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Note : Long ass chapter , it could be boring 

The night was cold , yet Arabelle's body had formed a thin layer of sweat as she whimpered pushing her chest to Archer's . He fists her hair in his hand pulling her neck to kiss her roughly . Only there voices sounded through the entire house . It was midnight already but Archer had no intentions on stopping . "A-Archer . Please,  please . " his belle begged him but he only teased her more .

"Archer I can't " she whimpered and her mouth let out a loud moan as he hit the spot while his lips attacked her necks sweet spot . "Archer p-please " she breathed out and he chuckled . He slammed into her roughly making her bite her lip . His fingers trailed to her soft round breasts pulling and sucking on them . Watching his love begged for him and submit to him make him proud .

He twisted her nipple and growl as she he felt her cum . "Archer !" She shouts as he twisted it again . "You like that ?" He asked and she whined . "Archer No ! I c-can't "She moaned . "Yes you will , I have made this clear Arabelle . You will accept it . Because you got me angry over this again " Archer stated as he took her again finally pouring his seeds inside her . He let out a grunt of satisfaction he stopped giving one last push making his belle cum . She pants as he pulls out laying back of the bed and closing his eyes .

Arabelle was too tired . Too sore . She had received her punishment and now she had regret doing anything she did . Archer rolled to his side to watch as his belle tried to catch her breath, He then wrapped his hand around her frame and pulled her body over his . He loved the feeling of her naked skin over his . He felt like pulling her over her stomach and taking her again ,but his little love had enough for today . He kissed her neck feeling her chest raise and fall on his . " I love you belle , so much that I have to make you understand some things this way , You only belong to me , you are mine . You are going to be MY wife . Why would you trust a stranger over me my love " He stated and his belle bit her lip . " I never trusted a stranger over you Archie , I never will , I was only trying to be helpful but .." She stopped . 

Archer laid her beneath him and kissed her swollen lips softly ," Never trust any other guy but me , Yes ?" He asked and she nodded wrapping her hands around his biceps , She squirm in discomfort , Archer looked at his belle frowning , " are you sore ?" he asked and she nodded . " Very " she whispered , " and my bum hurts " she said making him chuckle . " Turn around " He order her to do so and she turned her body to lay on her stomach . Archer trailed his hands down to her ass to see a huge bite mark , red yet it made archer grin . He noticed her bum red from the spanks he had given her . Suddenly he was concerned if her had had gone too harsh on his love . 

" Does it hurt a lot ? Are you in pain ?" he asked , She looked back at him. " Its only tickling a paining a little . Archer what's that !? Archer did you bite me on my bum !!??" Archer chuckled rubbing his forehead as his adorable belle kept fussing and talking about the big red mark . " Was this why it was hurting ? How come i never noticed you bite me !? Archer !! its so red !" Archer kissed her lips , Belle tried to move but he kept his hands on her back not letting her . " Calm down my sweet , I am sorry , but you were occupied in moaning when i was biting it with my fingers inside your tight little pussy " He explained . Arabelle had a habit of hiding her face in pillow whenever Archer spoke dirty to her . It made him look so much more intimidating than he already was , " You bit My bum !!" She yelled and he sighs . 

" Yes i did , it is very soft " Arabelle blushed scarlet as Archer grabbed her face so she couldn't hide herself from his eyes . " You deserved this punishment my love " He whispered pulling her into him and closing his eyes . 

An hour ago

Arabelle huffed walking out her university in anger . They had been notified to submit a new assignment by the end of next month and for some reason Arabelle thought it they had to do it by tomorrow so she cancelled her enjoyable date night with Archer and had took the whole night to complete it , She was however happy that she didn't had to do it again but her writing and presentation in that assignment wasn't as good as the others . 

She texted Archer that she might be an hour late due to her practicals taking more time . Half an hour into her class and the teacher left them . Arabelle couldn't call Archer because she had told him she would be out in an hour . She decided on sitting on the football court because the library was closed . Her hand trailed on the pages of her book and she sighs , She had to wait more ten minutes for Archer . That's when two guys walked to her , They were not from her last class but she knew they sat in chemistry with her . " Hey ! whatcha doing ?" One of them asked . " Waiting for my boyfriend " She said and they nodded . " Actually your friend Nicole was searching for you , She told us if we saw you to tell you that she wants to see you " Arabelle had a new friend from her main subject class , Nichole was a very nice girl who Arabelle a lot . Hearing her name she stood up . " Where is she ?" Arabelle asked . " Class B113 " he said and she nodded 

As she walked in the class she saw no one . Suddenly the door close and she looked back gasping and backing up to see those two boys . " Finally " He said and walked towards Aarbelle . She tried getting away but she was pinned by both of them on the wall . Arabelle felt panic raise from inside . As she struggled . 

Archer pulled up his car on the gates of the university ten minutes early so that his Belle wouldn't have to wait for him . He locked the car and walked on the grounds when he noticed students walking out the door , He noticed a  girl he saw Arabelle talking to walk out the gates and he looked around for Arabelle but he couldn't find her . He called her but her cell was switched off . He then walked around and noticed his belle on a foot ball court . 

