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"Life is good "

Arabelle smiled turning around and adjusting her dress . She hated the fact that she had to wear such a dress which was stuck to her body and was complete black . But it was a formal event . And Archer had bought it for her . And it was a black tie event . And he said it looked perfect on her .

Archer made his way out the door fixing his blazer when he stopped to look at his Belle . He walked to her and kissed her cheeks . Her head turned to him causing the beautiful diamond earrings to dangle on her ear . "Its does show too much " Archer said and Arabelle gasp hitting his bicep making him wince . "I told you that before that I hate wearing tight dress ! But you never listen . Now i am gonna wear it because i think it looks perfect " Archer chuckled kissing her neck .

He didn't notice one mark . He frowned and realized it was all covered by make up . "Hmm ..its been a while since I have seen your neck without my marks " Arabelle blushed getting away from him and taking a bite of the cookies . " That's because you never stop biting me " Archer smirked taking her hand and kissing her knuckles.

They both got in the car and the driver drove off . Entering the lavish party Archer nodded at some and ignored some while Arabelle smiled at everyone . "Congratulations on winning the elections Mister Lewis " Archer greeted and Mister Lewis laughed . "Thank you My boy ! I wouldn't be here you hadn't helped me " Archer nodded . Arabelle smiled at Mrs.Linda Lewis who looked so much more beautiful than she already was .

"So , any good news yet ?" Arabelle turned around to meet Marilyn. Marilyn chuckled hugging Archer and Arabelle . " what news ?" Arabelle asked . Marilyn only rolled her eyes . "Good news ? As in good kind of news ?" Arabelle only frowned . "No ..not any that i know of ..?" Archer cut her off by wrapping his arm around her waist . "No mother she isn't pregnant yet " Arabelle blushed deep red understanding the question now however Marilyn frowned .

"Its been months since the wedding !" Marilyn said frowning. "Only four mother now if you excuse us " Archer said dragging his little love to the back of the house . "Here " he said handing her a glass of water. Arabelle gulped down the drink and sighs resting her head agaist his chest . "Oh my lord . She has asked me the third time this month . I am not even ready to have a child yet Archie " Archer chuckled .

"Don't let her get to you love . She is only joking now and then . There is no pressure on you " Arabelle nodded as Archer cupped her cheeks and kissed her deeply . Arabelle pulled back with sudden dizziness and she sighs nuzzling her face in the crook of Archer's neck . "I am hungry Archie " she said and he nodded taking her hand . "Just few more minutes and the dinner will be servered " he replied kissing her cheeks and she smiled .

They both introduced themselves as a married couple for the first time among all the business associates . Arabelle was blow away when the dinner was called ready . The huge long table . The big candles in the middle . Then the fancy plates with hundred spoons . Archer pulled the chair for his love and helped her sit . When the appetizers came in Arabelle's eyes sparkled .

Outside she might look like a elegant women smiling but inside her beast was ready to clean the delightful plates . Arabelle happily finished her dinner talking with other women while Archer was with a complete rough posture . He hadn't stop glaring at his brothers who had made a daring move to talk with Arabelle again after Archer had warned them . He was furious. He wanted to kill them and rip out there throats .

After dinner Archer kissed Arabelle forehead as she talked with she newly acquainted friend . The daughter in law of Mr. Lewis . Archer walked out the dinning room to see both his brothers laughing. He didn't waste time in punching Lucian . They both cursed defending themselves regreting there actions and ignoring Archer's warnings .

They both knew never to challenge Archer . He might had just killed them but he didn't. He pushed his brother making him fall on the glass table shattering it loudly . Arabelle and other stopped talking and looked outside . Archer didn't stop though.
"You were the one who set up men to go after her ?" Lucian nodded no able to lie . He was kicked again .

