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Arabelle had found a note in her locker saying 'i like you i miss you ' she didn't think much as she knew Denna and others  knew her code and would've done it to prank her .

Noon came in .
Arabelle tap her feet biting her lip waiting for everyone to come and she could finally say something . As the bell rang everyone was out . Denna smiled at Arabelle and she smiled back . As everyone gathered  around her they walked out the gates and stopped for there talk when Arabelle cleared her throat . She was scared ,nervous.  She didn't want this . She didn't mean to hurt her friends nor did she believe Lucy entirely.  But she had to do something.  Even if Lucy was a new girl not too close to Arabelle . She still found herself believing that girl over her friends. 

"What is it Arabelle ?" Dean asked and she fidgets with her fingers . "I..I wanted to ask you guys something " she continued with telling them how Lucy was bullied by them . She told everyone how Lucy told her that they had hurt her . All while everyone stood there shocked . Caroline never showed any emotion . She had seen it coming but she didn't expect Arabelle to say anything about it . Caroline knew how Arabelle could be easily manipulated .

"Is it all true ? If it is , then why would you do that to her ?" Arabelle asked looking down . Now she had regret the decision of asking . Scared and fear that her friends might leave her . "The question is , do you believe what she told you ?" Sky asked . Arabelle opened her mouth but nothing came out . She stood there as everyone waited for her response but Sky nodded at last and walked away .

Arabelle was fast to hold his shirt and stop him . "I am sorry . I am sorry . Don't hate me please " she said . "I would never hate you Arabelle . But at least you should know us and that we won't do anything like that " he said and she nodded . "Sorry . But Lucy was crying and made me believe that you all made her cry " Arabelle said .

"It was upto you to believe her or not but we know you aren't in fault here .Lucy is trying to use you to created distance between us .  I hope you see her really face before you start accusing us of hurting her " Denna said and Arabelle's eyes watered . She nodded sniffing . "Don't cry . We all know you wouldn't believe her entirely. And we are glad that you at least asked us . We all know you can be very soft for everyone but remember.  Lucy is a not the girl you see . She can be evil sometimes " . Arabelle rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand as Caroline spoke to her .

"Come here " Caroline said hugging her . "I didn't mean to hurt you all " she spoke muffled voice by hugging Caroline back . "We know " Sky said .
"But why would Lucy do that ? We were always nice to her " Arabelle questioned looking at Dean . "Jealousy "He said and Arabelle frowned and Archer's car pulled up near the gate .

"We will explain next time . " Denna spoke and Arabelle nodded smiling . "Arabelle " She tensed up. Now that her face was red and eyes were puffy surely Archer would get really possessive . She bites her lip turning around to see Archer's face turn into a surprised one . He clenched his jaw and before any questions were asked Dean spoke . "We just had a bit of misunderstanding due to that Lucy girl . Arabelle started crying thinking we would get mad at her "

Archer took hold of her hand and pulled her towards the car getting her in and not glancing back once only caring about getting his belle in his arms . He slammed his door making her jump and drove away . "Archer . Don't worry nobody made me cry " she said playing with his hand on her thigh .
" but the reason was that girl wasn't it ?" He asked and she sighs .

"I didn't know she would lie to me about my friends bullying her . I should've never listened to her in the first place " Arabelle spoke to herself and Archer kissed her knuckles. 
" you did resolve your matter with them didn't you ? What to worry about then ?" He asked " i don't know . I will be very uncomfortable when Lucy comes to talk to me " she said .

"What should i do Archer ?" She asked . "Its your problem to solve love " he said and for some reason Arabelle was hurt . Did he not care ? She shook the thoughts away and agreed . It was her problem . She had to solve it and deal with it . She was still upset with everything and Archer could see it hence he pulled up at the sweets shop . Arabelle immediately beamed up looking at Archer to see him grinning and she kissed him as soon she she stepped out of the car grabbing his hand and walking into the shop . 

" Oh my god !!" she squeals as she said a whole new set of candies set up . "How about this one ? oh wait ! i wanna try the raspberry candy " she rambled and ended with five boxes of candies but she pouts only having money for two . Although she knew Archer was perfectly capable and obviously going to pay but she remembered that he had payed last time and for every other dinner and lunch they had gone to . " I want these two " she said and Archer frowned . " Only two ?" he asked and she nodded . " Archer .can you please get me the mint box from that side ?" she asked and he nodded walking way . Arabelle payed for her candies and the cashier smiled at her brushing his finger on hers while he gave her the bag . She smiled nervously and looked for Archer .

Archer walked from behind carrying a mint box but Arabelle took the box and kept it on random shelf . " I am done lets go and i payed " she said . Archer looked over to the three boxes she had kept behind and sigh understanding what his belle had done . He opened the car door for her and stopped . " I forgot something , i'll be  back "he said and walked into the store , Arabelle waited for him and her eyes go wide as she see Archer carrying another set of bags and keeping them in the car . " Why ?" she asked . " Those are only for me " he said and she frowned , 

Arabelle gulped as she saw Archer take the three boxes she left behind out of the bags with another box of mints . GREEN AND BLUE MINTS! her mind screams ." Are those for me ?" she asked . " Nope . You didn't want them so i bought them for myself " he said leaning against the counter and watching his belle eyeing those candies . " No !! please can i have some ? i  will share mine "she said holding her box . " Nope can do Belle " she pouts and he chuckles . " That your punishment for not letting me pay " he said taking a candies and popping in his mouth and she watched him . " Pretty please " she said and he grabs her by her waist and sets her on the counter top . 

Archer stood between her legs and Aarbelle held his shirt breathing heavily . " What do i get for sharing my candy love ?" he asked kissing her ear . " My candy ?" she said and he chuckled and she frowned . " Why  are you laughing ?" she asked and he kissed his her softly . " My innocent little lady " he whispered kissing her again . 

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