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*Living the past*

Arabelle held her binder close to her and walked out the office . She looked around and walked up the stairs to search for the library. She was a week late to her highschool due to shifting and was now asked to go to the library to collect her ID and sign up for a library membership card .

She bit her lip scratching her head confused but eventually found the library by asking someone . It was on the fourth floor . She walked on the fourth floor corridor looking around to figure it was the floor of third year students.  Her eyes fixed on the library doors and she walked in .

"Sign on this fill these up " the women at the desk stated and Arabelle sat on a nearby chair to fill her forms . It after she walk out she spotted a door leading to the balcony of the school . She walked towards it and smiled at the fresh wind looking out to see the blue sky . Her hand rested on the railing and she smilied looking down to see the football ground .

She was about to laugh at the boys playing when her eyes spotted a figure behind her and she her heart skipped a beat scared . She looked behind her to see a boy . Sitting on ground with his hand on his knee and other leg spread out . His was so handsome . She thought . "What's your name ?" He asked and she gulped . He seemed so dangerous. He was wearing all black . His eyes cold . His face screaming scaryness .

"Arabelle " she answer . He nodded standing up and walking away leaving her confused . But something inside her moved at his voice . It was as if he had touched her. She was really affected by him even if he was merely a stranger .

The next week she saw him almost everyday . Getting off his bike .  Nodding to his friends . Ignoring others and walking through the doors to his classes . She never made any move to ask his name . She stayed like a loner like she always was . That day in noon as lunch came in . Arabelle took her bag and walked to her regular place which was the football court . Unfortunately boys were playing there . So she walked away outside the school to sit under the trees .

As she looked around eating her meal her eating stopped as she saw That boy walking with someone towards her direction . She looked down scrambling to get her stuff . Arabelle knew he was danger . That's was she heard from the girls in the bathroom .  "Belle " she heard him and froze . She stood up with her bag .

"Arabelle " she corrected . "Nice to meet you Arabelle I am Antonio " the other guy greeted and she nodded nervosly . She walked ahead not wanting to stay with them alone and defence less but was called again by Him . "What classes you attend " he asked leaning agaist the wall . She looked around biting her lip . "Biology , economics and maths " she answered . "Only three ?" He asked and she looked at Antonio to see him eyeing that guy .

"No . Chem and physics are there too " she said and he nodded . There was a long pause before she finally decide she shouldn't talk to boys would radiate bad . "I will be going now " before either of the boy could speak she ran away

"You have spoken two sentences in less than an hour . Wow . Who is she to make you talk ?" Antonio asked and Archer ignored him . Watching Arabelle walk away . The next day Archer spotted her in the football court . He walked up the stairs and sat right next to her . Arabelle tensed never spoke a single word .

"You are a senior? " Arabelle asked . Archer hummed never taking his eyes off her . Something about her intrigued him . Something about the way she look and her expressions her eyes ..her lips ..her hands . He wanted to see more . He want to know more of her . "So ..You are in science major ?" She asked . "Business management "he answer and she nodded chewing on her food .

"Its Archer " he said . "Hmm ?" She asked ."My name is Archer he repets .
"Archer " she said and looked away blushing as he nodded .

[A month later ]

"No ! " , "yes " , "No " , "yesss !!" Arabelle yelled and Caroline jumped away from her blood curling scream . Arabelle grinned eating the chocolate . Caroline rolled her eyes taking the fries and stuffing fires in her mouth .

Arabelle was about to say something when she saw Archer walking towards her . She smiled standing up and hugging him . "Hi !! We were just about to eat our lunch " Arabelle stated . "Before which you decide to eat chocolates " Caroline said and Arabelle punched her friend lightly .

Archer sat down next to her and she started eating . For the first few weeks of them knowing each other Arabelle always wonder why Archer would be so conservative around others . Archer would talk a little more around Arabelle telling her about different stuff he had done . Arabelle had only gained one new friend Caroline . But she loved Archer's company .

Being with Archer made her move away from the harsh glares of others . He would be with her all the time when she needed him . Archer had gone as far to reach his limits and let Arabelle playfully hit him . The last time Archer was playfully hit he had punched that guy . Didn't cause any damage but ..somehow he loved her talk . Belle as he called her and everyday she would correct him althought deep inside both knew that she loved him calling her that .

"Belle !!" A random guy called and Arabelle looked away from her locker in confusion . "Arabelle " she said he smiled . But she tried moving away . " if Archer calls you that why can't I ?" He asked and suddenly he was knocked to the locker making him groan . Arabelle shocked and her eyes wide she saw Archer wrap his hand around that guys neck .

"You have no right to call her that . Understand? " the guy nodded trembling . "Now move " Archer grits . Arabelle from that day knew for a fact that she never would be getting flirty guys around her ever .
Arabelle watched Archer look at her and she moved her eyes to the floor . "Belle " his voice made her feel so good . Yet so nervous.  Arabelle stepped ahead and hugged him .

The first reason was to thank him and another was just because she love his warm body wrapped around her .

