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Archer kissed his belle's head as she cried in his chest . " I am sorry , I am sorry I didn't mean it Archer . " ,"Shh , i know my love " he said  , Arabelle pulled away but Archer pushed her right back ,near his chest , " No , No you don't , I didn't mean it that way " She tried to speak but she couldn't go faster . " Belle , i know . I can hold the wedding " She shook her head . " No . No . I want to do this . I really didn't mean it , I only said that because i am nervous . Archer i want you , I want to marry you . I want to be your wife . I love you " Archer couldn't help but kiss his love roughly , She was crying . His belle was crying because of him . This had never happened before , But today he did make her cry , " I am sorry for leaving " he said and Arabelle only wrapped her arms around him hugging him tight , " I love you so much Archer , I want to be with you " She said and Archer smiled picking her up and walking down from the roof into to the house .

He carried her inside his room and laid her on bed all while his belle sniffed and cried lightly . " I am here " He whispered cuddling close to her and she rested her hands on his chest ,she fist them grabbing a handfull of his shirt to calm herself . Archer looked at his little love and he saw her clothing . She only had his hoodie on something she wore at her house . He suddenly remembered , How did Arabelle come here ?

" Did you walk ?" Archer asked sitting up , Arabelle frowned biting her lip . Archer grabbed her jaw and pulled her near . " Did you fucken walk ?" He asked and she nodded . Archer ran his hand through his hair and pulled her into him . " My god Belle please do not fucken do that . It cold , dark , dangerous outside love " She nodded kissing his cheek . " Kissing me is not going bring my anger down belle !! Why would you walk all the way here !! " She sniffed . " I didn't wanna sleep alone . I couldn't find my phone and i was ..." She stopped wiping her eyes and yawning . She slept back on the bed only to be pulled to sit , She groaned ." No , Your aren't sleeping yet . We have to eat something " he said picking her up and putting her down so she could walk . 

"Archer , You aren't going to leave me are you ?" She asked as they were walking hand in hand down the stairs , His hand gripped hers tighter . " You know your own answer love " He said and took her to the kitchen . " Ramen ?" He asked and she nodded ." Smile or you won't have any " Archer orders making his belle laugh little. He leaned in pecking his belle and boiled the water . As they sat in front of the T.V he took Arabelle's bowl and kept it in the table beside him . His hands wrapped around her from behind and Arabelle pulled the blanket to her chest leaning on him . Archer kept kissing his belle time to time making her want more from him. 

" Can we have Lily's for our wedding ?" Arabelle asked Tracing her fingers on Archer's chest . " You can have what ever you want my love " He said and she peck him . " Thank you Archie " She said smiling , Arabelle and Archer laid on the bed after there little movie session , Arabelle was comfortable but they both couldn't sleep . Arabelle ran her fingers to his cheek ,his neck down to his torso . Archer grabbed her face and kissed her passionately  . Arabelle opened her mouth giving in to him and wrapping her arms around Archer's neck as he moved from beside her to above her body , roaming his hand over his shirt which she wore . 

" You are going to make me run out of shirts my love , You already have five of them and i know you won't let go of this one " Arabelle chuckled making him gaze at her . She was adorable . His adorable girl . He kissed her neck tracing his kisses down to her stomach and sitting up , He took the hem of the the shirt pulling it above her head , he groaned internally as he watched his belle wearing only panties . 

He slides his shirt off with his pants and boxers as she watched him breathing heavily . Archer was fast as he ripped her underwear off her legs and kissed ever part of her delicious body . Arabelle moaned as he tasted her pussy , she as arched back his stubble rubbed against her inner thighs making her fill with so much pleasure , He bites his lip smiling at his love who already came from him even before he had started his pleasuring her . As he slides himself inside her His belle moaned his name making him go faster . 

" Archer "She called as he pulled out but flipped her over her stomach and fucked her from behind . He squeezed her asscheeks kissing her neck loving the way she would make cute noises every time he would hit the spot , Arabelle squeaked softly as he pushed himself deeper . " You like that Baby ?" His husky voice near her ears made her moan . " Please " She whispered hiding her face in the pillow and he grinned spanking her softly and pulling her ass up so she was on her knees with her pussy on full display for him .  he ran his fingers on her thighs and she shivered like she always did . 

