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Arabelle walked out of the university and looked around for her friend , She had only managed to make one friend in the course of one month , After the final entrance test all her friends separated . Arabelle chose botany as she her main subject . Although Denna , Dean and Caroline got the placement in the same university they would hardly meet due to a huge space in their schedules . 

Arabelle smiled as she saw Kimberly . She waved at her with both hands and Kimberly laughed . " Guess who got a pack of kit kat ?" Arabelle gasp pouting ," I want one " she said . " Then you will have to give me one of your mint chocolates ! those thin chocolate cover mints " Arabellle immediately grabbed the small box and handed it to her . " How do you always have chocolates in you bag ? Does you boyfriend always take you shopping for them ?" Arabelle chuckled nodding . 

According to Arabelle she and Kimberly were walking home together but she didn't have a clue about Archer's car present right behind her . Archer watched her talk to her friend and walk Ahead and he moved his car as well . Archer clenched his jaw as he saw boys looking at his women . They really needed to know she belong to him . 

" Arabelle ! hey " His eyes drifted to a guy . Archer raised an eyebrow and he kept his hand on her shoulder and dared to moved it to her elbow . Arabelle seemed uneasy , she stepped back but he close their space . Archer had enough when he saw the group of guys try to flirt with her and Kimberly asked them to fuck off . 

" Fuck off Guys she has a boyfriend " Arabelle stepped back form John but he laughed looking down to her chest . Arabelle pulled her bag near her chest and looked down trying to find her cell phone so she could call Archer . These guys are the worst . She knew it . 

" Back off Kimmy , Hey Arabelle , are you a virgin ? i would love to pop your cherry . " A guy said and Arabelle gulped . " Of course she is a virgin . I am gonna claim her , look at her , she is innocent " John said . "Common little kitten " A guy said grabbing her arm and she flinched back . The guy behind was pulled back and harshly punched . Arabelle looked behind her to sigh and thank the god that Archer was there . 

Archer did not speak as they guys tried to apologise but he only took them one by one and punched them . When it came to John Archer grabbed him by his throat and slammed his fist into his stomach making his belle gasp . He then kicked John making him spit out blood . Arabelle had never seen Archer hurt someone this much . 

" A-Archer , " she called but Archer gave him one last kick but kneeling down and grabbing his hair and pulling it . "Arabelle belongs to me , And if you disobey me by touching her , you will end up dead . No need to call the police boy because they are under me in this City . I want you to make sure everyone knows she belongs to me . Aye ?" John nodded crying and Archer stood up . 

Arabelle was breathing heavily as she watched Archer walk towards her .She didn't know Archer was so dangerous . She was scared to make him angry . Arabelle didn't speak a word as he grabbed her and pushed her inside the car . She only started fidgeting with her fingers .Archer grabbed her bag and kept it behind pulling the car out the gates . 

As Archer's fingers landed over Arabelle's thigh she realised he did it for her . She could never resist playing with his fingers as they touched her lap . She saw Archer's knuckles red and frowned deeper . "Are you scared of me now ?" Archer asked and she jerk back looking at him . " You really scared me Archie " she whispered . As Archer pulled up at his house he helped her down the car and took her hand . 

" You should know better love , They deserved it . They should know who's girl you are " Arabelle blush biting her lip . " Are you free ?" she asked . Although Archer had many things to do . Arabelle had asked him this question the first time this month . She knew he was busy so she never bothered him going as far as to make him angry by going to the university alone .

" Do you want to go on a dinner date love ?" he asked taking his blazer off and she sat on the bed . " If you are free " she said he kneels down in front of her grabbing her jaw softly before kissing her cheek . " Be ready by 7 . I will have to go and mend some things okay ?" She nodded . Archer seemed very busy . Arabelle frowned as he walked to the door and she stood up . 

She wanted him to kiss her . As reflex Archer turn around only to smile and walk to her . He grabbed her and kissed her softly making her smile . " I'll be back soon love . Get some rest " He said walking away . Arabelle bites her lip on how dangerous he looks now . she surely loved how he looked three months ago but now he had grown his facial hair making him look really matured . But she liked him without the stubble formed on him . 

But somehow she loved it with it scratched across her thighs he he kissed her down there . She shook off the thoughts and went back to studying . Her mind always wandered off to Archer's kisses . She stood up frustrated and groaned . He was driving her crazy . Due to the exams last month and the classes they didn't get time to even cuddle and when Archer would come to take her in his arms she would already be asleep . 

Arabelle angrily slammed her book shut thinking Archer really didn't care about her but again . She knew it was just sexual frustration . As the door to the front shut she looked startled . " Belle" Archer called and Belle walked out of the kitchen , " You were in the kitchen ? Are you hungry ?" he asked , Archer was early . She smile shaking her head , " We can go now if you want  " He said walking towards her as he undid his tie and kissed her cheeks and then her lips . 

But it was only a peck . Arabelle huffed , She wanted him so bad . But she was too damn shy to say it ." What's wrong ?"He asked and she shook her head , " Belle " He called and she walked in the kitchen." Arabelle " Archer called growing angry . " What's wrong , something i did?" he asked and she pouts . " Yes !!" She yelled running up the stairs as Archer blinked thinking what wrong did he do.

Archer walked in on Arabelle who had shoved her face in he pillow groaning and hitting her legs on the bed . He looked at her body and took his shirt off . His hands grabbing her waist and softly turning her around not before kissing her shoulder . " Are you frustrated ?" he asked kissing her neck and purposely scratching his stubble over her neck . She moaned nodding making he chuckle . 

" Shy now are we ?" he asked flipping her over and ripping her pants with her underwear down her legs . She gasp looking back at her and he squeezed her bum . Arabelle never spoke as he tasted her , Archer's inner beast growling satisfied was he heard a moan from his belle as he teased her . 

" Say it " He ordered . " Don't tease me Archer please " He only ran his hand up and down her butt ." Say it Love " he said and she shoved her face yet again in the pillow blushing hard . " I want you " She muttered . " Loud my belle " He tease her making her angry and she tried to kick him but he grabbed her ankle and slapped her bum softly . " Loud " he said smirking , " I  Want you !! " she shouts making him laugh and kissed her . 

They ended up eating instant noodles on their couch that night watching 'The ring' Because Unfortunately or maybe Fortunately when they woke up it was Midnight already .  

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