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Hello, my sweet readers. The book is currently under editing so I have taken down a few chapters.

But you can still read this book for free on my second platform "Dreame"

The link to the account is posted on my wall. I am sure I will edit the book and reupload it soon enough.

"Archie , dinner is ready lets eat " Arabelle smiled at him as he closed his laptop and grab her hand . He didn't speak much as the maid was in the house but they had a joyfull dinner . "Do you want to come meet Mary next Monday at lunch ?" He asked and his belle was already beaming up .
" I miss her so much Archer ." He smiled at her patting her head

The next morning Arabelle was rushing to get her things together as she was late for class . " Belle . You are gonna be late " Archer called and she came running to front door . "Sorry . Let's go let's go " she yelled . Archer laughed at her behaviour and they drove off . " I can't believe i am late " she muttered. Archer softly ran his thumb on her thigh . " It wasn't me watching Barbie movie half the night love " Arabelle blushed and played with his pinky .

"Goodbye Archie " she said kissing his lip and pecking his cheek . As soon as she was out the car she ran to her class . "You are late " her class mate stated the obvious and Arabelle giggled . "I overslept " she replied .
As the break came over Arabelle was surrounded by her friends. Lucy envied her .

She talked like a little girl , she looked like a little girl . Everything about her was annoying yet she got friends and a boyfriend. Lucy cleared her throat and Arabelle noticed . "LUCY !! I haven't seen you in class , lets go eat i am hungry " Arabelle said dragging lucy with others .

As noon came along Dean and Sky were waiting for Archer to come pick up as always with Lucy finally broke the curiosity. " why do you always wait for Arabelle to be picked by Archer ?" Dean chuckled scratching his head . " its kinda complicated you see " Lucy only rose her eyebrows . Before any other questions Archer's car pulled up . " Bye Bye guys . I will send you the dvd tonight Dean " Arabelle yelled walking towards the car as Archer nodded at Dean and Sky .

Dean watched them drive away and they all parted their ways . "Do you find something sketchy about Lucy ?" Caroline asked Sky . " i don't know . I never look at any girls but you babe " he said and she punched his shoulder making him laugh . "I did see how Lucy looks at her . But i can't say " Sky replied wrapping his hand around Caroline's shoulder .

"Arabelle is too sweet to see it though " she spoke . "Don't worry pretty pie " Sky spoke and kissed her cheek to which Caroline replied with a small slap to his cheek .

" Where are you going ? " Archer asked as Arabelle fuzzed around combing her hair . " I am going out for a drink with everyone " she said . Archer felt his inner beast flared in anger as he stalked towards his belle and pushed her into him. " And who will tell me this ?" he asked and Arabelle gasp . She had forgotten to let Archer know . She bit her lip and moved near him pressing her hand on his chest . " I am sorry Archie , i forgot to let you know , but you can join us if you want " she said and he sigh kissing her head .

" You better tell me about your little outgoing with friends belle " he stated and she nodded frantically making him bit his lip . Her skirt was short , her blouse made her breasts look more big , her could see her beautiful white thighs . " Arabelle , i do not like what you are wearing , its too short love . " he stated . Arabelle pouts looking in the mirror , " But i like this skirt " she said . " you have plenty in which you look more beautiful , change now " he demanded and she huffed walking in his closet where she clothes were hung .

Archer nodded at her now presentable dressing and he grabbed her hand helping his belle inthe car . " Archer , you are mad at me ?" she asked nervously . " Yes "he replied . Arabelle frowned looking out the window . " What did i do ?" she wined playing with his pinky and squeezing it to get answer . " You are squeezing my finger belle " he said . " I know !" she shouts adorably . He grinned watching his girl mutter under her breath .

Arabelle look at Archer in confusion as he stopped the car at the side of the road and she let out a gasp as he pick her up and sat her on his lap . " I was joking , i am not mad" he said chuckling but laughed as Arabelle hit his chest . Arabelle leaned in to kiss his lips Archer only made it deep and rough . " Can we buy ice cream while back home ?" she asked and he kissed her neck nodding . " Archer ! " his belle gasped again as he spanked her lightly and let her go before smiling and driving off .

Arabelle and Archer when arrived at the cafe everyone was already present . Lucy grinned and made place for them to sit . Unfortunately it was Arabelle who sat next to her and then Archer . She was very disappointed at her sitting but never showed it .
"So , we will be having a bonfire party next Saturday who's in ?" Denna asked .Arabelle was the first to say she was in when everyone thought about it and eventually agreed .

"It will be at the beach near eastland at six in the evening. " Dean said and Arabelle smiled excited . They all sat having their drinks and when they were finally done which was after three hours of talking they split . "I am gonna run to the loo quick " Arabelle said . "I'll come with you " Caroline said walking with her .

Dean and Denna left in their car and Sky waited for Caroline on his bike into his phone while Lucy took the chance to stand beside Archer . "You really like Arabelle ?" She asked . He snapped his head towards her and looked ahead . "I do not like her , i love her " he said and she gasp . "Y-you have only been in a relationship with her for three years right ?" She asked . "You shouldn't get involved in others business " he muttered walking into the cafe searching for his girl while Lucy followed him inside .

"Have you always tolerated her child like behaviour? " she asked him and something inside Archer snapped . He turned his head and glared at her with such a intense look which made her scramble away from him in seconds . He then looked back to see his girl walk out with Caroline as they both laughed . Arabelle as an instinct frowned as she felt Archer's anger radiate from him .

"I will see you tomorrow Caro . Bye bye " she said hugging her . Not seconds later she was grabbed by her hand and dragged to the car . Arabelle's eyes moved to Lucy in order to say goodbye but she couldn't due to how fast Archer pulled her out the cafe .
"I suggest you keep your mouth shut when near Archer . Especially when it comes to the topic including Arabelle " Sky suddenly spoke up making Lucy jump . Sky had indeed listened to every word spoken by Lucy .

Caroline sighs taking Sky's hand and walking to the door when she looked back . " Everybody here knows who she belongs to . Don't try to snatch her away from him because that's never gonna happen " Caroline spoke her last words before walking out .

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