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Chapter 4

The clanking of silver ware could be heard as we silently had our dinner . As expected , a cream pink dress was waiting for me to be worn in the room . It was pretty , I felt so clean and elegant . I felt  beautiful , which was something I didn't feel for a long time. 

The waiter carefully poured us some wine before serving us our second dish . I was full within minutes .

This was something I knew would happen . Due to months and months for skipping lunch or dinner my appetite had lessened day by day. 

"You done already ?" Before I could speak the manager walked up to us . "Are you enjoying the evening Sir , madam ?" Xavier's moved his eyes up to glare at him .

Was enough to make him smile in fear nod walking away . He turned his glare towards me .

"Finish it " I sigh . "I did , I am full . " He rose his eyebrows . " Fine , do you want some dessert ?" I shook my head .

We walked out waiting for our car to pull up . It was a windy evening.  Xavier's hand pulled me near him by his waist . "Are you tired ?" He asked lightly squeezing my arm . I remember he use to do that to shut up me up when I talked .

"Not really " I replied and he nodded leading me in the car . "I want to work , on my own . I was offered a job as a Librarian . " He frowned . "Where did you apply ?" He asked . "Online " I replied 

"You don't have to -" , "Xavier you can't keep in your house the whole day . And I wanna work " He gave up with a sigh . "I told you I wouldn't stop you from taking any decisions if they don't put you in danger . I am not disagreeing I am just , Just letting you know that you don't have to do much work "

Sure .

He moved his hand to mine pulling me closer . "I love you okay , I would do anything if it makes you happy . I am not the same . I really love you Rose " He was really trying hard to let me know that . I won't say it back . But I gave in to the kiss that he initiated . I broke my walls today . I let him touch me . I moaned into his kiss and he carried me to his room . 

He laid me down on the bed kissing my neck and I melt . He shrugged his clothes off taking off mine . Kisses on my stomach and down as he took my panties off . " I wanna fuck you so bad baby , Please . I need you " He asked , I gulp moaning as he fingered me . " Xav " I whispered as he kissed my cheeks entering me making me cry a bit . 

" It hurts " I said and he nodded kissing my lips . " Relax " He whispered making me moan in the hurting pleasure . I gasp as he took my hands wrapping them around his neck . " I love you " He said sitting up and pulling me in . 

" Oh my god " I yelled as he went deeper tugging on my legs and kissing my neck . 

"You don't know how Long I have wanted to do this " He said , " Do what ? Fuck me ?" I asked , I could clearly see his shocked face and I chuckled . I can't really hide my feelings now . The more I act like a innocent dumb girl the more deep I fall in the pit . Xavier laughed . " new Attitude" I shrugged and turned around making him wrapped his arm across my waist and lay his head on my shoulder  . 

" You should sleep . You have a big day ahead tomorrow " He said . " What do you mean ?" I asked , " You'll see babe " I sigh closing my eyes . 


I yawed loudly and spread my hands out opening my eyes . I look around the room but it seemed that Xavier had l left , I frown taking my cell phone and immediately notice a platinum ring on my ring finger . " What the fuck .." I  went through the text I was send , I was told to go in the basement of the house . I frown looking out the window and sitting up . I stare at the ring and look up questioning the gods why I loved this man . 

Noticed the multiple bite marks on me , It had been a while since i got hickeys , they hurt. On the boobs mainly I roll my eyes  and bite lip slightly regretting last night but then again , I loved him . 

"Morning babe " Xav said as I walked in the basement with a toasted butter bread in my mouth and other in my hand . He chuckled walking to me , grabbing the bread and eating it . " That was my bread " I said and he hummed . I looked around and sigh . 

Multiple guns and ammo's laying on the tables near us . Guns on show over the wall , and a five targets in front of us . " You will start learning to shoot from today " I bite my lip making him stare at me . " Why ?" I asked . " I might not be as safe as I was in the past " I scoff making him corner me near a wall . 

" Don't don't that " , " Do what ?" I asked , he moved the hand gun from his hand between my chest . " Don't make me horny " I chuckle , " Are you not scared Rose ?" He asked looking at the gun pointed on my chest . " I am more scared of this than that gun on my chest " I said bringing my hand with the ring in between our eyes . 

He smirked pecking my lips . " Jake will be here with Damien within an hour . I nodded . It had been a while since I saw them , Xavier grabbed my hand pulling me in the centre of the basement handing my a gun and standing behind me . 

" The more relaxed you are , the better you aim " He said . I flinch as the gun fired going through a target . My ears were ringing by now . He laughed watching me aim in vain . I wanted to punch that face . 

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