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*Hold me ..*

Hold me close in your arms 

Arabelle smiled running her hands through Archer's Head as they laid laid naked as the day they were born . Arabelle kissed Archer's hair and bit her lip holding herself for let out a voice as he kissed the swollen part of her breast . " Morning " Arabelle said . Archer lifted his head from her chest and grabbed his phone swiping it open to see missed calls from his men . He sighs calling him back and held his phone to his ear resting his head back in his belle's chest . 

" Archer ! its Twelve in the noon . Wake up sleepy head " Arabelle scolded him which made him chuckled and kiss her neck . His called was immediately picked up by his assistant and he greet Archer . " Why did you call on a sunday afternoon ? " Archer asked . " extremely sorry sir but i called to ask whether i had to book Miss Arabelle's plane ticket for next week's business trip ?" Archer looked at Arabelle completely forgetting the fact that fact he had ask her something yesterday night . 

But they both remember what happen so he chuckled . " I'll call you back after i confirm it " He hung up and and threw his phone to the other side of the bed and kissed his little love making her giggle . " Do you have any classes next week ?" He asked and she shook her head . " I have to go visit London next week on a business trip " He said and Arabelle's eyes immediately frowned . Archer kissed her brow and rubbed his stubble cheek over hers . " Relax my love . I am taking you . let me know when your classes start " he said and she nodded . 

" what if my classes start before you are coming ? " Archer bites his lip looking at the window . " Then you will have to miss them because i am not leaving your here again especially with my brothers now knowing you ", " Why do you thinking your brothers will harm me ?" Archer kissed her cheek . " Harm you ? they can' get as far as to touch you Belle , but they might try to get close hence the reason " Arabelle frowned . Archer only kissed her lips and got up . 

Archer wanted nothing more than to just go all the day and claim her all to himself now . But he wasn't sure of his belle . She turned 21 last week . But she still was young . His father said it was nothing wrong with marrying  her now but Archer wanted more time . He didn't know if marry her would make her more protected or more targeted . Archer watched his belle dry her hair and wear her top. 

She was all he wanted . He love her even more now . Archer walked towards her wrapping his arms around his women and kissing her neck . " Arabelle " She hummed . Archer shook his head and grabbed her neck turning her around and kissing her roughly . She never stopped him . Archer picked her up and pushed her against the wall squeezing her butt making her gasp . He sucked her neck and she bites her lips moaning . " Don't bit your lip " He stated and her eyes sparkled . He pecked her once before setting her down . 

" Go dress up in a dress " he said . " Are we going somewhere ?" she asked and he nodded . She smiled and walked away . Suddenly Archer got nervous , what was he suppose to do ? She was too young . Too innocent to be brought in his rough life . 

Archer drove both of them to a lakeside . He took Arabelle's hand and they walked around talking and enjoying the view when Arabelle suddenly stopped . The why she looked at the sky . They way her eyes sparkled made Archer smile . Archer took her hand in his and kissed it as Arabelle looked into his eyes .

She saw his other hand move to dig in his pocket and pull out a ring and her heart stopped . Archer slid's the diamond ring on her finger and pulled her close kissing her softly . "Archer " Arabelle called and he kissed her forehead . "I know its too early for you love . But i can't seem to stop myself from claiming you as my wife " Arabelle's eyes swelled with tears and she hugged Archer .

"I love you " She said . "I love you " he said back .She pulled away chuckling and looking at the ring . "Oh Archer . " She whispered and kissed his cheek .

It was a day after Archer slid his ring in hers . But now Arabelle was scared . How would she tell her parents?  Will they get angry ? Marrying Archer at only 21 ? She bit her lip pacing in her bedroom . She played with her hair and pulled it into a bun and looked at the ring . She sighs looking out the window . The moon was so pretty .

She took in deep breath and gasp as Archer wrapped his arms around her stomach . "A-Archer scared me " she said ."hmm . What were you thinking about ?" He asked and she turned around winding her fingers in his hair and neck . "How will my parents react ?" She asked and he sighs in content .