He was about to go get her when he saw two boys come near her and talk , She then stood up and walked inside the college , Archer walked behind her immediately as he saw those two follow her after seconds . Archer walked right behind them as the turned near hallway , He walked faster and turned to see then gone . Archer clenched his jaw and hear a door shut to his right and he immediately follow the voice . He banged on the door but it was locked . Suddenly he heard his belle scream and he broke open the door to see his belle being pinned to the wall . 

Archer Was quick to pull him off her and give him punches . He saw the other guy flee but he didn't stop kicking and punching the guy untill he was bleeding heavily . Archer had seen the others guy's face .  His time would come soon but before than Archer made sure the guy in his hands would get his harsh blows . After he done he looked at his belle to see her shocked as looked at the guy on floor with blood . 

Archer kissed her forehead and grabbed her hand pulling her away , He made sure to punish his girl for trusting other men . He checked Arabelle for any bruises , " where did he touch you ?" Archer asked and his belle gulped looking at the guy . He seemed death . "You came before they could " she said and hugged him .

Archer couldn't hold his anger . He needed to show his belle how much angry he gets when she trust's other men .

Arabelle woke up at twelve in the morning with the pain almost gone . She huffed sitting up and noticed Archer standing near the mirror fixing his shirt . He looked over and smirked . Belle being confused looked over herself to see her body full naked . The sheets were tangled with her legs giving her Archer the perfect view of her lady parts .

His belle squeaked covering herself and whining . "Archer !" She shouts as he chuckled kissing her softly . "Get dress " he stated and she frowned . "No ! I have no classes from now so i will sleep untill evening "she said laying back in bed . Archer picked her up making her gasp . Arabelle tried to pull the sheet on her but they fell down .

Archer dropped her in the bathroom making her pout covering herself as she blushed red . "Take a shower now belle . We are going to buy your dress then my suit " he said and she stood there surprised . The wedding was in two months . She bites her lip climbing in the shower .

"Love ?" She heard Archer call as she tried searching for a dress . " not there here " Archer said keeping two bags on the bed and Arabelle frowned . "We will be going to invite a very important person to our wedding personally. And then we will be going to my office to mend some things pick your mother and mine up and then to the appointment "he said and nodded .

"Why did you buy a new dress ? I had plenty " she asked sitting on the bed and taking out the pretty dresses to choose one . "Because i can " he said and kissed his belle's hair . "Come down love you have to eat something before we go " he said . "And ..get the black bag with you . We will be going for a party after the appointment. "He stated . Before Arabelle could ask what party he walked out .

Arabelle took the black bag and pulled out a bronze blue dress with pearls and crystals over it . The dress was so beautiful. It was simple from the bottom but very sparkly at the top .

Arabelle wore a white fitted one piece with a golden belt and pushed some of her hair back clipping it and letting some strands fall near her forehead . She applied some red lipstick before walking down with the black bag . Archer looked at his belle who seemed to look so much different than the adorable girl he knew . She looked like a matured women .

Pushing away all his thoughts of picking her and forcing her to change and take the lipstick off . He pulled her close and kissed her lip . "Beautiful, lets eat " he said and she smiled nodding .

"Do you like my lipstick?  I have never applied it " she said looking in the mirror she carried with her . Archer chuckled stopping the car and undoing his belt . "You look perfect my love . Now lets go . Leave those bags and your purse in car . " he said and she nodded . Archer took her hand and walked inside the huge glass doors when the guard greet him with bow .

Archer wrapped his arm around his belle's waist as they walked in the elevator . "The man we are meeting , his name is John Lewis  . He was one of the very first men to provide for my company's opening " i nodded smiling . As we walked into a office i immediately felt the power radiating fro Mr. Lewis.

"Ah ! Archer King " he greeted Archer nodded shaking his hand . "This is Arabelle my fiancée " Archer introduced me and I extend my hand . "Its good to meet you Mr . Lewis " he looked surprised as he shook my hand . "You are engaged ? " Archer nodded . "I am here to invite you to my wedding . " Archer said handing him our wedding invitation .

Mr. Lewis smiled . "Come sit " he said . As they both talked about some stuff i only stayed quite . "So . Love marriage? " he asked . "Sort of " Archer replied short . " sort of ?" Mr. Lewis asked . Archer only smiled . "We should get going . Take care " i stood up with Archer and Mr. Lewis looked at me . "Make sure you take care of this man " i smiled blushing .

Archer took my hand leading me to his car . We drove to his office and he was greeted by many of his employees as they all eyed me . "Noon . Madam . Sir " a man greeted . "Do you have everything we need ?" Archer asked not bothering to even nod . "Yes sir . The equipment is ready to be shipped. And ..about the delay " Archer looked up to see Arabelle looking around in his office while his assistant hesitated to speak of his underground deeds .

"Speak up she knows everything " Archer mumbled and his assistant looked back at his bosses lady . Such a innocent looking women with such a dangerous man . He thought . "We had to look up the papers and transfer some money on your other account so that its even . And about Mr. Carter . We have his money in . Mr. Will is asking to be talked to. He wants his money .The west club has gotten in a fight with our manager , he doesn't pay the women and men who work there , he trades girls and drugs , the women in that bar are not willingly working , he is forcing them  and now he asked for a loan because we took care of it " Archer internally chuckled .

