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Chapter 14

"I miss you"

I smiled as I received a text from him, texting him back and keeping my phone back in the bag as our Professor walked into the class. The seniors were gone on an Industrial trip for two days. I dare say, I was very used to hanging out with him and his friends. I felt a bit lonely.

But I had people who I could hang out with. I was trying to think about how it would be once they are done with their studies. I won't see them in college again.

I was too distracted to notice Rex coming up to me and patting my shoulder. I blinked looking at him, "You, me, Lisa and Ryan In the next project."I rose my eyebrows.

"Oh damn, so early?" I asked walking with him and he nodded.

"He wants us to give our topic by this week with the names of members. So, ya" I bite my lip. "I'll do the writing". I reply and he stopped at his bike.

"Cool, I'll see about the slides, Ryan will do the presentation. Lisa will be adding a report, We done then" I gave him a happy thumbs up."Sit I'll drop you. My house is a bit further yours" I rose my brows.

"Oh, I was gonna get some food," I said stepping back as he pulled his bike out the slot. "Can I join then?" I laughed nodding. I got on the bike although I have never been on one. I was scared, Rex was so fast. But it was so damn cool.

"People get so jealous of you" I chew on my fries and give in a confused look. "Cause you hang out with our seniors. You even went on drinks with em" I nodded slowly. "Well, they are friendly" He laughed looking away.

"Nope. You think that cause your boyfriend is one of them"

"Why? why do you say that" I asked? Rex did seem hesitant. I could see it.

"They are really just, rude. They help, ya. But they are rude" I look down at my food and sigh. "That's not nice"

"Well, that's just it. You wanna grab a drink with me tomorrow? I need someone to come help me grab some things." I tense my shoulders thinking and hummed. "I don't know" I whispered.

"I don't have many friends. So I thought I could take you as a companion" I couldn't say no, Because I really wanted to make new friends, from my own class group at least.

"I'll come with you." He smiled stuff his burger in his mouth making me laugh.

"See you tomorrow then." He said as I hopped off his bike. "Thanks, Rex." I said and he nodded taking off, I smiled getting in the house.

It was hard to stay awake during the classes, especially when you don't understand anything, and you just write everything down while daydreaming about a vacation believing you will understand everything later.

You will not

"Yo" I smiled, "Sup" He rolled his eyes showing me his file. "Jeez, She didn't have to be so harsh," I said looking at the barely gained grades. "She didn't like my writing" I nodded with my eyebrows up in agreement.

"I won't give you grades for something like that either, I can't understand anything dude" He laughed.

I had completely forgotten that our seniors were in the college, meaning Zac was in the college too. I had not seen him in the morning at all. But my eyes stuck upon his face as he leaned on the door of his car.

He noticed me and suddenly my heart flipped.

"Ohh, I guess I'll go alone then" I looked at Rex in a frown. "Noo, I wanna come with you" He chuckled.

"It's alright, We'll go on Friday." I pout looking at Zac who was busy on his phone. "I am sorry" He nudged me once before walking ahead.

As soon as I got five steps near him he pulled me in a tight hug kissing my cheek tight. I chuckle."Hi"

"How you doing" I giggle kissing him on his jaw. "Good"

"I had such a good time on that trip, I wish we could take you" I smiled. "Aww" I got in the car, "Well, we gonna go next month anyway so" I look at him.

"What?" I asked,

"Oh, We are thinking of a trip next month. You are gone come right? There's gonna be a holiday week in college after our exams, we were thinking on going then "

I sucked in some breath and nodded.

"Okay.." I said.

"Where do you wanna go?" I hummed, "I don't know many places here, But I am hungry"

We ended up taking some fast food after a short drive someplace private, "I have to ask my sister" He looked at me chewing on his fries. My cheeks still blushing red with my stomach doing flips as he had pulled me over his lap.

"She is your sister, not your mother babe. She'll let you come" I nodded.

But I didn't wanna ask for the money.

"Are you talking to her much?" I nodded cleaning my hand and taking the tissues from his hand putting it in the bag, "We do, I don't feel comfortable, I feel like I am intruding. She takes care of me, Really well, I just- feel like I am disturbing them"

"You overthink " I stare at him, A sudden peck to my lips snapped me out of the bubble. I realized I zone out when I look at him.

I bite my lip. "They aren't in the house all the time, I only see them at night. I feel lonely sometimes. And, sometimes-"

"If you really feel lonely come stay at my place sometimes, Your sister won't mind you know" I stared at him as he casually runs his hand through his hair fixing it and leaning further back on the seat.

My body went into a hyper-sensitive mode as his hand rested upon my thigh while others on my waist.

He chuckled."I am not asking you to come over for just one reason, I mean Ya if you wanna, we can-" I hit his arm making him laugh, "I hate you".

"Sure, I believe you," He said kissing my neck. I moan.

His lips were so soft. I felt my legs squeeze tight as the tingling didn't stop. I let my back arch at the overdriving emotions making him pull away and stare at my chest.

"Oh you shouldn't do that"

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