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* Seconds Thoughts *

Arabelle rubbed her forehead bending side to side after sitting in one position for a long time causing her muscles to ache . She was assigned to look after herbs and report there effects on different environmental changes . She had taken three days to only write the assignment but it had taken a month for her to note change in every plant . She sighs in happiness as her notes were now done. She had to give it in tomorrow because tomorrow was the deadline. 

No Offence , but she really hated the teachers in her classes . They never taught properly . She mostly had to google some off the questions and meanings . Her bedroom door opened and she looked back to see her mom . Arabelle grinned taking her gloves off and taking a pair of scissors cutting some flowers from the small shrubs and handing them to her mom . 

" These are so beautiful , They smell really nice too " Arabelle nodded sitting on the ground tired . " You grind them and put them in that oil you use and keep them in the marble bowl on heat , the room will smell great " Arabelle explain . " These ones can be eaten , The leaves actually not the flowers . Its called Holy Basil . " Arabelle continued . Her mother nodded plucking a leave and popping it in her mouth making Arabelle slam her hand on her forehead . " Mom !! You can just eat leaves like that ! " , " But you said i can eat these leaves " Arabelle chuckled . 

" Ya you can but you have to wash them first !" Her mom only chuckled . "You father wanted you to be a lawyer , But i think you are doing a good job in this too . " Her mother said walking out .  Arabelle smiled and looked at her phone which was ringing . She picked it up greeting a hello to Archer . " Hello !" She chirped and she could feel Archer's smile from the other side . 

" Come out " He said and she frowned looking out the window and saw him . She giggled fixing her hair and wearing a dress quickly grabbing her shoes . She didn't care about grabbing her bag . She only took her phone . She ran down applying her lipbam and opened the door running to her Archer hugging him . Archer wrapped his arms around his belle haven't seen her properly for a week . They both had veen busy in their work but Archer would visit his belle at night sometimes .

"I miss you so much Archie " she said smiling as he nuzzled his face in her neck . "Hm " he hummed kissing her shoulder. Archer lifted his head and leaned in to kiss her when Arabelle rested her index finger on his lips grinning . Archer was quick to take her fingers between his teeth making her snap her hand away . "Archer !" His belle shouts making him laugh , " Is you project done ?" He asked and she chuckled ." Assignment , And yes I did . Just now actually " She said and he nodded . " Do you have class tomorrow ?" Arabelle nodded . She frowned as he only gazed into her eyes . " Arche-" Archer pecked her lips and laid his lips then on her cheek . 

He pulled away seconds later making His belle cup his cheek . Her eyes moved to Archers lips and then his eyes . " Did you not sleep well yesterday night ?" She asked . "Its fine " He said . " Why ?" she asked . " I had work . Got home from Alberta at night , And i had a meeting at 9 in the morning . " Arabelle smiled kissing his eye . " Come in ,Mom and dad will be out of a family wedding tonight , I will make some dinner , Why don't you go sleep " She stated . Archer nodded grabbing her hand and walking inside . 

As they walked to her room Arabelle's mom came out of her room wearing beautiful dress . She stopped as she saw both Arabelle and Archer . " Archer " She whispered and smiled slightly . " Are you leaving already ?" Arabelle asked and her mother nodded . " Mom do you need help with some stuff ? god your makeup doesn't even show !" Her mother laughed as Arabelle confessed . 

" I'll help my mom . You should sleep " Archer nodded walking his belle's room while Arabelle help her mother get ready . "Sorry we aren't taking you sweetie , but we decided it is better since its a long drive and we might even stay. Depends how long the reception is " Her mother explained and Arabelle smiled nodding , " I know , Who's wedding is it again ?" She asked and her mother hummed . " Its my cousin's . You might not know her . Her name is Alice " Arabelle nodded doing her mom's hair and finally saying her goodbye to her parents . 

" Pasta is in the fridge , if you don't want that i have made some sauce you can make whatever you want , milk is finished so i left you some money go buy it , i have rice prepared for you and.." 