After ten more minutes Archer took belle's hand and they walked out . "Have a good day sir " His assistant said and nodded at Arabelle to which she smiled . She knew how Archer was in front of everyone . He was rude . But she didn't do anything to change that . That's how Archer is . She won't try to change it .

Arabelle looked at Archer and she felt smile make a way on her face . She stop in front of his car and Archer looked back rubbing his thumb against her hand . "Hm ?" He asked and she kissed his cheek smiling and walking ahead and Archer stood there confused .

When they finally made it to there appointment His belle stood there in awe looking at all the white covered dress . They all took a seat on a couch in front of a mirror while Arabelle went on the pick a dress .

"So what do want to wear ? Any design you like . Any type ?" The consultant asked . "I haven't really tired on a dress before . So . Put me in something you think will make my family approve " she nodded at Arabelle going out . "So how is your husband like " She asked Arabelle while helping her with the dress .

"He ...likes elegant stuff . Not too flashy but not too plain . And no boob popping out please . " Arabelle said as she saw a dress the consultant picked out with deep neck . The consultant laugh nodding and slipping her in a mermaid dress. Arabelle loved it instantly. 

As she walked in front of everyone her mom gasp . Archer mother looked at belle with wide eyes . While Archer sat there with a blank face . "You look beautiful " Arabelle's mother said . While the two women agreed on the dress Archer didn't see his love in such a dress . Arabelle asked both the ladies and they said yes but Archer only stared at her .

Arabelle sigh stepping off the stage and walking to him . "You don't like it ?" She asked poking his finger . "Too revealing  " he said and Arabelle looked at her neckline to see some clevage . "Honey that's fine . Its looks so nice " Marilyn tried to change his mind but Arabelle understood him . The second dress when did not meet everyone's expectations. Arabelle tried a simply mermaid dress with lacy detail on .

"Archer saying something for her sake " Marilyn stated but he only grits his teeth . He belle looked ravishing.  Ravishing, sexy but not beautiful ." Try on a ball gown for me " Archer stated and Arabelle rose her eyebrows  . " Your brother is very demanding " the consultant said . "Brother ?" Belle asked . "Ya . Archer . " Arabelle chuckled . "He is my fiancé " The consultant stopped doing her work and eyed Arabelle . "You brought you husband to see the dress ?" She asked . "He wasn't taking a no " Arabelle answered .

When Arabelle came out in a ball gown with beautiful lacy sleeves which were off the shoulder exposing her collarbone . Her neckline just low enough to not show any clevage . Her waist perfect and how it puffed out like a princess dress with lace and beading . Archer loved it . The red tint on Arabelle made it clear that she loved it too .

Both their mothers were in love with that dress . "We'll leave you both to decide . We are getting a drink " Marilyn said and they both walked out . "Shall i bring a veil ?" Arabelle nodded to the women and she walked away . Arabelle stepped down from the stage as Archer stood up . He eyed her dress from the neck to the floor .
"Is it good ? Do you like it ?" Arabelle asked turning around and looking at herself in the mirror than at Archer .

As the consultant came in she helped Arabelle put on the big veil and Arabelle smiled . "I'll give you two some time " the lady said walking away . "You look beautiful " Archer stated and his belle blushed .
"Thank you , so is this the dress ?" Belle replied . "I approve  " Archer stated and she nodded laughing. Somehow during taking off the dress she notices the price tag and gasped .

"We aren't taking it " Arabelle argues  . "Archer ! Its 45 thousand dollars ! Its too expensive for one day !! I thought we both agree on staying below 25 !!" Archer smirked looking at his love who was clearly very angry . " You really think i am gonna let you buy something that low for our wedding ?" He asked and Arabelle groaned . " But Archer i am only wearing it once !!" She explained . " You will wear it more than once , after our wedding , when i would love to see you in that dress again " Arabelle looked into his eyes not noticing every women in the background looking at them . 

Archer leaned in and peck her lips , his face went back hard as he continued with writing the check . They took Arabelle's measurements and Marilyn paid for the veil and the tiara for Arabelle . As they all made Sat for a drink Aarbelle's mother asked , " Is the venue decided yet ?" Arabelle nodded , " The theme is lavender and golden , i decided white  lily's and Lavender will be a good match . "That's great " After getting some food in there stomach Archer and Arabelle went to buy a custom maid suit  . 

" Black or white ?" Archer asked and Archer bit her lip . " Black " Archer nodded ," Tie ?" He asked and Arabelle looked around for some options but she was so confused ." Shall i pick out some specially for you sir ?"The lady asked smiling . Archer nodded and looked in the mirror . When he tired some they both settled on a Silver grey . 

" I am tired !!" Arabelle stated getting in the car . " We'll go have some ice cream and then get you changed in the mansion itself before going to the party " Arabelle huffed as Archer kissed her cheek and started the car . " By the way what party is it ?" Arabelle asked. " Just a Party my father threw for us and because its the opening of his new brand under my name " Arabelle rose her eyebrows and nodded . 

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