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Chapter 10

"See you tomorrow then" I smiled nodding as we left the college doors, suddenly my name was called by Zac, who stood leaning on a black car with some others. He smiled waving at me. "Hey!" I chuckled. "You know the seniors already?" I look at my classmate. "Uh, just a little"

She looked surprised, "Well I didn't think Zachary would be friends with you so soon but all our seniors are really nice so that's not surprising" I rose my eyebrows. "Why do you say that The Zachary part" She shook her head.

"He has a lot of friends, I just thought he wouldn't know you yet" I nodded understanding. "You seem to be the center of attraction now," She said smirking and walking towards the gates. I looked around at my classmates and Zac walked over to me.

"Are you coming with us?" I bite my lip looking at the guys from my class staring at us for some reason. "I-I am not sure If I should " He chuckled taking my hand. "Don't worry, they wanna know you too"

I smiled as he introduced me to his friends. His friend's group consisted of four guys and two girls. Later I was told while in his car that May and Riana joined them because they wanted me to feel comfortable. It made me happy.

"So you are living there huh, I guess it's just twenty minutes away from Zac's house ya?" His friend asked and Zac nodded, "More like thirty by ya, close enough" His friends were really sweet. He was more fun than I expected.

"You wanna beer?" I bite my lip nodding. We had just finished having amazing food and going for some drinks. I never really had a beer or any other drinks. But I would love to have some.

It was more of a soda taste to me. But soon I started really enjoying the sudden relaxation it gave me after my second bottle.

We all split the bill and walk out, I could hold myself but yes I felt really drowsy, but today by far the best day I have ever had with people who I can now call friends. They were all my seniors. But they treated me so nicely.

"Hey, Max are you coming with us?" Zac asked leading me to his car.

"Na man, I ma head to Brad's house. We gonna smoke" I look at Zac and then back at them who waved back at me smiling. "Bye Aurelia," I said my bye as Zac opened his car door for me.

I was told people who drink and smoke were the devil's children. That they would go hell. I was forced to follow their statements. But as I watched them do everything that was against that religion I once follow and realize, it wasn't correct.

These people were nice to me since we met. They might smoke. They might drink but they were nice people. I could just tell.

We can never judge people on the basis of what they do. I understand why my parent never let me meet my cousin. Just because he used to drink. Can't believe they made me think that my sister and my cousin were corrupted.

"Can I leave you to your house? I go by the same road so it's better for me too" I hesitated but didn't deny. "Thanks for inviting me, I had a great time" He gave me a cheeky grin. "I am glad you did".

"Thanks," I said and he nodded closing the door, "Um, see you tomorrow?" I said and he nodded waving at me.

I had dinner with my sister and Brandon and went straight to sleep.

The next day as I sat in my class going through my phone I saw Zac and his two friends pass by. He glanced in the class and spotted me. "Hey!" he said and I smile.

"Morning," I said as he sat beside me while his friends said a short hello and stood near us.

I could definitely feel people looking at us. "Oh, by the way, will you volunteer for this seminar we have to hold for the freshmen year students?" I thought for second with silence when his friend Max spoke up, "You just have to register their names on the list and help us around. It's a three-day thing"

At this point, I was interested in spending time with them more than miss my classes. "Ya sure," He nodded. "I'll let your professor know then" I nodded. "Gotta go. Come to the cafeteria at the break. We sit at the very last table" I nodded waving bye.

"Students do pay attention at this now. You will have to do a mini-project, Its a group project so make sure you give in the topics by Friday" I heard chattering all the way to back, my mind only thought what kind of project it was.

I wasn't really good at doing anything, I wonder if I had someone I could ask everything.

The lecture continued and everything passes by slowly.

Before leaving the professor spoke up, "The project has to be shown over Labview software, I will not accept late people so make sure you hand in your topics by Friday"

I frown searching around for my neighbors who I was supposed to do the project with. My pout stayed as I saw everyone discussing with each other while My anxiety grew as I knew nothing about what I could do.

"Hey, Aurelia" I look behind me to see a guy. "Ya?" He handed me the sheet which I took from his hands. "You, me, and Coby are together in the project. He is not here today" I nodded understanding.

"Rex" I muttered his name looking at the sheet and he hummed.

"You got an idea of what to do?" I shrugged he nodded. "We'll figure it out, he didn't even tell us what's the format of the report" I rose my eyebrows. "Report, we have to do a report too?" He chuckled. "You sleeping in class or something?" He asked walking out the door.

"What's with the frown Lia" I look at Zac, "Can I call you that?" I blush and nod "So-" He asked passing me chocolate and sitting right beside me. I grab the chocolate and stuff it in my mouth frowning.

"What's with that sad face" I hummed. "Well, We have a project. We just don't know what topic to do and how to write it" He nodded.

"Ask Max, he's the scholar of the group" I chuckle. "Hey Max" I called him and he looks at me.

I was so happy, Max offered to to explain me everything. "Thanks, I really mean it" He shook his head, "I did the same project last year, just hand in that topic I'll tell you what to write in the report" I smiled showing my teeth.

"Hey, we are gonna bunk the last lecture today, wanna join us?" Zac asked and I shook my head. "Sorry, I will skip my classes for study too, don't wanna be blacklisted" He laughed.

"Hey, don't worry, You are volunteering for the freshman's seminar. You'll get a whole week's" I roll my eyes.

"Yes but I shouldn't skip classes just because I can" He sighs, "Whatever you wanna do, Is it okay if I pick you up from your house tomorrow? We gotta get here early and prepare the hall for students"

My heart really skipped a beat as his hand accidentally touched mine.

"Sorry" He whispered leaning in to get something from his friend and leaning back.

I like him.

I groan softly putting my head on the table and hiding my face.


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