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*Two Faced*

It was already night when they reached home . There drive and dinner took them long enough also considering the traffic . Archer pulled up in front of his house and looked over to his belle sleeping . He ran his thumb on her cheeks and got out the car .

Arabelle felt hands wrap around her and being lifted . She sigh wrapping her arms around Archer's neck and snuggling into his neck more . After while she felt the soft fur of the bed sheet on her back and she tried get comfortable when Archer Spoke .
"Let me get you in a comfortable clothing Arabelle " she whine but never made a move to sit up .

She felt Archer undress her and she opened her eyes feeling hotness creep in her neck and cheeks as he slide her pants down taking her top off . He proceeded with taking her bra off not seeming affected at all as he had already touch and roamed his eyes all over her body many times . "Archer " belle called and he hummed . She didn't say a word and he looked at her now naked body . "What ?" He asked walking to his closet and taking his shirt . He slides his shirt on her as she clings on to him and kisses her neck laying her down .

"I have some work i got to do . Sleep " he commanded her but his belle didn't listen "no . Sleep with me now !" She whined . Archer held her jaw softly and kissed her lips . " i will back soon love . Now sleep " she lets out a grunt not letting Archer go as she didn't want to sleep alone . Archer growls making her lay on her stomach before slapping both her asscheeks twice making her whimper but making her more tempted to pull Archer close .

"Sleep Arabelle . I will get into bed with you soon "

Arabelle twisted and turned in the bed after loosing her sleepy state and sat up and walked down to the kitchen and started eating chips with chocolate milk . She had no idea why she was hungry and but this had happend multiple times . Whenever she woke up in the middle of the night she would get hungry . She looked outside the window to see light sprinkle of snow covering the area and she smile . "Its snowy " she whispered to herself .

She then walked near one of her favourite places in Archer's house which was the window bed as she called it and took the pillow on her lap and ate chips watching the snow come down and coat the trees . Christmas was around the corner but there was still some time left . She sighs leaning her head on the window unaware that her cell phone was ringing upstairs in the bed flashing her mother's contact .

Archer typed on the keys of his laptop fast trying to get the work done and go back in bed with his belle . He took the papers in his hand and typed again . His work when was finally finished he stood up locking the door to his office and walking to his bedroom . As he entered his eyes creases at the empty bed and he looked at the bathroom door to see no light shining from below .

The bathroom door open to revel no one . He look around the bedroom to see no sight of his belle . "Arabelle " he called . No answer . He clenched his jaw his hands now in a fist and stromed out the door calling her name . " Arabelle !" He called searching the kitchen first as he knew of her habit . He then walked in the living room and turned his head to see his beauty sleeping on the sofa attached to the window . He lets out a frustrated sigh running his hands through his hair now reliefed .

"Belle " he called taking the bag of chips off her hands and picking her up . His lips laid on her forehead and he nuzzled his face in her neck . Even if he hated admitting it . He was scared . Scared of losing his precious belle . He held her tight and laid her on the bed . Taking his clothes of and getting into bed he slides his hand from under her back slowly and pulls her on his chest kissing her face many times .

"Silly little lady of mine " he mutteres before closing his eyes .

He woke up with giggles surrounding his ears . As he groaned due to a weight on his torso and opened his eyes to see his belle on top of him . "Arabelle " he called keeping his hand on her bare thighs and squeezing them making her bite her lip . "Wakey Wakey Mr. Grumpy " she said and he laughed sitting up causing her to gasp as her core suddenly grinded on his shaft .

"Why am i Mr. Grumpy my love ?" Archer asked and Belle chuckles adorably . Archer cupped her cheek and ran his thumb on her soft skin looking her in adoration. "Because you had a very grumpy face while sleeping " she said . On that note Archer's face turned hard and His belle frowned . "Why did walk out the room last night ? I found you sleeping in the livingroom with a bag of chips " he said and she looked down .

"I was not sleepy Archie " she said and he kissed her forehead picking her up and standing up causing her smile blushing . He lets her down and walks into the bathroom . "Did you take a bath ?" He asked . "Nope " she said . "Did you brush ?" He asked . "Yep" she answered . She looked out the window and opened it causing shiveres to run down her body due to the cold wind . Some amount of snow fell on her hand making her play with it .

Hands wrapped around her waist and she leaned back ." Lets go take a shower " he whispered and she bites her lip nodding . He stripped her slowly and they sat in the bathtub for some time until Archer realized that Belle had her college .

She huffed grabbing Archer's Grey Hoodie and sliding it on her camisole and pulling her jeans up to button them . "I am getting fat " she muttered and Archer chuckled . "You look adorable "he said and she giggles . "Lets go belle i have work as well " he said and she ran down to him .

"Are you okay ?" Arabelle asked lucy and she nodded . "I didn't think they would judge me like that , i have nothing against them "she said and Arabelle frowns . "I am really sorry for that Lucy " she said Lucy shook her head smiling . Some time later they both head to there classes when Lucy was met with Caroline and Sky
Lucy rolled her eyes now showing her really personality.

"Can you stop making Arabelle pity you ?" Sky stated and Lucy laughed . "Are you insecure that your little nerd would confront you about it ?" She asked and Caroline snickered .
"Stop acting like a sympathetic person Lucy we all know what you really want and and you aren't gonna get it. Leave Arabelle alone " Lucy rolled eyes again .

"Stop rolling your eyes they might get stuck behind your head " Sky muttered and Caroline chuckled walking away with him . Lucy grit her teeth knowing what to do next . She was very well ready to play a game .

Arabelle was unknowingly in between two people . Lucy and her friends. Arabelle while sat with others Lucy walked in the cafeteria with her eyes shedding tears . Arabelle immediately looked scared for her . Arabelle only watched Lucy and stood up.
"I will be back " Arabelle said . "Lucy ! Why are you crying ? Please tell me i will help you " She said .

Lucy hesitated a lot before finally speaking up . Twisting the whole story about how Arabelle's friends bullied her verbally . Arabelle was disappointed. She didn't believe Lucy .She opened her locker in frustration, a note sliding down her locker . Arabelle was too consumed in her own thoughts to notice it . One side she felt as if there was something wrong and that Lucy might just be lying . But other side wanted to talk to her friends, confront them about what had happened .

Lucy was playing a good game but Arabelle being considering was stuck between such a false act .

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