach's warmness and he suddenly remembered and cursed . he didn't wear a condom . He ran his hands through her hair and kiss her neck . 

" I am sorry My belle " he said and she hummed opening her tired eyes , " Why ?" she asked . " You might get pregnant for real this time considering i came inside you quite a few times . " Arabelle laid there shocked not uttering a word . She bites her lips looking at the tattoos on Archer's chest . " Do you want kids ?" she asked and he chuckled . " Yes " her answer and she smiled . " But you are too young so i am giving you a pill " He said and she nodded kissing his jaw . 

" Aarbelle " Archer called her and she opened eyes again ." I want you to meet my entire family officially , on this Sunday , we are having a family dinner , are you okay with meeting them ?" He asked and Arabelle smiled . " good , but you aren't allowed to show this smile to anyone but me" His belle giggled kissing him .  

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