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Chapter 16

I bite my lip thinking If I just should ask Zac or just Leave.

Well, he was busy in his classes. We were left early, I think I can just go. But He will get angry cause he always waited for me after he was done early, I sigh closing my eyes and leaning my head on the locker.

Rex would probably expect me to go with him. But, I guess we will just make it quick?

The sudden tickle on my waist made me jump and look behind me, "Hey" I chuckle. "What are you doing outside? I thought you have a class" He struggled swinging his bag over his shoulder.

"I skipped," He said pushing me from my back to walk and I frown.

I saw Rex from the corner of my eyes and frown further. I promised him. "Hey" I mutter soft to Zac but his hands over my waist tighten, As he teased me and I giggle.

I was about to ask him to wait for me since I needed to apologize to Rex but Rex looked at me and gave me a nod with a smile. I smiled back as we walked out of the hallways.

I should say sorry tomorrow.

"Where do you wanna go " I chuckle. "Nowhere, We have to turn in many assignments in by tomorrow because the vacations start next week. I still haven't started." I groan.

"Well, why didn't you start early," He said leaning on his friends, I assumed we were waiting for the.

"Well, projects and exams, hello! and he literally told us two days ago. I can't believe he wants them done tomorrow" Zac laughed, My heart almost stopped as his finger slipped under my crop top. His warm finger rubbed over my skin and he stared at me.

I looked away, "Stop doing that" I whispered. "What?" He asked still staring at me. I bite my lip as I see his friends walking over to us from a distance.

"Stop staring!" I whisper yell. He chuckled slipping his hand under my top and I gulp, a sudden pinch on my waist was unexpected making me groan I pain and grab his shirt over his stomach.

"I will punch you I swear," I said making him smirk.

"Sure" He lets his hand rest upon my waist over my hoodie as his friends came over.

"Hey, how's it going" I give a high five to Brad and smile, "Not good, You told me once we were gonna get dumbed with assignments at last minute, It came true"

"LOL," He shouts, "Don't worry, He will extend the date further after the vacation if you guys butter coat him." I shook my head.

"He isn't moving the date," I said, Zac laughed.

"You guys are noobs" I roll my eyes. That was the first time I heard that word but I knew what it meant because Zac and his friends always called each other that so I assumed it was something one would call a loser.

I guess.

"Yo Shane !" Zac called him from a distance and he nodded once before walking over once. "You have the extra copies of Professor Mattew's note? " He nodded. "Bring em tomorrow, for her" I look at Shane. "Ya sure man, I will have to search for them first"

"Well do it then," Zac said. For some reason, I found it rude. I chuckle. "You don't have to search, Its fine. really" I said. Shane shook his head.

"No no, I have em somewhere., was gonna get rid of them anyway" I smile.

Zac helped me in the car as grin, Half my work is done if he gives me those notes. "Spoiled girl" I hit Zac soft. "You were the one who asked!" He chuckled placing his hand over my thigh.

"Ya ya. We are going for drinks" I bite my lip.

But what if he doesn't find them? I Still Have to make a huge ass report.

"I still think you should leave me home, I have to do the report"

He sighs," Chill baby, I have a report copy. I will bring it over tomorrow" I pout feeling my stomach twist at the 'Baby', "But what if Shane doesn't find the copies"

Zac glanced at me once. Just once. But the way his eyes stare at me made me feel like they reached inside my head. They made me dizzy, Even a bit intimidated.

"He will find them, for you. So stop thinking." I bite my lip nodding.

"Okay," I whispered as he squeezed my inner thigh making me hold a surprised moan in.

We were heading towards a beach so I made sure to tell my sister, But halfway as everyone parked their cars Zac went past everyone's making me question him.

He stopped the car between a heavy tree line.

"Why did you stop here?" I asked.

"It will be easier to spot our car babe, That side will be crowed by cars later" I nodded about to open the car but i was pulled in for a rough kiss.

I smiled into our kiss making him smile.

His tongues slipped in and he bites my lower lip tight as I hold his shirt for my dear hear.

And he pulled away I ducked my head on his shoulder.

"Common, those asshole are waiting" I giggle.

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