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Chapter 13

“You should be careful, can’t act dumb like that” I huff trying to step away but his legs had coiled around mine. Suddenly I wanted him to touch me.

"I know" I whisper. He stared at me until I felt really shy and suppressed a smile stepping away from him but he grabbed my knees staring at me. "Hm?" I asked.

"I wanna kiss you" It got me right in my stomach as I bite my lip looking away, "Don't you?" I chuckle hitting him slightly. I turned away to walk away but suddenly he grabbed my hand and pulled me to crash into his chest, I jerk back but he grabbed my waist.

My entire body felt like I had suffered through a shock.

"Say yes, I'll kiss you" I bite my lip and look down to hide my smile. "Oh, that's a yes" He whispers, I looked up to stop him due to everyone around us but he caught my lips. I was in shock. I didn't expect it, I never expected someone to like me.

Maybe he was just lusting after me.

I kissed back because I liked it, His lips were soft, tasted like mint They felt so good on mine. I almost moaned as his hands around my waist gave me chills.

"Woah," Said someone making us pull away, Zac smirked at me making me hide my face in his chest for a second before completely pulling away to cool myself down.

We were having our ice cream when they talked about going somewhere

Everyone decided to go to a beach nearby, I hesitate but Zac said he would leave me home so I tagged along. I really didn't wanna come between his friend's group but his friends made me feel happy. I didn't feel left out.

The constant chatter and jokes around me made me happy because I was included in them.

My heart reacted differently every time Zac would put his hand around my waist, or shoulder to guide me somehow on the road.

"Thank you," I said as I took his hand while walking on the rocks.

"Damn, why is it chilly?" Brad said.

"It's always a bit chilly here," Said one of the girls who tagged along with us, "You wanna go walk over there?" Zac asked pointed at the waves. I nodded.

"So, what do you do for fun?" I hummed thinking, "I like to draw. Or just do gardening. I used to do it all the time when I was young. "Oh, you don't do it now?" I shook my head. "Why?" I shrugged.

"I don't know, I hardly talk to my sister. We are still working on our bond, Don't know If she will mind me digging in the backyard." He nodded. "No one hates people planting more plants in their backyard" I bite my lip and smile. I gave him a slight nod.

My hand was grabbed by his.

"We have a trip going four months from now, Will you come?" I blink thinking straight about the money. I didn't have much. I hardly made any from the job I did on Sunday. Asking from my sister might be a little-.

I snapped out my bubble when I tripped on something. I almost fell if it wasn't for ZAc who caught me. "Watch it babe"

Oh god, Yes, Yes I feel that weird feeling when your boyfriend calls you babe for the first time.

I gave him an embarrassed laugh before he tripped on a random rock making me laugh out loud.

He chuckled tickling me to which got away from him.

"NO! I swear you can make fun of me but no tickling" I said and he smirked." Oh is that so" I nodded putting my hands in defense mode and he walked towards me. I screamed softly as he grabbed my hands with his one hand and tickled me.

"Please- Stop!" I begged unable to control my laughter. "No! Please" I try to talk and he finally stopped. Bringing me close and my hands rest on his very defined chest. I let him squeeze me and put his lips on mine. I smile into that kiss wrapping my hands around his neck.

I pulled away looking around and giggling. "What?" He asked giving me a chuckle. "Nothing," I said trying to pull away but he didn't let me, "Zachary! people" I whispered. He pulled away slightly. "There is no one here" I laugh blushing.

"You laugh a lot. I like it"

I stared at the window as sleep took over me. I had never been so happy to wake up in the morning and go to college.

Zac picked me up, and every time I looked at him I felt like my cheeks were on fire. "You like playing with your hair, don't you?" I stop and look at my fingers which were Twirling around my hair and I smiled, "Ya. Um-I does that. Often" I clear my throat looking away, I was nervous. He made me nervous.

Every time his hand came towards the gear to change it I felt my legs get chills.

"I like it," he said glancing at me once. I bite my lip. "I like it when you do that too" My teeth leave my lower lip and I look at my hands.

"My mom never let me grow my hair past my shoulders when I was young, That's why I love playing with them" He hummed in question.

"Why?" I pout, "Because they were-" I stretch the word," Just- weird" He chuckled. "The cult people made her feel like If I looked nice then people outside the cult will start talking to me. So she did everything in her power to make me look bad. So people won't talk to me"

My eyes were looking out the windows, I didn't see him reach his hand towards mine. My eyes fell on mine which was now under his.

"Well they failed that part," He said taking my hand and kissing it. I smiled facing him.

"Do you find me weird? Because I was in a cult?" He frowned.

"Were you? Or it was your parents who Forced you to be in there" He asked, And for the first time, I felt like someone had asked me the question I always wanted to answer.

"The latter" I whispered as he parked the car and stared at me, but my eyes gaze at the gear. The thoughts of scars over my back coming into my head out of nowhere.

"Lia?" I snap out and suddenly I see his beautiful eyes staring in mine.

"You zones out," He said I give him a sad toothy smile, "Sorry" His hand ran through the hair once before he opened the door. I get out and see him walking over at me.

He chuckled. "I should be opening the door for you" I shake my head smiling, "Thanks. See ya" I said kissing his cheek and walking towards my class.

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