" Do you want me to fuck you my love ?" Arabelle moaned . " Hm ?" he asked playing with her folds as she tried forming words , " Y-yes " She answered and he kissed her hair before Slamming inside her . 

Arabelle felt herself being lifted and pulled on a warm chest , " I love you " she said . " I love You " he replied . The next morning when Arabelle woke up she was alone in the bed . She sat up and bit her lip as a little amount of pain held her from sitting up . She moved the fur sheets away to see so many more marks on her . She sat up ignoring the sadness of Archer not in bed with her and looked around to see the windows and the door was close . She gave a sigh before walking in the bathroom . Her eyes moved across her neck to she more love bites . 

Arabelle traced her fingers on the new ones and the old ones which were fading , Even if she even most girls hated marks on their body , Arabelle love it when she saw Archer's bites on her . She would always get sparks in her tummy whenever she would see such bites on her .She took a shower walking out the door to Archer's closet and grabbed a hoodie . She opened a cabinet in which Archer had stored her clothes and took a pair of panties and bar to wear under . 

As she walked down the stairs she saw Archer cooking , Arabelle grinned and tip toed to him and wrapped her arms around his chest from behind making him freeze . " Belle , good you are up , You have to eat " He said and Arabelle frowned at his serious voice . " Archer , are you angry ?" She asked moving away and he looked at her with a blank stare ."Yes " He said and her heart stopped . " W-Why ?" she asked 

" Because you didn't eat much last night  " He stated , Belle smiled moving near him and kissing his cheek . She held her laugh as Archer attempted to make eggs which for some reason he never could . She took the pan from him and pushed him with her hip . " Go away , i will make them " Archer only stared at her . He gave a kiss on her neck , " Hurry up its already eight , I have to leave you at the uni by nine " Arabelle looked back and glared at him he only rose his eyebrows, " Well you were the one who didn't let me sleep last night " Archer chuckled sitting on the chair and eyeing his girl as she made some eggs . 

Arabelle was happy the get out of her class relieved about the assignment she finally submitted . Now that finals were over she had all the time on her hands to get started on creating her own nursery . She smiled going through anime she could watch next while eating her chips . She had seen so many that it was hard to find something , She came across one she wanted to see and grinned . As she was watching Anime her bedroom door opened . Archer came in talking on the phone .

He kept his blazer on the chair and removed his shoes . Arabelle munched on her chips drinking juice unaware of Archer's gaze on her . Archer finally hung up and sighs texting on the phone . " Is This how you greet your husband Love ?" he asked and Arabelle blushed , " Hi " She said and went back to her anime . " Come one we have to go somewhere " He said and she pouts . " But my anime " , That's when Archer did the biggest mistake . 

" You can watch that cartoon later love " He said and suddenly Arabelle sat up . " What ?" Archer asked and she glared at him . " Its called ANIME !!! its not cartoon !" She shouts walking to the closet and grabbing a dress . " I am sorry ?" Archer spoke and she blew up her cheeks glaring at him making him laugh lightly , " Okay okay , anime , its anime . You can watch you anime later now lets go " He said and she smiled walking to the bathroom to get changed .  

" Where are we going ?" She asked playing with Archer's pinky as he drove . " we have to decide the wedding venue and go to that bakery you suggested " Arabelle giggled being excited , not about the venue but about obviously eating more cakes . 

After two hours of boring going through themes and designs they settled on one thing ." Um , may i see your dress ?" The wedding planner asked and Belle blinked at her . " I don't have one yet " The women rose her eyebrows . " But madam , we will have to see the dress to co-ordinate some backgrounds with it " Arabelle chuckled , " She will have a dress by next week " Archer said looking through the papers and the women nodded . 

" The dress " Arabelle though , " What would like me in ?" she asked Archer  He glanced at her once before moving his eyes on the road . " Anything which makes you look like yourself " Arabelle chuckled . " Doesn't help " She said , " We'll  see when we go to buy one love " She frowned shaking her head . " You won't be coming with me " Arabelle said and he only blankly stared at the road . " Its bad luck to see me in my dress before getting married " Archer laugh squeezing her thigh . " Its for the couple you never trust each other " He stated and Arabelle rolled her eyes . " How funny , but no Archie you aren't coming " Archer sighs getting out and helping her out . 

" I am coming , the dress needs to be approved by me to baby " He said whispering in her ears , Arabelle blushed as he kissed her softly . 

" Lets go eat cake " 

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