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How hard was it to just plant a seed . Very . Arabelle learned it the hard way
She decided to plant a pomegranate seed in her little garden . But somehow every time she planted it she cousin sister's cat would destroy the soil by digging her nails in it. Aarbelle groaned taking the big pot and putting it in the balcony . Although the balcony only had herbs she had to keep the plant there due to the cat . Arabelle sat on the table in her balcony and looked at the sky smiling .

Archer However was in a bad mood that day . He hadn't received any of the products he had payed for due to the delay in shipping . His project was lagging by a day . And he found out the Ricardo's men had trespassed on his land for inspection and in search of drugs . Fucking bastards . They won't find anything but soil there . He called up his assassin and order him that they better be killed for there mistake , On the other hand he had to pay all his workers by tomorrow but he hadn't received his payment from the man who had build his company on his land .

He needs some sense inside his thick head . " Carlos , i better get the money by tonight ,You don't want my men hovering near your company tomorrow " Archer grits . " Ya ya ! I promise it will be done by tonight . You know we are also struggling with the pays Mr. Archer . Please understand us " Archer rolled his eyes . " The money better be in my account by evening ." Archer said hanging up .

He Look over his phone with a blank look. Archer had been in his office till midnight now but he got no texts from his girl . Did his belle not worry about him ? He clenched his jaw . Arabelle had been busy in her projects and would always sleep early . Well it was his fault for coming home late but he really need to hear her voice before sleeping .

He stepped out of his office and remembered it was already March . He needed to start making his announcement about the marriage . He was getting married early then he thought . He was damn to tired to go to Arabelle's house so he decided to just go sleep , he will take her out on friday . He opened his front door and walked straight to his room never noticing the glasses and plates on the dinning table which wouldn't be there unless the maid was off work .

As he walked inside his room he kept his keys on the table and his heart suddenly stopped . His belle was sleeping on his bed . When did she get home ? He didn't remember giving her the keys so how did she get in . His eyes flicker to the balcony and he walked to it noticing the ladder which he kept in the backyard . He chuckled rubbing his forehead .

He kissed his belle and walked in the bathroom to get refreshed . As he walked out he noticed his belle turn over and open her eyes . " Archer " she called rubbing her eyes in a adorable way . He didn't bother putting on any clothes and walked over to bed . Arabelle sat up revealing her silky exposing nightdress , Apparently it was barely covering her breasts which made Archer smirk .

Arabelle gasped as Archer removed his towel form his waist and she bit her lip . " Archer you'er naked " She said and he chuckled getting under the covers . " I am sure you have roamed your eyes over my body thousands of time my love " He said draping his hands around her waist and watching her face . He loved her eyes . They always sparkled form him . "You always watched me take off my shirt even during school " He said and Arabelle blushed . " Well it attracted attention when you took off your shirt , why did you do . it was so annoying when girls drooled over you . There was no need to take it off during games " Archer grinned kissing her lips .

" You drooled over me too " Archer stated and she slapped his hand " I did not " she whispered turning around but half way Archer pushed her to shove her face in his chest . His hand moved down to her thighs and bunches the hem off her dress at her waist . He pulled her over him and Arabelle straddled his waist grinding on his membrane which turned hard immediately . Arabelle giggled as he groaned closing his eyes as she wiggled her bum to make him harder .But Archer trailed his hand on her nipples making her suck in deep breath.

Suddenly there little tease game was cut off by Archer cell phone ringing , Arabelle pouts looking at his phone which was right in front of her . Archer held her jaw pulling her down for a kiss but the buzz did not stop . " No !!" Arabelle wined in frustration as it continued ringing making Archer crazy mad . He snatched the phone from the table but didn't let Arabelle get off him

" WHAT !!" he yelled , " Extremely sorry Sir. But a fight broke out on William's club it getting bad . " Archer cursed putting the call on hold and slowly getting Arabelle off him "Who is it ? " she asked . " Work .Two minutes baby "He said making her pout but nod. Archer Stood up not caring he was naked and walked to to get his other phone in the closet all while Arabelle eye raped him .

"How big is it ?" Archer asked calling his manger . " Five are killed and many injured . William himself in the hospital . The police are all over the grounds demanding the land papers . Should i file myself ?" Archer sighs . " No my manager will be there in an hour , Do not say anything about William's and My company's relationship and do not talk unless forced " Archer said and held his other phone to his ear . " Sir ?" , " William's club broke in a fight i want you to go there with the land papers and sort it out . " His manager although tired had to obey Archer's orders and Archer hung up calling William's assistant .

" He is in a surgery , he was shot in the stomach " Archer nodded as the assistant said . " I will be visiting him tomorrow . Now that he won't be the owner of the club anymore i need to get the papers of my payment signed " , " Sir what do you mean " Archer rolled his eyes " I did warn him not to cause any problem he never obeyed hence he is no more in charge of that club . Keep his wife or son ready . If that idiot can't sign the papers his witness will do " Archer finally hung up and rubbed his forehead ,.

As he walked back now annoyed that Arabelle was asleep and getting in the covers and close his eyes . But he felt a weight on his waist and opened them to see his love naked ready to be claimed and he grinned flipping her under him .

Arabelle woke up with the sound thunder and her eyes moved to the window . It was snowing heavily with thunder . She shivered and rested her hand on Archer's which was across her waist and played with his fingers not being able to sleep . She sat up holding the sheet on her chest and looking back at Archer . He was fast asleep . She ran the back of her fingers on his cheek admiring his face . Her fingers trailed to his neck with now had some bite marks .

She leaned in resting her hand on his chest and kissing his lips softly . " I didn't know you would ever keep it from me but it's okay , My love for you always overpowers your dangerous works ." She whispered and closed her eyes .

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