"Mom ..its fine . I love bye !" Arabelle said and her mom rolled her eyes smiling and sitting in the car . Arabelle walked up the stairs and opened her bedroom door to see Archer's shirt and belt on her chair while her had made himself comfortable under her sheets . Arabelle smiled kissing his forehead and walking to her laptop and writing some finishing statements for her assignment and pulling out her pendrive keeping it in her bag . She made some soup and fried rice with spicy sauce to eat with . 

"Archer " She called running her hands through his hair and her eyes caught the ring on her finger . She pulled her hand back ignoring  Archer's whine to up it back . " I love you " She heard him and her eyes went back to his which were now gazing back at hers . " I know " she said . " Dinner is ready . " Archer sat up and nodded . 

Archer looked at Arabelle as she smiled and walked out , He knew for sure she was hiding something . He got up , washing his face and walking out , He saw his belle cooking and he stared at her leaning on the counter . Her hair now was past her waist .It was till her shoulder just last year , His eyes trailed to her shoulders then down to her waist . 

He sighs walking towards her and grabbing the knife from her hands and keeping it down . He moved her hair away and kissed her neck . Archer could easily telling how she shivered under him whenever he would make such intimate gesture , " What's wrong ?" He asked . " No , Nothing " She answered . Archer was quick to moved her around , wrapping his hands around her waist he lifts her up and sat her on the counter . His intense glare made Arabelle frown deeper . 

" Do you think it is okay to get married so soon ?" 

Archer sucked in deep breath trying to make himself believe that his love did not say such thing . Arabelle had merely whispered ,but to him it felt like the biggest heart heart breaking sentence ever . Archer moved away but Arabelle quickly clutched his shirt trying to stop him , Archer only stared at the ground . 

" If you think you aren't ready , then I will hold the wedding till whenever you want " Archer said pushing her hands away and walking out the door . Arabelle heard the door slam shut and she stared at the floor with wide eyes . Tears filled in them almost immediately . She only knew she was crying when her tears met her cheeks , Sliding down her neck . 

She didn't mean it . She didn't mean it like that ,not at all !! . " I didn't mean it " She whispered . She looked up but saw Archer no where . She heart suddenly broke . He left . He had left her . She suddenly started feeling pain in her chest and a sob was heard by her ears , It came from her own mouth , " Archer " She called crying .. 

Archer himself wanted to wait till he was 27 for marriage . But by sliding a ring down His belle's finger made him want her close . He want her to be his wife . Now that Arabelle had asked him such a question angered him . He was sad , angry . Furious . He didn't want his belle seeing him like that . Archer was disappointed . He clenched his jaw punching the wall beside him . 

Archer wanted to go inside but he walked away .  He was sure she need some time alone . He rubbed his forehead and got in his car driving home . 

Arabelle held her face in her hands crying quietly . She didn't know what to do. She couldn't understand why Archer had left her . She only said so because she felt as if she was young . Arabelle wanted to marry Archer . She was facing a panic situation . What if Archer doesn't talk to me ? I love him so much . Arabelle grabbed her hoodie and walked out locking the door . 

She didn't see Archer's car outside and tears broke out again . She walked in the cold night scared to walk alone yet she did . After an hour of walking she saw his house and she wiped her tears . She walked towards the gates and the guard came out as a duty to ask the reason of coming here but as Arabelle lifted her head he gasp watching his Master's women shivering in the cold night , "M-Miss Arabelle " He said keeping his hand on her back and guiding her inside . 

He opened the doors and let her in . " T-Thanks Brad " She said . " Are you alright madam ?" She nodded smiling and running upstairs leaving him frowning , Arabelle ran to Archer bedroom and open his door , " Archer !"She yelled but saw no one . She frowned walking to his office, her luck wasn't good . He wasn't in any of his room . She gulped stepping up to the top most level of his house . To the attic . She opened the door to be greeted by the darkness . She eyes found the window and she knew for sure that Archer was on the roof . 

" Archer " Arabelle called and she saw Archer sitting on the roof drinking a brown liquid from a glass bottle . " Ar-Archer " She called and he snapped his head back to see his belle , " Belle " He whispered and Arabelle started sobbing loudly . Archer was quick to wrap his arms around his little love and let her cry in his warm arms . 

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