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Archer had helped his Belle make cupcakes that evening with no complains as he promised her so . She was excited to see her friends reaction , Arabelle happily bit her goodbye to Archer giving him two kisses , on his cheek and his lips . Archer certainly wanted to pull her back in the car and kiss her more but he didn't .

However apart from the lovely couple one was indeed very much angry and not digesting the fact that Archer had a girlfriend . And a girl like Arabelle ? Lucy watched Arabelle climb out of his car giving him kisses before saying goodbye .Archer was undeniable handsome ,attractive and very much had Lucy's eye over him . She looked at him and turned to her class in anger .

Arabelle waved at Lucy pulling her towards the table she sat on with others . While Dean and Sky smiled somehow Caroline wasn't much of Lucy's fan . But innocent Arabelle never noticed . " So , i have a surprise for you guys " Arabelle sung . Sky narrowed his eyes and and soon as Arabelle took her cupcake box out Dean and Sky were already fighting to get it .

" Stop it or you guys won't have any !" Arabelle shouted laughing as both the guys sat down . "These are for you . The chocolate ones for you Denna since you loved the last ones i made , these are for Caro " she said giving everyone there shares . "Here , i made extra . I didn't know which flavor you might like so i baked the chocolate ones for you " Arabelle said giving Lucy the two cupcakes .

Lucy looked at them and smiled halfheartedly accepting them . " How about we watch Marie Antoinette today ? I am staying at Archer's house , what time will you come ?" Lucy swiftly moved her head to Arabelle as she mentioned Archer no doubt she was now more curious . " You stay at Archer's house ?" she asked . Non of Arabelle's friends ever asked her as they already knew Arabelle has stayed with him several times before .

" Yes . I stay with him most of the times but mainly when my parents are out " Arabelle spoke finishing her cupcake and having big chunks of cream on her cheek and lips . Caroline chuckled and took her napkin wiping Arabelle's cheek as Denna and Sky laugh at how adorable Arabelle looked . " Thank you Caro " Arabelle thanked her chuckling at herself .

Caroline was Arabelle's first ever friend . She knew how innocent Arabelle was in outside world so she took care of her when she had emotinal bad days . That was untill Archer came along but Caroline was more happy the Archer helped her grow into a fine women . Arabelle's parents although very nice never did show there love . Infact they grew distant more when They knew of Archer . He was indeed the one people messed with .

" CARO !! I have a amazing idea ! how about we all have a sleep over ?" Arabelle asked . " Mr. Archer would of course welcome us with open hands " Sky commented in a British Accent " Arabelle chuckled at his sarcasm . " Don't worry , i will make sure he doesn't mind . Be at His house by 6 ya ? and please bring all the heavenly junk food you can find " Arabelle said and everyone laughed .

Her eyes landed on Lucy who sat there in no words , " Lucy , you are invited as well " Arabelle spoke making Caroline eye her . Caroline saw something in her which was not good but agreed to herself on staying quite . But Lucy was fast of accept the offer . Of course she would love to see more of Archer .

As Arabelle continued her rest of he day with her usual witty nature Archer was a complete opposite of what She knew him to be . " Where are the papers ?" Archer asked wiping the blood of his knife , keeping it on his table and grabbing the gun , " I seriously don't know !! I am only in-charge of handing the files to his assistant "

Archer clenched his jaw and punched him making him fall on the floor . "let him go " He muttered ." S-Sir , Its four " , " I know " Archer replied and walked out . He was pissed and his anger was getting everyone near him a danger zone vibe . His men scared , his people hated it when he gave them the death stare . But he was the only one they could survive with . Other other parties will have there heads before hand .

" I want the club to shut down . Clean the whole building , I don't want one man in there " he said . " What about the women ?" his Assistant spoke . " just giving them to any other local bar or something , i don't want any fucken questions on this topic anymore , about Miss Huston , Keep her parents busy in germany a little longer " Archer spoke . " Why may i ask ? are you about to marry her now ?" Archer chuckled at his friend's question . " Marry ? Of course she will be my wife , but my girl is not ready yet "

" Can we call in a fight ? with the downtown group ?" Archer shook his head . " We kill all of them at once , i don't wanna waste my time and men in fighting with those fuckers . Just start a fire in that house . I want that land in my name till next month . "

" About your Father , he has requested your presence at dinner tonight with Miss Huston " Archer clenched his jaw and gripped his table tight . "Why does that old man want to see my belle ?" ," relax sir , its only a family dinner don't you think the engagement will move faster once your family knows about her ? You two have been together for a while now . Your mother demands to see your future wife " Archer scoffed .

He certainly didn't mind showing off Arabelle to his family but he didn't want to pressure his Belle . Engagement will be too far off , His belle was only 19 . Even if he did want her to be his wife , she was too young .

" Reject it , tell that old man i will only visit once I have a ring on that finger which in not gonna happen very soon "

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