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Chapter 11

I bite my lip to hide my smile as I saw him pull up near the house. "Good morning," I said closing the door and putting my seatbelt on. He stared at me and smiled, "Morning" I smiled back.

"You look nice" I blushed and smiled looking away. I couldn't meet his eyes. I just felt warmness creep right in my neck. "Thanks" I replied. "We were thinking of going on a trek next month after our exams, we never really invite any students from , wanna join?" I glance at him once.

"Well, if your friends don't mind" He shrugged. "They don't care who comes" I nodded. I saw Riana on the way as Zac parked the car. She smiled walking over. "That's the first time I am seeing you so early," She said a Zac showed her a cheeky grin.

"Well, we have work " She grinned at him.

I really wanted to say something to myself, but I decided against it.

She likes him, doesn't she? You said it.

I roll my eyes, There there I am doing it again. But I could see it. I could tell, I smiled at her as we three walked inside together.

"Get the list of students from him will you?" Brad tapped my back and pointed at a guy setting up the sound system. I nodded walking to him. "Hey. Um, Brad wants the list of students" He looked around, "Uh, get it from my bad, its the red one. Blue file" I nodded.

"Are you new?" He asked and looked back and nodded smiling. "So you are a second-year?" I nodded He said okay. "How did you know my year?" I asked, "We don't let anyone volunteer in helping you know" I nodded slowly taking the file and going back at Brad.

"Thanks, you can just sit now, Everything's done. Enjoy the free time" I chuckled sitting at the chairs at the corner.

"Bitch" Zac laughed sitting beside me and cursing at his friends for doing random stuff for no reason. "You want some chocolate," He asked. "Sure," I said and he called his friend over. "Get one for her as well" His friend nodded. "What he is going out to get some?" I asked and Zac shrugged.

"He is going out to get printouts, Might as well give him some work to do." I chuckle.

"Hey, so, who are you living with?" I bite my lip. "Don't do that" his voice came through with a deep tone, I hummed in question taken aback. "I mean, your lipstick, you'll smudge it right?" I smile in confusion looking away.

After the seminar, we all just decided to sit in the back yard of the college since we still had to put everything back to its place. No one had the energy to go to attend any lectures.

It was noon, and we were gonna leave for home after some work.

I was hesitant, But all the tests were next week. And there was really nothing wrong with bunking the class if I was working.

"Do you wanna go have some pizza together?" I looked around at everyone and nodded. "Will everyone come with us?" I asked out of curiosity and he looked down giving me a short chuckle and nodded. Brad gave me a cheeky smile as we walked out the gate.

"She'll come with me" Zac replied to his friend who asked me who I was going with. By this time I had really gotten close to everyone in his friend's group, Everyone was really nice to me.

They were really intimidating, but I was just happy to have people around me.

I was already buzzed with the first glass of beer I had but we all emerged in talking. "Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Riana asked me and I chuckled shaking my head, "What's there to laugh, It was just a normal question dude" I got embarrassed.

"Well, I was avoided in my school years by everyone because of super religious parents. Hated that time of my life" She nodded.

"Well, looks like you are gonna get one now" Brad muttered making me crease my brows. I felt Zac's hand behind me on the top of the couch we sat on.

"This was gonna be a date, If she didn't invite you, guys," Zac said making me blush and stare at him in disbelief. "Wow, poor Zac, sweet little Aurelia destroyed his plans" My mouth hung open.

"I am sorry, I didn't even know" They laughs. "It's okay, I have a lot of time to take you on dates" They stared at me making me blush.

"You guys, just call me Aure. Aurelia sounds like a hassle to call" I said.

"We'll go have a smoke. Riana ?" She nodded leaving us alone at the booth.

I knew I like Zac, Something in me told me that he liked me too. He really made me feel different. Different on another level.

"Do you sm0ke?" I asked him, "I do, but I am trying to stop" I nodded. "Why?" He shrugged. " Because I am trying to get on a healthy path, my last breakup really made me depressed. That's when I smoked almost every day, I am trying to be healthy"

I smiled nodding. I drank my second glass of beer already buzzed and leaned my head against the wall next to me. There was no one in the space near us, It was still early for people to come in.

His friends were out smoking while we ate some chicken fries and watching the game playing on the distant T.V.

"That day, I mean night. When I met you. You weren't, weren't hurt by any man right?"

I bite my lip adjusting my sloppy head on the wall. "Nooo," I said. But my mouth extended the reply in a weird way."That's good" He said.

His hand suddenly wrapped around my waist and bring my head to rest on his chest.

"Better?" He asked and I nodded closing my eyes. The next time I opened them, everyone was back on their seats having more drinks and food.

"You better wake her up or you'll have to carry her home" I chuckled taking my head off his shoulder, but our bodies stayed in touch. Making me feel hot inside out.

"I am not sleeping", "Sure" Brad replied. "You wanna try some whiskey?" Zac asked.

"Oh, I would but I don't have much money on me right now" He looked at me and smiled. "It's okay, I'll pay."

He said handing me a glass me and holding his out for cheers.

That evening made me feel like the happiest person alive.

But was super sleepy.

"Let's get going" I nodded, unfortunately, I was already half-asleep.

I could hear Zac call me but I only hummed. I heard some laughs before I felt myself being lifted off the couch. "Get her bag will ya?" Zac said.

I made my head comfortable over the crook of his neck as he carried me out.

"Bye-bye Aure" I smiled as Zac helped me in my seat and closed the door.

"I should've known you can't hold your drink" I pout lightly punching him. I was so dizzy I only remembered him ringing the doorbell while having me in his hands.

"Oh god!" I sat up on the bed and heard the birds chirping out the window. God, I was embarrassed, but yesterday was fun.

My mouth let out a giggle and I got myself in the bathroom.

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