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A continuation of Captive. Where Rose meets Xavier again. While there relationship develops slowly. Aurelia a normal woman fighting in her life her own way meets Zachary. #Cover Pic : Unsplash

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Chapter 1

||First Few Chapters are a Sequal To Captive||

. If you wish to read the new plot you can skip to chapter 8 directly.

" Get you asses moving ! " The yelling's of the owner started as soon as the clock struck nine . " Bitches I tell you to move the boxes right back at the store and you fuck that up too ! " He said picking up the boxes and putting on the counter top . I rub the wet cloth over the glass tables moving to the next ones . " GINNA ! I want this gone . Now ! " I swiftly move towards him and picked up the random chairs on the entrance and placed them near the tables .

" Who teased his dick ?"

I bite my lip and stop myself from smiling as Sin walked in with a huge box in his hands . " Hey cutie " He said and I smiled back at him . " Mind stocking these up . Use the table " I nodded going behind the bar and started restocking the bottles .

I feel eyes on me and turn back to see Dan eyeing me . I frown . " You'll have to wear what I gave you Ginna " I look down at my clothes . Big boy jeans and a oversized t-shirt with my hair in a bun . "I-I will I am just not done with the cleaning " I reason and he sighs leaning on the counter . " I gave you the job because you got two special things , Your boobs and that ass . So show it " I sigh as he walks away .

" You don't have to be a dick man ! " Sin said and I jump down from the table . " Its fine . He is right . Nobody hires a employee without taking a look at their college degree . He did, so let it go " Sin eye rolls , again . He grabbed my hand dragging me to the back . " Here , Kim gave these . Wear these under the skirt " I grab the little packet of black stocking and nodded . " Common Its nine , Its gonna be crowded today " He said walking out the changing rooms .

The black crop top showed my stomach covering just under my breasts , The skirt came just down to cover my ass and the stockings didn't help much . They were just covering my legs not my back which was suppose to show . I take my hair brush and do my hair with some make up . Sighing I walked out at the busy bar , The music blasting loudly like always . Its wasn't even nine thirty and The whole place was full with men .

" Aye Little girl , three shots " Yelled a guy from a group of six men sitting at the table . " Sure " I replied walking at the bar and ordering their drinks . Suddenly I feel someone pull the back of my skirt down and I squeak turning around to face Sin . " Fuck , not even the stockings help " I blushed hard as he scowled at Dan . " Its fine , I am used to it . At least it doesn't so as much as that barbie's " We both turn to look at Dolly who was flirting with another group of men while serving .

" I swear I can see her panties as she bends down " I sigh shaking my head and grabbing the drinks . " You give Blow job's " I turn around at the voice but this wasn't a surprise since I have been asked vulgar questions than this . " No , I only serve . You can go in the red zone " I said pointing at the inner corner of the bar . " He smirked . " But I want you " He said . No matter what I have been through I still can't bring myself to talk back to strangers , or anyone .

" Sorry . Its a no " I said and walked away from him .

I sat on the seat , It was three in the morning , Dan was counting cash and transferring money to our accounts while the other girls cleaned I sat with Dan and helped him with the finances while listening to his random rants . " Think you can pull a all whole day next Sunday ?" I rose my eyebrows . " At the Other place ?" I bite my lip looking down at my cell phone , I could get better amount of money cause that bar almost always filled with rich assholes .

I nodded and he hummed .

" I am home " I mutter to myself , The silence greeted me back . I look at my bed and straight jump on it . My head was starting to hurt again , I look the damp walls of my small apartment and my eyes moved to my phone , It was Mia , She has asked me to meet up tomorrow .

Ever since what happened with Xavier , Jake ,Mia , Damien and Natalie have been the only people who supported me . Jake payed for my apartment . He still does although I have been making sure I don't let him . Mia gave me time , I tried starting some work in editing but It didn't work out for me . The classes weren't expensive but Damien had to pay for them so I quit , They think I work at a company , But I work two jobs through the week .