[5 months Later ]

Arabelle paced around the living room waiting for Archer . She was getting really excited for there night together. One thing Arabelle had came to the conclusion by now about Archer was that , He hates being in public . He loves basketball. He hates guys near her . He could walk in her bedroom anytime and for some reason her parents never did mind . Archer loves cuddling .and Archer loves Disney movies .

As Archer walked in through the front door Arabelle without another thought of him being her best friend jumped on him hugging him . Archer chuckled wrapping his arms around his belle who had gotten so attached to him . Just like he was . "Are you tired ?" Belle asked . "No . Let me get a shower and then we will watch movies that you want " Arabelle kissed him on his cheek as always when he made her happy and skipped to the living room .

Archer had been very careful with his belle . It was as if he had taken over a job to keep her safe . Arabelle was very irritative when she constantly kept on talking about cartoons or anime as she called that . But that was what her friend thought . Archer surprising felt happy and relaxed when she talked . It was for the first time in years that he had started talking to someone .

He would laugh . Something he never did . But his belle was so funny , clumsy . It made him want her safe and  near him . Arabelle was very smart . Very beautiful. Archer knew she would eventually be with him . She was already attached to him by now . Due to Arabelle shifting here she had no knowledge of why Archer was hated or feared in the school . Her class mates looked at Arabelle as a freak to talk to Archer .

Arabelle never knew the rumor of Archer being a bad person amd hurt others. She never knew he had gone as far as to warn every single student that she belonged to him . Archer never killed or disobeyed his teachers . But they fear him anyway . It was in his blood to kill ,everyone said . But infact . The truth was that Archer had his own history .

Archer was quite . Reserved . Therefore other boys wanted to bully him . But they had gotten far as to call him bad words which ended them with punches . They didn't stop . They started rumors of Archer being a killer . They started Rumors of Archer killing innocent people . It made Archer more reserved than ever . Archer was called a murderer because of the rumors . He never cared .

Arabelle had no reason to know that . He was now happy . At least no boys or girls of bad intention will go near his belle due to HIS reputation .
Archer and Belle always cuddled up in a blanket watching movies and playing video games .
Arabelle groaned banging her fist on the table and taking a chip popping it in her mouth going back to the killing spree in the game .

"ARCHER !! don't kill my targets !! " she shouts making him chuckle . "You are too slow love " he said and Belle gulped . She didn't stop playing but inside her heart felt like it stopped . He had called her love . It was the very first time . Everytime after that when he would call her love she would blush . She would feel so happy yet ...he only took her as a friend she thought .

Untill next year when they were on a race track . "Look at the pink car !! Its pink !! Archie ! " Archer laughed .wrapping his arms around her waist . " the person driving is a girl!?? I wanna do this too !"His belle excalimed . "Its dangerous " he whispered making her neck feel so hot .

"Archer look !" Arabelle pointed at a certain car and he looked over to notice some guys looking at his love . He glared at them but the nerve of those guys . They only laughed . "Archer , i am gonna go to the ladies " Arabelle said stepping away . Archer followed her and she turned back . "Archer !! You can't come " she said with hinting anger

"I'll wait outside " he said and she sighs nodding . Archer when was waiting for her he noticed the boys walk over to him . "Your girl seemed cute " Archer didn't hesitate to punch that fucker . A fight broke between the three guys and Archer . Arabelle gasped as she saw it and yelled for Archer making them four look at her . One of them smirked . He ran towards Arabelle grabbing her

Archer tried to get away but he was stopped by a punch to his cheek . "Little girl is mine " Arabelle tried to get away but she couldn't. She stomps on his foot making his hold loose and ran over to Archer .
Not a minute later three more guys came in between . Archer felt his heart stop as he saw his belle and more men .

Fortunately the three guys ran over to help them not increase the fight . Archer didn't let go of his belle the entire night . He dragged her to his car and slammed the door shut driving away . Arabelle was shaken . She didn't know what to say . She only rubbed away her tears .

Archer took her over to his house . Dragging her to his room and grabbing her jaw . Turning her head to see any injuries. " Archer , i am not hurt you are " his belle said touching his chest lightly to push him away but he didn't let go of her waist . "I am sorry belle " he said resting his head on her shoulder and kissing her cheek .

"I am fine . " belle whispered . But Archer had enough . He picked his belle up making her gasp . Her body immediately started feeling sparks inside . He sat her on his desk and laid his lips on hers . Arabelle stayed frozen as her Archer kissed her . There were hot sparks , tingles , flutters , weird clenching of her lady parts . She had no idea what was going on.

Archer took her lower lip between his teeth and she went crazy . She moaned making Archer satisfied  . As he pulled away his eyes couldn't take hold of his red face belle who was about to faint . He only laid her on his bed and held her tight sleeping that night .

Okay .
So you people from heaven decided it was a better idea to bombard the comment section with "don't stop the book "
I didn't know this book would be a success.  Now i have to erase the bonus shit from the title .

Okay I'm done Bye .

P.S This chapter is unedited. Oopsies ..

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