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*Lunch with Mary *

Arabelle woke up with arms wrapped tight around her . She hummed and opened her eyes blinking them  to see Archer's face . He was still asleep snoring softly . She ran her hand on his jaw and cheek kissing his neck and blushing . She moved away hesitantly not wanting to to but it was already 6 in the morning . As soon as she sat up a sore pain shot in her inner thighs and between her legs . 

She winced biting her lip and looked at herself to see she was naked as the day she was born . The white fur sheet rolled off her giving her the view of several love bites on her body . Indeed they had done it again and She blushed looking back at Archer . He didn't seem to be waking up any time soon . She got herself into shower and wore a simple jeans and top only to open the windows and shiver to death because of the cold harsh winds . I immediately shut the window not wanting Archer to catch a cold and considered wearing a hoodie . 

She kissed him on his forehead and lips before walking out their room down to the kitchen and making some breakfast . Keeping a note on the counter saying she has gone to college and the breakfast would be on the counter she left . She has texted Caroline before shower about picking her up fortunately Caroline hadn't moved out of the house yet so she agreed . 

" Your Prince caught a cold princess ?" Caroline asked making Arabelle chuckle . " He was just sleeping deeply i didn't wanna disturb . I hope he wakes up before his work starts though , i did set another alarm " Arabelle wonder . " Don't worry " Caroline said and she nodded smiling . " One more thing Arabelle , lets just say Lucy is not going to talk to us so don't go asking her and talking to her as well " Arabelle frowned . " What happened ?" she asked . " Just that she isn't going to sit with us from now on okay ?" Caroline asked and Arabelle frowned deeper .

" Lucy !!" Arabelle refused to see what everyone had told her and she still walked towards Lucy . Lucy however acted no different than an a innocent girl lost again . " Hi Arabelle " she said having a sad face . " I am so so sorry about my friends Lucy . They must have misunderstood you is a way . Come sit with us i will scold them " she said but Lucy stopped her . " I really like you Arabelle but its better i not . I don't fell comfortable with anyone but you " Arabelle melted at she statement . " We can hang out at library in free periods , i don't want you alone " Arabelle said and Lucy nodded smiling . " I have to go , bye " Lucy said  waving a goodbye . 

" I still don't get it " Arabelle frowned again . " You won't Arabelle just listen to your trusty friends this time " Denna said and she sighs . Arabelle never questioned them further about Lucy but only stayed quite . As noon walked in Arabelle waved at Lucy from a distance and waited with Sky for Archer to come . As the car pulled up she waved them a bye as ran towards him . " Hi !" she chirped but Archer kissed her forehead not uttering a word and helped her in . 

" You left without a word " he confessed and Arabelle smiling gently . " I am sorry , You were sleeping and i didn't wanna wake you up . Caroline picked me up no issues " she said and Archer sighs . " That's not the point my love , did you have enough Breakfast ? Were you sore ?" Arabelle was quick to look the other way to hide her blush , " Look at me belle " he said stopping teh car at a signal . She only felt hot waves puff out f her ears and cheeks . Archer chuckled . " You all shy now love ?" he asked , " Stop doing that !!!" she yelled softly and he frowned , " Doing what?" He asked . " Making my cheeks heat up " She said and he laughed .

" MARY !! " Arabelle shouts and Mary comes running to her . " belle !!" Mary ran into her arms and Arabelle picked her up twirling her around making her laugh . " I missed you my little pumpkin " Arabelle spoke and Mary hugged her tight . " I missed you too " she replied . " My brother !" Mary laughed extending her arms for him and Archer took from Arabelle's hold . " Hi there little Princess "he said , " I am not little !" The little five year old spoke . 

Hours later they were having lunch in the garden of the house and Mary continued speaking about how she enjoyed her drawing classes . " I drew a picture of my brother and You " She said showing Arabelle her book and Aarbelle gasp . " Oh Mary , its so beautiful " she said and Archer smiled at the picture . Arabelle flipped the pages to see drawins of flowers and fruits smiling at Mary . 

Archer felt the need to protect the two most prized possession in his life . He watched both of them bond through these years . Although Mary wasn't his blood bonded sister he still treated her more than a princess . Mary was a Orphan found at of the abandoned warehouse he had got . She was a run away from a family who adopted her . He took her in and fortunately his mother adored her . Arabelle met her shortly only to get attached quickly . " Archer " He heard his belle and looked up from his thought full eyes to see Mary now asleep in Belle's arms clutching to her neck . 

" Pretty quick aye ?" Archer asked making belle laugh . He picked Mary up from Arabelle's arms and they both walked to Mary's room , as Archer laid her down Arabelle pulled her seets to cover her up and take of her shoes . " NO no no " Mary muttered clutching to Archer's chest asking him not to go . Archer's eyes went hard picking Mary up and laying her on his chest kissing her forehead . " We will be back next next week " He said and Arabelle ran her hands through her hair . " But i want you and belle to here " she said making Arabelle kiss her forehead . 

Minutes later and Mary was asleep again They both tip toed out and drove back home . " I wish i could let her stay with us " Arabelle stated . " There is no problem with both of us letting her stay love but we both do not stay in the house all day , she can't stay alone " Archer made a point . Arabelle only sighs closing her eyes . 

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