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Chapter 15

My hands turned the peas back and forth my fork as and stare at my plate, and My sister spoke up, "You still don't like peas?" I looked up and gave her a grin. "Um, not really" She smiled back.

"Can I -" I pause as both of them take their eyes off the TV and look at me, "Go on a trip? Um, It's a friend's trip. It's not an official trip from the college but I was wondering if you would let me go" She looked at me in confusion.

"Why would you ask me? Of course, you can go." I leave a sigh of happiness.

The tension in my back while asking them reminded me that I wasn't with my parents anymore. There was no need for me to get my guard up just to ask something. This was my sister.

"Let me know where you guys are going. And much money you'll need" I shot my head up shaking it side to side.

"No, No. I work in the college library. I have enough to spend it on the trip"

To be honest, I was just uncomfortable taking money from her, We never had that sisterly bond like every family does. Even If I love her she was still a stranger to me in a way.

Nor did I have enough money to take or pay for the travel and living. But my small math told me if I worked every week I might just get enough, And I really really wanted to go. It was my dream to go on a vacation. Didn't matter if I did not have clothes.

Just mattered that I could finally step out of my hard bubble and see life.

But my sister laughed, "Aurelia, You can't possibly have enough to pay for the travel and have some to shop. Don't worry, I can pay for your trip. If you have money then use it to save, and shop for some good clothes for yourself. I have seen you wear this top thrice this week now "

My cheeks might have blushed red in happiness, I wanted to deny but, For the first time, I saw a family member making me happy. Wanting me to do what I wanted.

Brandon was quite the entire conversation until now. One thing about Brandon. He never meddled between me and my sister. Never spoke between us, Hardly spoke to me but when he did it was always a caring gesture.

"So when are you guys going?".

"Next month. They said we are looking for the second week. I guess" He nodded. "Hey, how about We give her a card, in case she needs a backup. Then you can add your own m0ney to it and start saving it" I bite my lip.

"I-I don't know, how that works"

"Don't worry, We'll teach you." I smiled nodding.

It was late when I finished washing the dishes, I was thinking about when the time might come that I would have to leave. It would come one day. I cannot stay here forever.

"Go sleep Auree, you have class tomorrow" I nodded putting the dishes in their place and wiping my hands.

I didn't know what I felt. But I walked towards my sister and hugged her tight.

"Thanks" I whisper. "You don't have to. I am supposed to be the responsible one here." I nodded going into my room.

I had five texts from Zac and my lips stretched into a smile. As I fell over the bed and opened the chat.

"Hey, What's up."

"I'll pick you up in the morning early, Let's have breakfast together"

" I got a shit load of assignments to do, Fucken stupid professors"

"You busy?"


I smiled at them and reply immediately as the last two texts were from an hour ago. Every time his name or texts flashed over my screen I felt my heart melt, he wanted to have breakfast together. I could just slap my face to stop the grin but I was too happy.

I had been busy with my own work since I came home. He seemed a bit mad in his replies as we chatted. But, I was so happy that someone was talking to me, Let alone a guy like him. Who kissed me.

The next morning I was dressed up ready to leave the house as Zac waited for me when Clara called me from the Kitchen.

"I am leaving," I said looking at her. "Leaving? It only seven. And you didn't have breakfast" She said putting the fried egg over Brandon's plate.

"Oh no, I am having it with Zachary" She nodded. "Alright then, Get home early, I am going shopping. So you can join" I smiled nodding and waved goodbye at Brandon who smiled back and I ran out the front door.

I wish these days never end. Never.

"Morning" I giggle as I was pulled from my waist and kissed on my forehead, "Morni-" My muffled voice was unheard as he hugged me so tight.

"Why does it take you so long to reply dude, I thought You slept as soon as I dropped you home, which was at six " I laughed.

"I am sorry, I was busy writing my own work and then thought I would make dinner with Clara" He sighs.

"You sister ya?" I nodded."Ya, I forget her name easily" I grin.

"Thank you" He glanced at me. "For what?".

"For Having breakfast with me" He chuckled. "You don't thank you for something like that"

The way he put his arm around me as we sat over the table made me feel so different. The way he would order for me. Drive me, even asking me to drink my coffee slowly because it was hot.

Those little things he did, made me feel like I was on clouds.

" That fucking Potatoe head gave us five assignments to be done in one week. It the end of the fucking classes leave us alone for our vacation man" I laugh

"Well, they are just dumping shit on us too" He shook his head stuffing some pancake in his mouth. "That's shitty, Oh. So, we have started booking rooms." I look at him, "Oh! So how should I pay?" He chuckled.

"Chill baby, We can pay right before the trip it won't matter, Let us decide everything first. And you don't have to pay for the room It's on me. You just pay for the travel" I chuckle, "Um, No. I want to pay what the cost is"

Zac leaned back on his chair staring at me. I just sip on my coffee but get uncomfortable as his stare never stopped.

"Okay stop," I said pushing his head away but he didn't.

"Stop staring," I said.

"I'll do whatever The fuck I want. I will stare at you however I want" I snapped my lips shut in a neutral look. "Stop being like that, I get scared when you are angry"

He chuckles. "Oh, is that so" He whispered slapping my thigh under the table and biting my shoulder.

"Ouch" I whisper smiling.

"Oh, I like it when you say that" That was the final straw. My legs pulled together as I felt the need to kiss him and just, wanted him to hold me.

This was one of those times when his voice had made me felt all jittery and weird in my stomach.

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