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Chapter 2

"The moment you walk out this door I will make sure you never get out of this room again "

My throat felt dry . My tears were falling down my chin already . I was angry , frustrated , But I didn't wanna go away . I tried to leave but his tight grip on my hand held me . I found myself in a different bedroom this morning . I realized how stupid I was to not fight back last night and here I am .

I end up beside him yet again . I do not understand . He seemed so different . He was the same however He was suppose to be in jail ! . The room was big . The windows told me we were above the ground . I clenched my jaw and he held my cheek and kissed the other .

"I will follow you where ever you go , I have been watching you every second of the past months you left me . I have been wanting to get close to you again but you my sweet, needed a realization . You cannot survive without me ."

I fought back .

"I fucken can ! I can I will ! I have worked and I have lived without you for months and I don't want your fucken help !" He smirked .

He just smirk . I tried slapping his face but he was fast . Grabbing my hand and pulling my hair back he kissed my neck . " You are independent . But as long as I am with you ,you cannot live without me " ." You are delusional " He laughed . "No . I am not . Why else do you think the owner of that club took you in ? "

No way ...

"I know you want out . But know this . I will fucking stalk you, follow you ,chase you if you walk out of this room now . I never got angry . I never got sad because you left me like that . I knew it . I know I have been a shitty motherfucker to you since we were in college . But I can change for you . I promise my rose . One last chance . "

I gulp . "So you just won't let me go " He smiled and shook his head hugging me . "You belong to me and with me Rose ,I'll be damned if you disagree . I love you and I know you love me too . Just come back to me " He was crying . I could feel the wetness on my neck .

I didn't know if he was lying or not but somehow that warmness , that security . The sense of peace settled in me . He was fine . He wasn't hurt . But he had hurt me ! But I still love him . I could see it . Feel it . The happiness I felt when I saw him . I was happy to see him again .

I don't want this but at the same time I do what this so so passionately .

"I can't be heartbroken again . I have survived enough " I said and he nodded pulling back . My hands itched to wipe his tears away however I did not move .

"Lets start over okay ?" I didn't get to reply . I couldn't because he didn't give me a chance to . His lips were already on mine . They were so soft.I felt his hand on my waist. I love it when he pulled me close . I just wanted to kill him .

My mixed emotions weren't gonna be understood by me myself .

"You are coming with me " he mumbled . "No . I am staying in my apartment . Doing my job and earing myself " he smiled kissing my forehead . "I promise to let you do whatever the fuck you want when we reach Alberta . " I pull away .

So he changed his location to Alberta now .

"No! I am not going there ..I want to stay here . " he sighs . I was yet again man handled by him . I scream as he picked me up by my waist and carried me to a table . The moment my butt landed on that table I tired to get off but his hands around my back and waist stopped me .

"Stop . I promised you didn't I ? I will let you do whatever you want . Just come home with me " Home ? I snickered . " You destroyed my home years ago . What's good in this new one ?" He just stared . My eyes look away from his deep ones . I didn't wanna fall into his arms again .

"Because that's where I live . Because that's the house which needs you to be complete "

I just didn't know what to do !

Will I make a mistake again ? Was god testing me ? Will I regret this ? I just wanted a normal life with normal problems .

"I will not leave you Rose . I will either be in the shadows or I will be beside you . Choose " He had his arms around me tight . His eyes waiting for my reply .

I laugh . My life is fucked up either way . Better go for the choice I will regret . So I can cry and blame myself over again . "Fine ,I'll come with you " He chuckled in happiness . "Thank you so much " he said kissing me . The very first sign he showed that he had not changed at all was the way he reacted when I didn't kiss back.

He held my hair tight pulling it back . Signalling me to kiss back .

I whimper into his mouth as he gave my upper lip a harsh bite .

"If I would've been angry I would've punished you . But I am happy to see you again . " I clenched my jaw when I saw the gun peek through his shirt . He was going to force me . I hugged him back this time . I didn't want his phsyco side to come back .

I was yet again a prisoner with my own choice .

"I'll pack -" he stopped me .
"You aren't going back in that filthy place " I pushed him away . " I was in that fiflthy place because of you Xavier . No matter how it is , I have my important stuff which I need with me " He sighs .

"Take a shower and wear my shirt . We will be leaving tomorrow to Alberta " I nodded walking pass him .

That evening I called Jake . Seemed like he knew everything but acted the opposite . I had understood what was going on . Xavier was back in the underground business now . Meaning Jake and Danish would come with us . Those two stuck with me because they knew Xavier will come for me .

They knew it all . In fact Xavier wasn't in jail at all .

His connections had him under house arrest for just a month .

I realized the was no way I could get away from him again . By the looks of his guards and two cars following us . I could never even speak about running away .

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