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*With Him ...*

With Him is where she Belongs .

Arabelle nervously patted her hair trying to look presentable. The door suddenly opened and it revelled Archer . He walked towards her and kissed her cheek . "Ready ?" He asked . "Let me bye to mom and dad " she said and he nodded walking out . She walked in the living room where  her  parents sat .

"Mumma , pappa i am leaving " she said kissing them both and her dad looked at her mother . "You are meeting his family ?" Her mother asked and Arabelle frowned . "How did you know ?" She asked . "Archer told us " Arabelle nodded . "Go . Be safe " he mother said . As Arabelle walked smiled and walked out her parents sat there with sorrow .

They knew meeting Archer's parents was a sign that Archer was going to marry her in coming years . Her father didn't approve but he didn't have another choice . He knew his daughter would be safe with Archer . Although he was a dangerous man she would be safe with him . Her mother wasn't sure if she liked Archer or not . But she saw the love in her daughter's eyes for him .

Arabelle felt Archer's hand on her thigh and she played with his fingers . "Do I look okay ?" She asked and Archer smiled . "You look beautiful Love . " Arabelle wasn't satisfied. She tried making her hair more nicer but Archer when notice pulled up at the side of the road . Her leaned over the gear and kissed her soft lips assuring her she would be okay .

"You look beautiful belle . Believe me . I love you . " he said and she kissed his cheek . They continued there journey and finally reached the mansion . It was a two storey house but big . Marilyn walked towards her son and Arabelle smiled widely and hugged Arched . He hugged her back and then she hugged Arabelle who nervously return the gesture.

"So happy to see you again ! Everyone is waiting lets go " she said and Arabelle walked behind her only to be stopped by Archer . "We will be there in a second mother " he said and pulled her in the garden nearby . "What's wrong " Arabelle was cut off when Archer pushed her against a tree and kissed her deeply . His hand went tight around her waist and he kissed her neck pushing her body impossibly closer to his .

"Archer " Arabelle whispered . He grabbed her jaw and made her look in his eyes . "Before we walk in . Remember that you are mine . Not all brothers have a women . If anyone ..anyone tried anything . You tell me . Understand? " he asked and she nodded . Archer nodded and looked at her chest .
Although she had no cleavage exposed he still hooked his fingers on the neckline of her dress and pulled it up .

He then trailed his finger to her thigh to check if her dress was short . Arabelle's body aroused as his hot fingers touched her bare skin . He took her hand and walked her inside .

She was introduced to everyone . When she saw Zander she smiled before Archer introducing them ." Arabelle . Go to see you again " Zander said and she smiled . Archer narrowed his eyes not angry since he knew Zander was no harm but confused . "Oh ya . I met her in the mall last month , This is Cara . My wife i told you about . " Arabelle smiled greeting her . Cara didn't take her hand to shake but hugged her .

"It good to meet you Arabelle " Cara said and Arabelle thanked her . During the dinner Arabelle did receive stares from Lucifer who she met at the event before Christmas. And two other brothers of Archer . "Mind if i ask what are you pursuing as a career? " Archer's brother , Gordon asked . " Botany " Arabelle replied . "Well that's interesting, i though Archer would pick someone with more higher goals " Arabelle was hurt but before Archer could say anything his father spoke up .

"At least he has a women with goals . You only sleep around with college girls having no interest in studies " Gordon scowled rolling his eyes and eyeing Arabelle . She felt a hand on her knee and looked at Archer . "So . Did you have any relationships before ?" Lucifer asked . " no she didn't, she was with me since highschool " Archer stated .

"Lucifer, Gordon. One more offending question to the young lady and you two will not be joining us any more " Marilyn spoke . "So Arabelle what do you do when you are bored ?" Cara asked to ease the tension . "I read or sometimes i paint . I am not very good at it though " Cara nodded . "I use to paint to . However my work gets me very busy . What do you paint ?" Arabelle seemed very comfortable talking to Zander and Cara rather than Archer's other family members.

"I paint random stuff mostly flowers and forests " Arabelle answered . "Nice " Zander said . "How long have you two been together for ?" Archer's father asked . "Since she was in school " Arabelle knew they weren't together since school however he was possessive as he is now .

"My my . That's long " Marilyn said . "And when are you going to marry her ?" Arabelle's heartbeat suddenly increased. She looked at Archer's father and her hand shook lightly . Archer was quick to ease her surprised mind by holding her hand on the table . "Soon but she needs to study and complete her education first " Archer replied and his father nodded .

"Arabelle . You better be in love with him . I do not want him to stay single for life " His father said making everyone laugh but the two brothers who rolled there eyes . Arabelle blushed biting her lip . "She loves me deeply " Archer spoke lowly looking at her . Only Arabelle and Zander heard it .

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