"Archer i am sorry " Lucian didn't get to complete as Archer punched him again . "Archer ?" He turned around to see his belle And she gasp running towards him . Marilyn tired holding her back having the knowledge that absolutely no one interfered when Archer was angry . But His parents and others only watch in complete fear and surprise as Arabelle ran towards him without thinking.

"Acher why !? Don't " she said and when he looked at her she gulped at his glare . But he only punched his brother making Arabelle wrap her hand around his bicep and pull him near her . "Archer no " She whispered and looked back at both of his brother now trying to flee . Marilyn was surprised. Never in her entire life did anyone stopped Archer like that . Not even her .

"Fucker . " Archer cursed looking back at them . "What happened ?" Arabelle asked and he shook his head walking ahead making belle frown . He whispered something in his father's ear and gestured Arabells to come to him . Arabelle walked nervous that Archer was still angry .

"Fortunately not everyone in the dinnig room heard it . You should leave I will take care of it " Archer's father said and Archer took Arabelle's hand and walked out the party . Arabelle sighs . Every single party she has gone to with Archer she doesn't remember going home with sweet talks but with some kind of hurry or drama .

She didn't speak in the car but only played with Archer's finger which had coiled around her fingers . As Arabelle walked in their house she frowned taking off her shoes as her feet hurt . "What's wrong ?" Archer asked . "My ankle hurts . " she said and he picked her up making her giggle and wrapped her arms around his neck .

"Archie " Archer hummed setting his love down and she turned to him . "What happend ?" She asked and he let out a frustrating sigh taking his blazer off and undoing his shirt . "Lucian had a man behind you . I hated the way he talked to you so i punched him "Arabelle stood their with her mouth open but Archer chuckled and kissed her deeply . His hand wrapped around her waist and other around her neck pulling her closer .

"I didn't know I had someone going after me " Arabelle said and Archer turned her around and unzipped her chain . "You are far to naive love . Your driver noticed it while you you were going out " Arabelle frowned . "Why would lucian do that ?" She asked blushing as Archer kneeled to her kissing her stomach and taking her underwear off her .

Arabelle took her lips between her teeth biting them as Archer kissed down her thighs . "Because he a motherfucker who wants to take advantage of you " Archer said standing up . "Hands " he pointed out and Arabelle lifted them . "I never knew he was that bad " Archer took of her petticoat and then her bra . "Hm " Archer hummed unclipping her hair and kissing her cheeks . His lips touched her neck and Arabelle shivered .

"Off " Arabelle whined taking a fist of his unbuttoned shirt . Archer pinched her bum making her jump . His eyes never left her soft round breasts as they pressed up against his chest . He took off his shirt holding her thighs and picking her up to straddle him as he walk to their bed . "Archer " Arabelle called as he undid his belt and took his trousers off .

His eyes going over his love's body . Her eyes filled with sparkle . Her hand near her head in a fist . Her neck and cheeks red and cherry . Her breasts going up and down as she breaths. Her soft stomach then her thighs . He climbed on the bed and she turned to hid her face in the pillow and Archer chuckled grabbing her ankle and pulling her down making her gasp .

"What's this ? Shy all of a sudden? "He asked and she pouts . "You , You are scaring me with that " she said and he looked down to his member and bite his lip . "Well you didn't complain all these years baby " Arabelle whine blushing and hiding her face but he wrapped his fingers around her jaw and made her face him . "Don't " he warned and she nodded .

As he kissed every part of her body she moaned huffing . Arabelle love when Archer teased her . It always seemed to make her wet for him . Archer was a huge tease when it came to bed . " Archer !" He laugh as his little love yelled at him . She was on the verge of her limit when he pulled away . His hand turned her around and spanked her little perky ass slamming into her making her whimper .

Arche kissed his belle giving her a last thrust and pulling out . As soon as she came for him he pulled away and kissed her head pulling her near him and rubbing his thumb over her cheek .

