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Chapter 3

I was having my dinner . I wanted to spit it out but devour the whole plate at the same time since Xavier made it . My eyes were lingering on his muscular back . His tattooed back . I have no idea when he got it . But it was a dragon and it was beautiful .

I snicker as he turned around and added another item on my plate . Egg roll . "I am full " I said . He sat down beside me .One of his hand on the head of my chair . "You have gotten thin . Have you been avoiding eating ?" I shook my head .

"I was broke ..wasn't I ?" He sighs . His hand coming down to my waist and squeezing it . "Get your hand off me " I said but he tightened it . His face leaning in to kiss my cheek but I turn a ninety degree right .

He groaned pulling me closer and biting my shoulder lightly .

"Eat it " his command was fairly clear that he was not gonna take a 'no' for an answer . I put the egg roll in my mouth and watched him eat his .

Suddenly his hand pulled away and he looked ahead . "I missed you . " I stare at him .

I missed you too .

Wait no ! He is Fuckward piece of shit .

"I worried about you every second of the day . If Jake hadn't kept me calm I would've flipped . "

Of course .

So basically I was being spied on. His eyes turned to me . It was slow but I never moved away when he leaned in to kiss me . I let him . I needed it as much as he did . His lips trapped my lower lip .His tongue licked me and he went in deep. It was natural ,when my hands came up to fist over his chest and touch his beard . I kept my hold on him but I pulled away from the kiss .

"You made me want to kill myself " I whisper. He nodded . "I hate myself for that . " he said and I chuckled turning away .

He kept staring at me . I wanted to look into his eyes but they couldn't stay up . I looked away . Suddenly he stood up and picked me up . " Put me down " I said

Please don't .

"You want me to ?" He asked and I fight to get out of his hold . " Just let me down " I struggle .

Don't put me down!

He didn't wait for another question or an answer . He carried me straight up to that room I woke up in .
"Xavier stop it . I can't !"

I can . I want to . I really really want you to touch me.

He did exactly what I wanted . He laid me down on the bed and kissed me like our lives depended on it. It did actually . My life did .

I was feeling so happy but I didn't want myself getting used to it . But giving into this feeling means I gave up . I let him win . Which was not what I wanted .
"Xavier stop " I said as he started taking my clothes . He stopped . Slowly taking his hands off me . I was shocked to say at least .

"Why ?" He asked me . " Don't you want me ? " I sigh sitting on the bed . "I really wanna start over . I don't think I am ready to go there yet " He clenched his jaw then unclenched it.  Nodding twice and looking away . I could tell he really was angry.  But if anything changed in him it would this, if anything changed it would about him valuing my opinion .

"I'll be in my office, its at the end of the hallway . If you need anything tell me . I have a maid downstairs ask her if you want anything else " He said .

I cleared my throat  ," Am I allowed to go out of this house ?" I asked and heard him sigh deeply.  "Yes you can ." I sigh nodding .

"Just " He paused.  Keeping his hands on either side of me over the mattress . "Please , don't run away from me . " His eyes were filled with the pleading gaze. I nodded twice slightly.  He leaned in it give me a quick peck over my forehead before walking towards the door . He stopped .

"I'll take you out to eat in the evening . " he said before walking out .

I let out a nervous breath before laying on the bed .

I walked out the house to see we were in the middle of several house and forest . The front of this house opened to three big mansions and the back opened to a distant forest . A path from the backyard led towards it , but I knew Xavier would probably know I walked there judging from the guards standing at each corner .

I ignored them walking in the huge backyard and sitting on a chair. 

"Miss , would you like something to eat or drink ?" I rose my eyebrows at the guard questioning me .

Okay ... Not weird at all .

"No thank you " I replied as he nodded walking back to where he stood .
That felt cringy . Not a bad way but still .

Evening rolled in . I had thought enough about what I was gonna do now . Before I could think further Xavier walked out the house towards me .

"Hey , you wanna start getting ready " He said sitting next to me . "Where are we going ?" I asked . "Just for dinner . And a walked , but dress fancy ya . " he said .I nodded . I stood up but he stopped me by holding my hand .

"Listen Rose , I-I swear I don't know how the fuck I will make it up to you but just please don't act as if going out with me is a chore to you . I am trying to make it up for all those years I left you and treated you badly "

And I don't know what cane up to me for closing the space between us and sitting on his lap . But I did . He was fast in coiling his arms around my waist . And Oh how good it felt to have him touch me .

"I am just angry at you . Not feeling like its a chore to be with you . I just hate you " He chuckled kissing my forehead .

"I know . I know that very well " .

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