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Arabelle sat on the bed in her house eating all kinds of things spread across her leg . She was very happy to go back to her parents after 15 long long days . She was very sad when her mom called in saying they had to stay in Germany longer but they were finally home .

"Sweetheart.  We are going for dinner . Don't you wanna come ?" Her mother asked and she shook her head . "I am sorry mom my stomach is paining . I feel very tired " her mother nodded frowning and walked away . Arabelle sneezed and sniffed as her stomach and legs were paining a lot more now . "Periods suck " she muttered and grabbed her chocolate milk sipping on it . She suddenly heard the front door closing and some talking .

She didn't pay attention until her bedroom door opened and Archer walked in . He sat on the bed kiss her cheek . "What's wrong ? Your mother told me your stomach hurts " she nodded pushing the chips away . Archer got everything in the basket she use to keep and cleared the bed handing her some painkiller
"Did you eat something bad ?" He asked . She shook her head . "I am having my period " she spoke slowly and he nodded walking away .

She waited for him and after some time he walked in with a soup in his hands . "I don't wanna drink that . Last time you made it i threw up Archie" he laughed setting it down . "It will help warm you up Love . Now open your mouth " he said blowing on the soup and feeding it to her . As the soup contained many herbs she eventually dozed off in Archer's arms .

Archer ran his hand on her stomach as he knew she loved it . His lips gave kisses on her face and she snuggled more into his chest . "Archie ,I love you " she said and he bites his lip adoring his belle . "I love you my belle " he said kissing her lips .

Arabelle woke up coughing and knew she had caught a cold . She felt Archer's hand around her back as her head laid on his chest . She tilted her head go see him sleeping and chuckled . "My big bad, ever so sleepy bear" she mumbled kissing his cheek and lip . She grabbed her phone slowly going back to the position she woke up in and turned her cell phone on to see texts from Caroline and Denna asking her why she skipped her classes .

Arabelle was quick to text about her health issue . She didn't want to sit up nor stand so she only laid in her man's arms going through youtube and watching some videos . An hour later Archer woke and he watched his belle look at the screen in determination.  He frowned looking in her phone to see she was watching a horror movie and laughed making her jump and look at him .

"Archer you're awake " she said kissing his cheek and smiling . He pressed his hand against her forehead to see she was having a mild fever . He moved his hand to her chest to feel her body very warm but due to the fever . "Archer " His belle called . "I don't think we should sleep like this " she stated and Archer clenched his jaw . He held her cheek and raised his eyebrow .

"And why not ?" He asked anger radiating from inside . "Because you will catch my cold !" She wined and suddenly he realised he was angry for nothing . He smiled kissing her deeply but she pulled away making him grip her hand tight . "What if you catch my sore throat! " she asked and he only huffed before kissing her neck . Arabelle moaned . "You didn't tell me you had a sore throat " he stated and she bit her lip .

"I only got it now " she replied and he nodded his head . He looked in the watch to see it was only 9 in the evening meaning they had slept for two hours . He stood up taking his cell phone and call his doctor while Arabelle walked in the bathroom
"Master Archer . How may i help you sir ?" His doctor replied . Archer told him about Arabelle's conditions and got a reply from him instantly .

"It might be a viral fever . I will come and check up tomorrow just text me the address.  For now make her eat something and if she throws up don't give her any medication. Let it be . I suggest giving her milk with herbs and only hot water for her sore throat " Archer nodded and replied with  a okay hanging up . 

He heard the front door of the house open . At the same time Arabelle walked out the bathroom walking to her closet . "What do you want for dinner love ?" He asked . " i don't feel like eating anything " she said and he kissed her forehead . "You will have to eat something " he reasons . "Then i will ask mum to make mashes potatoes " he nodded .

"I am taking a bath " she said walking in the bathroom . "Be careful " Archer muttered and she chuckled kissing his jaw before going inside the bathroom . Archer made his way down when he saw Arabelle's mother making her way to her room . " oh . Archer . Umm is she ?" Her mother asked . "She has a fever . She wants mashes potatoes for dinner . Make her some milk with herbs or a soup " he said and she nodded .

"Did you call a doctor? " Eva Arabelle's mother asked . Although both parents not wanting to associate with Archer because of them scared . Eva still considered him as someone who took good care of her daughter . She didn't hesitate to ask questions about her because she knew he would answer . Only when it was about her daughter. 

"He is going to visit tomorrow so i am staying here . He didn't say anything about medication.  " Eva nodded nervously starting the preparation for her daughter and Archer's dinner as she figured he was in the house since they left . " you left her for dinner ?" Archer now angry and Eva gulped . "She didn't have a fever when we left . She told us to go and that she was too tired to join " Archer nodded going back to Arabelle .

He knocked on the bathroom door . "Arabelle . Its me " he said before entering as she didn't lock the door . Archer found her in the bathtub with her head rested on her hand which was on the rim of the tub . Other hand swinging. He found the tub milky white with lavender buds and sighs .
"You feeling okay love ?" He asked and she nodded ." He ran his hand through her head and walked out closing the door behind him . He took Arabelle's laptop and open some of his flies through a pen-drive , Arabelle walked out the bathroom wearing sweat pants with a top to see Archer on her laptop working . She laid on the bed closing her eyes . 

"Arabelle wake up dear " Her mom's voice rang in her ears and Arabelle opened her eyes , " Hmm, mummy " she called and she mother smiled running her hands through her hair . " Common , dinner is ready " she said  . Arabelle looked around sitting up and no doubt her mother knew she was looking for Archer ." Archer had some urgent work dear , he will be back in some time until then come and start eating " Arabelle glanced over the clock to see it was 11 in the night . " You stayed  this late ?"Her mother only smiled and walked out . 

Arabelle was having her dinner when Archer joined her . Her mother left them alone and they finished their plates before going to sleep . 

Eva Tossed and turned around when her husband spoke , " we can't help it Eva , our daughter loves him , I don't think he is ever going to let Arabelle go " 

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