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Chapter 12

My heart stops for a minute as my phone rang with Zachary's name displaying on it, I smiled brightly before slapping the smile away and picked it up.

"Hi," I said, "Morning sleepy head. Are you not ready yet?" He asked and I frowned. "Well, Kinda" I heard his laugh. "Well hurry up, I'm waiting for you" my eyes popped out as I run to look at the window but my dumb brain forgot it didn't show the front yard view of the house.

"But its an hour early, " I said running downstairs. "Ya, but we have to be there early to set up the hall right?" I gasp opening the door and there he was, My mind stopped remembering I was still in my bathrobe. He stared at me for a minute before looking around and hastily walking at me, I took a step back as his face full of smile suddenly dropped onto a serious one.

"Do you get out of your house in a bathrobe like that?" I shook my head holding the phone to my chest. "Um, I still have to dress up. I forgot we have to be there early. " He sighs, "Well I'll wait in the car. Go get dressed. I bite my lip pulling the door open wider.

"I will take more than fifteen minutes. I am sorry. Maybe you should come in" I said but realized that wasn't appropriate. "Or, or not. If you don't-" He sighs coming in.

"Take your time." I nodded closing the door. "Umm, I-I be back," I said running upstairs.

I felt like I was on running train time. That was the fastest I had ever dressed.

Throwing on some pants and a plain blue top. I was about to take it off because the V-neck came past a little too much of my chest, But I grab my bag and phone and run down with my half-wet hair.

"Hey, um let's go," I said grabbing a granola bar and some water, "You want some?" I asked tossing him one of the bars and he caught it. "Thanks, Lia"

I think he just made ME flutter.

"Where is your sister?" He asked and I lock the door.

"Oh, she was sleeping in her bed, my brother in law is out at work" Zac stopped next to his car and rose his eyebrows. "You invited me in while your sister was sleeping? What if she woke up and didn't like it"

I was speechless, "Well. I didn't really think of that." I chuckle to myself getting in and chewing on the bar. "Sorry, I made you wait" He shook his head.

"Your hair is still wet," He said and I chuckle grabbing it. "Ya, it's okay, I will dry soon" He nodded turning at the signal when I remember something and garb my phone.


I groan. "What?", "My phone is gonna discharge soon" He smirks, "Lol" I pout in an angry state while looking at him. "Grab the power bank from my bag" I look at the back seat and grab his bag. "Woah, Do you even carry anything in this? Its light as a feather" He laughed.

"I hardly carry notes. Everything's in the locker I use my tab for most stuff" I nodded.

"You got a tab for study, wow," I said charging my phone. He shrugged. "Writing is annoying, I got it from my brother. He never used it" I nodded.

I swing my bag on my shoulders and walked behind Zac handing him his power bank. "Keep it till your phone is charged."

"No it's your back up," I said. He pushed it near me. "I have friends who carry two at once. So it's A cool A" I laughed at his funny accent and way of talking. "thanks" He smiled grabbing my hand.

My heart stopped and a million thoughts went through my mind making me buffer like a video on youtube, He pulled me aside to a different class that we were supposed to go in and meet others.

"Yo, Mr.Crabs. Aurelia. Aurelia, this is Shane." I laughed as he gave Zac a wide eye with half the class filled with students. I shook his hand as he said hello.

"Come with us, I'll tell brad to give you the attendance for today" Shane shut his book close loudly grabbing his bag and smirking. "Let's go That old hag will come soon"

"That was fast" I mummer but Zac heard it. "What? who would let go of such an opportunity, plus I never understand any shit he talks about" I walked behind them as they both laughed about something I didn't understand.

"What the fuck did you see in this asshole?" Zac coiled his arm around his neck hitting his head as he laughed, I blinked before laughing it off. "Seriously he is never up to any good. Don't date him" My eyes go wide and shook my hands laughing.

"It's not like that," I said and they laugh.

I helped them with the seminars they held for the freshmen students before leaving for my class.

"Hey" My hand was grabbed by Zac before I left the hall."Meet me after class? " I blush to nod in a smile. He winked before running back in.

He was making it harder for me to not like him. I groan as I feel the little flutter in my chest as soon as my last class ended.

"Um, Aurelia, Will you come with me to see Miss Debra? We gotta submit the project report" I nodded grabbing my bag and walking with him. "Where's Coby?" I ask, "He is with her already. Doubts" I nodded.

She took fifteen minutes to talk to us and I started getting calls and texts. Another group entered her cabin and I bite my lip and open my cell phone.

"Where you at?" - Zachary

I sigh and jump as he called. I turn tp the corner of her chair and answer it, "Hey, will you wait for a little more? We have to submit our journal to mam"

"Well okay, I'm outside, come at the back road" I hang up after a quick reply and walk back towards Rex and Coby.

"Finally, She really talks a lot" Rex pointed and nodded in a frown. "See ya later" I smiled waving as they both walk the other way.

I was on my way towards the back road when two guys came up to me and started asking questions, I was utterly confused. "Are you a second-year student?" I blink nodding. "Well, anyone named Rex in your class?" I frown.

"Why are you asking?" He looked away in frustration, "Just answer the fucken question girl" My eyebrows rose and I walked away but he grabbed my shoulder stopping.

"I asked you a question" I roll my eyes, "No I don't," I said but he didn't let me go. "I saw you walk out with him days ago. Don't lie"

"He is in my class. ya, now excuse me"

"Hey, we were just asking questions okay. Can you give me his number?" A sudden jerk to my body and I was pulled back.
"The fuck do you want?" The two guys gave out a frustrating groan.

"Dude, relax we were just asking her a question, It none of your business, get the fuck away" He reached out the grab my hand when Zac pulled me back hitting that guy in his face.

"Oh god" I whispered grabbing his hand but I missed.

"Ya, you were just talking." He said pushing the other one back as Zac's friends ran towards us.

"They didn't touch you in a bad way right?" I shook my head. "Dude, leave it, They didn't do anything" Max spoke up pulling Zac away.

"Fuck off" Zac yelled and turned to me. "Do you even have a mind? Why would talk to random guys who block your path?" I flinch slightly.

I never thought I would see this side of his. He glanced at the two guys who spoke profanities walking away and then stuffed his hand in his pockets walking back to where everyone came from.

I bite my lip and a deep frown settled on my face. A sudden hand over my hand snapped me out the bubble. "It's okay, he gets bad mood swings. He'll get around in no time, especially since you are here" I look down as Brad said that and we walked with the others to the back of the road.

"I'll go some ice cream for us, anyone?" Everyone let their choice know and Max turned to me. "Anything's fine" He nodded as I hand him the money, "Give it later I gotta get some change," He said running off.

I look at Zac who sat on the bench nearby and walked towards him standing right in front of him.

"Are you mad at me?" He shook his head which was buried in his phone, I sigh softly kicking his leg with my knee and he looked up. I felt vulnerable as I stood there. While his eyes bored into mine and I look away.

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