As morning walked in Arabelle woke up in the arms of her husband . She smiled kissing his cheeks . Thank the lord it was a Saturday so he could sleep . She sat up and whimpered at the pain but blushed again as Archer kept his hand over his eyes making his bicep flex . Arabelle had seen him working out at the gym . She had seen how much his muscles had build up .

The tattoos looked more hot on his bicep now . She kissed his lip . She reached out to get his shirt and slipped it on standing up but immediately sat down unknown of Archer now awake and looking at her . He frowned resting his head in his hand with his elbow on the pillow . Arabelle stood up again but she swayed . Archer was quick to be at her side thinking she would faint .

"What ? Do you feel dizzy ?" Archer asked and Arabelle shook her head . " it was just for a second i think " she said but suddenly Arabelle felt bile raise up her throat and she ran to the bathroom kneeling and throwing up . Archer held her hair away from her face as she finished and flushed the toilet . Arabelle brushed her teeth immediately and sigh leaning on the counter .

Archer only frowned deeper . "Was it the fish last night or .." Arabelle shrugged feeling dizzy again . "I think I am gonna faint " she said and closed her eyes .Archer was quick to pick his love up and carry her to the bedroom laying her down . "Belle ?" He called but she didn't respond . "Dammit " he cursed buttoning the buttons of his shirt on her and covering the rest of her body with the sheets ..

He took his cell and dialed his doctors number . "Yes Mister Archer " . "Its my wife . Can you send a female doctor to look at her . She threw up and fainted right after " . The doctor had a silent moment after replying . " yes i have a consultant available i'll send her right way . Did your wife threw up the contents of last nights dinner or was it just water like liquid? "

"I couldn't see that "Archer replied looking at his belle . "Alright then she will be there in ten " Archer took a shower quick and kissed his belle's forehead before going down the staris and opening the door as the bell rang . "Morning . I am Cara " she said and he nodded as she walked in with a black bag . "This way " he said walking up the stairs .

Cara checked Arabelle and had given her some medication. "I might be very wrong but if she wasn't allergic to anything she ate last night she could be pregnant. Althought you definitely have to check it at the clinic " Archer nodded with a straight face . "Give these after breakfast . Shall I set a appointment with the Doctor today ?" She asked and Archer look at his cell phone .

"Keep it in the evening. Ask Evan to text me the time " Cara nodded walking out . "Have a good day " Cara said and Archer nodded as she drove off . "Caroline " Archer called and she walked out of the living room . "Make a herb soup for Arabelle . " he said . "Is she alright ?" The lady asked and Archer sighs drinking a glass of water . "She fainted after throwing up " Caroline smiled . "Shall i ring you mother ?" Archer glared at her and she ran away smiling .

Arabelle woke up with Archer tracing his finger on her forehead . " Hey " he said ." Hello " she replied turning into his warm chest . Archer kept his hand on the back of her head and kissed her hair . "How long was I sleeping for ?" She asked . "Two hours " he replied and she gave him a surprised look ." We have a appointment with a doctor in the evening"

Arabelle gulped nodding . "Are you alright ? " he asked holding her chin ." I ...I don't know " she said . Archer let her go to the bathroom after makimg sure she wouldn't just faint again . As she walked out Caroline handed her a soup . While Mary cleaned the room . " so . Are you sure or you didn't take a test ?" Arabelle chocked on her soup making Mary frown .

"Dear oh dear . Poor Arabelle " Arabelle huffed folding her legs Indian style and then folding her hands . "I don't know if i am ready for it yet " Caroline smiled . "You know when your doctor tells you you are a mother " Arabelle drank her soup staying quite .

It was as if the doctor was lying . Arabelle was pregnant. " Its early . But i am accurate with the news " Archer nodded looking at Arabelle who sat there surprised . "I am gonna be a mother " she said walking to the car and Archer laughed wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her lips . " I am sure we will pull it off perfect " Arabelle chuckled kissing him back .

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Well . That's the end for this book . I hope you like it . Although my heart wanted it to be continued. Some stories have to end .

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