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Chapter 17

I smile handing over the reports of me and my partners. He took a look at our names and we were free.

"Finally," Rex said and I sigh with a smile on my face. "Also, How did you get those assignments done in just two days?" Rex asked and I stare at the three looking at me. I shrugged holding my shoulders up. "Um- My sister did half," I said making them curse.

"But honestly If he didn't deduct the grades if we gave them after the vacation, I wasn't planning on giving them at all. Because the majority of the people had not done finished them"

"Same" Lisa responded. "I actually cut many lines, Because I thought he wouldn't take the dead line out. So I took the help of a senior and he gave me the reference" I nodded.

My phone started ringing and I looked at it and sigh.

"See you guys after vacation then" They nodded as we leave to go in our direction.

"Oh! Rex. I am sorry couldn't help you" He smiled.

"I was wondering if we could grab a coffee after vacation. I wanted to talk to you about something" I frown.

"Okay then" He smiled. "Or maybe this week?" I noticed Zan walking right at us and look back at Rex.

"I am out of town for the vacation" He frowned and a sudden change of face rests on him a Zac came stood beside me, his head in his phone.

"It's cool. See ya" He said leaving us.

"Hey" I greet Zac, "What were you guys talking about," He asked talking my hand and I bite my lip to hide my smile.

"Just that he wanted to tell me something." He nodded and I smiled at his friends. "Thanks," I said as he opened his car door for me.

"Packing is done?" I sigh.

"Nope I will do it today" He smirked. "It always just throw whatever I see at the last moment" I giggle.

"Wanna get some Ice cream?" I nodded smiling as I look at him.

"I was craving some last night," I said as he pulled his car out of the parking lot.

"Mint chocolate chip" Zac chuckled, as he took some cash out and I stopped him. "I can pay for mine" He stopped me.

"Buy me some next time" I smiled nodding as he ordered a Vanilla for himself.

"Hey, People-" I said he bites my shoulder before taking the first bite of his ice cream. I look down smiling. I was totally blushing.

"You are blushing" I snap my head to him as he took a bite of my ice cream. I opened my mouth in disbelief.

"I-I don't blush that much you know. It's just, It's hot in here" He chuckled.

"Sure baby. You never blushed because you hadn't met me yet" I land a soft slap on his thigh before eating my ice cream.

He smirked when his phone buzzed. As he leaned back to grab his phone from his pocket I noticed something right below his collar bone.

It twisted my stomach badly as the shirt moved back up covering his collar bone and I looked away.

I twisted my spoon in the cup as he talked with someone on the other side. He hung up and looked at me. His fingers coming at my face and pulling my cheeks. I whined pushing him away.

"Um- hey, Zac?" He hummed staring at me.

"That-um-wound under your collar bone. How did you-"

"Ohh, You noticed?" He said pulling his shirt down to look at it and I stare at it, It was still healing.

What? He just got it?

"I am just clumsy you can say. It's nothing big"

As he said that I couldn't help but notice his lack of expression. He sounded robotic almost. He was trying to answer it in a way of getting over the question.

"Yes but-" As I expected, he cut me off even before I completed my sentence.

"It's nothing new, Let's get going, I gotta do some work" He smiled getting up and grabbing his bag shrugging it over his shoulder as I scoot over to get out and he lends me his hand.

As he grabbed my hand I stare at him as we walked out.

I did not like the silence between us. I did not consider that silence as a peaceful one. It was making me nervous. I finally crack under my own pressure and sigh looking at him.

"Hey, I am sorry if I made you a bit- mad?" I question myself.

Was he mad? I have never really seen him mad except that one time when I was questioned by two guys.

To think again, They asked me about Rex. Why would they? I never even mentioned it to Rex himself. I get back to reality when Zac spoke up.

"No way Why would you think that baby?" Yet again my stomach did those jumps when he called me that, I couldn't help but smile.

"Nevermind," I said looking away but he grabbed my jaw landing an unexpected kiss on my lip.

"I don't like answering questions that much. It's just a random scratch I got" I nodded as he kissed me again before turning to the wheel and starting the car.

I do not know if it was a lie or not. Because I couldn't put my thoughts and his actions into a conclusion like that It will only be a disrespect to what he said.

But having a discolored deep wound under healing right near his collarbone just gave me chills. I used to watch surgeries. I could tolerate seeing bad wounds but this time I felt different.

Because the wound was on someone I cared about.

Within the next week, we were ready to leave for the trip. My sister gave me extra cash for shopping which I couldn't avoid taking because she forced it into my hands.

I was so happy. I was never this happy in my life. This was the first time I was going out with a friend, Actually someone I liked.

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