I couldn't get my life back after what happened . Jake and Damien went off to their own house out the cities with Mia and Natalie . They have been well off . They work as trainers at a boxing club . I was happy to see them four happy . I was proud that I set them free , But I wasn't free . My emotions still linger .

I am still attached , Still dumb . Still stupid and still think about him . I don't know where he is , I don't know why I can't move on . But going back wasn't something I could do . So I moved out the city as well .

" I have to eat " I whispered .

I was in the little kitchen chewing some strawberries while I made some Ramen for myself , It wasn't a quite night. I could hear the thunder outside while my windows crackling . Getting the plate ready with my chopsticks I start eating my dinner , I was lucky to have wifi service here . I had to pay for it but it was worth .

I envied the other girls at the club , They had men to kiss them , Boyfriend's or they could sleep with anyone anytime , Not me . I tried it . I tried giving in to kissing a stranger . But I had pushed him away within seconds , disgusted , Not by him . Just by the very topic of kissing itself .

I gasp at the suddenly bang at my door . No one has ever knocked so hard .The first person to come in my mind was Dan , He was always too harsh with things . But why would he come at my house at five in the morning . The banging was yet again continued. I have heard about burglars beating up people so I make sure the door is completely locked before walking to my bed and laying down watching the door.

My apartment was very small . The kitchen and my bed divided by my clothing and shelves , One window near the kitchen , Small couch . And no door for my bedroom . It was just affordable . But now that someone was pounding at the door for the third time I was getting worried . Suddenly It stopped . I heard nothing for next fifteen minutes , " Its the drunk idiot " I whispered taking my top and jeans off and wearing my night oversized shirt .

I have a stupid neighbour who always mistakes his door with mine . I roll my eyes and lay on my bed

I set my alarm to two in the afternoon since I had another job of teaching a kid right across the street . Plus I had to go meet Mia , So it will be a long day again . I never wondered what I can do to make my life better . I think I liked this . Except for working at the bar and letting men touch me , I think I was doing good with refusing to take any support from Jake or Damien .

I hadn't even slept yet , My eyes were just closed . That's when I heard the shattering of my windows . It made me sit up immediately , My hands fist , I couldn't see the kitchen due to my shelves . My heart started racing . Was it just kids playing in the morning ? Or was it ...was it a burglar ?

I gasp as I heard the windows smash again , Someone was getting in . I yelled as I see someone in all black , He made a bee line for me . Having nothing to protect myself with I scream , Only to be pushed on my back on the bed with hand covering my mouth . I struggled with his weight on mine when I heard the voice .

"Shh babygirl , Don't recognise me ?"

My world stopped .

The fuck ....

My eyes opened to see the same eyes which I forgot years ago staring back at me . " Ya , that's the look I was looking for " He spoke again . His voice was husky . He sounded so different . Or was it just because I had not heard it for a long time . My mind was starting get dizzy . I did not know what was happening , My fear return .

He was back . I realise he was back , He was out . He was here , he knew where I lived . What was he gonna do now ? Take revenge ? Make me suffer because I got him behind the bars . My anxiety increased . The tears started forming in my eyes . I was dead for sure . It took me minutes to process everything . All the while he stared at me . Just stared .

" Kill me already " I whispered . He frowned . " Now why I would do that ?" He asked tracing his thumb on my cheek . " Why else are you here . Why are you back ? ! Are you going to make me suffer all over again ? Just because I told them the truth ?" I asked . I was bold enough.Which only made him smile , He got off me and sat beside my body .

He pulled his hood off and I stare . His hair had grown . It wasn't his usual style . His face had a clean stubble . There was a scar over his forehead . " I came here just because you belong to me . With me . " He said . I shook my head but He held my face tight in his grasp . " Go ahead baby , Go ahead and get me arrested again , Press charges , run away . But no fucken way am I letting you free from me "

I pushed him away but he kept his hold on my hands tight. " Please , I beg of you , Let me go . Please " I had my breath caught in my throat . He just brought his hands to my neck . His thumb caressed my skin .

" Sorry . I can't "

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