"They will be happy for us " he said and took her hand but she stopped him . "No i am not ready to tell them yet " she said but he cupped her cheek and laid his lips on her forehead . " i promise it will go good " he said and dragged her downstairs. Her mother was cooking and her father was watching tv .

"Miss Eva . I have to tell you and your husband something." Archer said walking to where Arabelle's father was sitting. Her mother looked at Arabelle and frowned . "If you
hurt my daughter, i will make sure you suffer " her father said and Archer glared at him but this time her father didn't back up .

"I never did hurt and we are getting married " Archer said and both her parents immediately yelled a what . "She too young !" Her father said . "I ..i don't think i am ready to give my daughter away yet " Eva stated . Arabelle looked down with tears in her eyes . So they didn't approve . Archer looked into Arabelle's eyes and sigh.

"I never asked you if you approved or not . I was telling you both . We will be getting Married in April . I hope until then your anger will subside" Archer said and stood up . He took hold of Arabelle's hand and dragged her outside . As he opened his car Arabelle bite her lip " Archer " she called and he looked back .

"I am in my pj's " she said and he chuckled kissing her cheek . "I know . Get in belle " he said and she sat in .
He drove them to his house and picked her up making her coil her arms around his neck and hide her face in his chest . "I don't think my parents are ready to give me away yet " Archer clenched his jaw and sat her on the bed

He sat beside her and leaned back playing with her hair . "They are ready . They are just surprised belle " he stated and she looked at him . He seemed to care so less about what her parents think . Arabelle puffed her cheeks in anger and pinched both cheeks of Archer making him grab her hand but not pull them away .

"I am angry at you . You were rude to mum and dad " Arabelle said . She squeaked as he grabbed her hips and made her straddle him . His hand rests on her thighs and she lady part right on top of his crotch . "That's better . Now do what you want.  " he said and she slapped his chest . " Archer !" She shouts . "They are my parents! You should've asked them a little politely. " she said and he opened his eyes .

His eyes were filled with lust as he watched his belle talk and pinch him while her body moved unintentionally making him hard . " are you listening? " she asked . "I will talk to them nicely next time . Now take your shirt off " he said and she only stared at him . "ARCHER !  I am talking to you about some important things " she said making him grin .

"And i will buy you more chocolates with tacos for dinner tonight if you strip " he said and she thought for some time . Arabelle blushed taking her shirt off revealing her black bra, " You are mean" She said  . Archer ran his hand to her stomach his fingers travelling over the valley of her breasts making her shiver .
He flipped her over and strip her off every piece of clothing and kissed her roughly .

Arabelle moaned as he slammed himself in her releasing his seeds inside . But he had worn a condom . Archer was very strict in this topic . He didn't want a unplanned child . He didn't want her pregnant untill she was 23 . Arabelle laid back tired and Archer cover his love kissing her forehead . "I love you my belle " he said and she smiled kissing his jaw .

"I am still mad at you " she said he he laughed . "About i let you watch your favourite anime while we eat ?" He asked she was quick to sit up making her wince loud as pain shot through between her legs . Archer was quick to pull her close and make her lay back . "Were is it hurting? " he asked moving the sheets . His knuckles meeting her skin and Arabelle squirmed under him .

"Arabelle . Tell me " he stated . "Down there " she said and he traced his ginger to her pussy which was still drenched , wet and hot .Arabelle arched back , her body hot and wanting more . " I won't be able to hold my self if you keep doing that love " he said gently cupping her down there . She bite her lip looking at him as he leaned in and kissed her . " Do you want me run a bath for you ?" she nodded . Archer kissed her forehead before walking away . 

As Archer checked the water temperature for his belle small hands wrapped around his chest and a head laid on his back . " Why did to get up " he asked turning around and picking her up . He was already naked as he got in the tub with belle in his arms and sat down . " So , i will be your wife now ?" Arabelle asked . " Yes , you will be my wife "Archer said kissing her hand . " Then i get to wake you up make you breakfast and say 'come home soon dear ' " Archer laughed throwing his head back . He chuckled kissing her forehead . 

How was it ? I am ending the book here . I know most of you like it . So inner thoughts anyone ? 

And wish me luck for my upcoming exams please !!! I really need them

P.S . I love you my readers 

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