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Chapter 5

Even After few days of trying to shoot through the boards of aim I still flinched every single time the gun fired . I sigh in slight happiness as I learned how to not be out of position , I still wondered why I was learning this. I take my shoes off and ran to the bedroom . I got ready for the first day of my job . While I walked through the streets searching for the place Xavier was out the house doing his thing , A project . As he explained , I smirked walking . 

He was selling drugs out to a different continent . I knew that very well , He might think of me as that stupid old Rose who didn't know shit . But I was more than that , I walked in the huge place and let the employee know I was here for my first shift , After a ton of explaining I was given the job took handle the small cafe at corner of library . The place was huge . I love the ambience . 

I cleaned the place as told and picked up any books left on the table besides and began placing them back on the huge racks in the other side of the library . 

" Excuse me " I turned my head to see a women behind me . " Where can I find the section for business management ?" I looked around for the women who was suppose to be here helping her but she was no where to be found in my sight . " Umm . I am sorry , I am new here you can go ask at the counter right in front " She looked back and nodded . " Thanks " I smiled as she walked ahead . 

I was checking some books out for a customer when I saw Xavier enter and walked straight towards  me . I open mouth and close it again give the books to the man in front before entering the data . " Are you done ?" He leaned on the counter . I closed my eyes and opened at them . " Why are you here ?" I asked clearing the papers in front of me . 

" You said you would be done by five " I looked up and craned my neck . " I never told you what time I might leave " He sigh taking off his sun glasses . " Fine I looked up myself now can we leave ? " I chuckled . " Give me five " He nodded looking around . 


" Why are you in such a hurry ? Are we suppose to be somewhere " He took my hand in his as we walked towards his car . Somewhere in mind I remember how much I loved him doing that . That simple gesture had me smiling till now . "No , I just missed you " I stare at him as he opened the car door for me . I got in and bite my lip . 

Should I say I missed you too ?  Naahhh, Fuck it . 

"Drive " He ordered the driver . 

We reached the house in no time when I noticed the Audi parked . " Is someone here ?" I ask and he opened the door and held it open for me . I took his hand and stepped out looking at the car , " Yep , Jake " I walked in looking around but didn't spot him . 

" He is out for now " I nodded suddenly Xavier dragged me up to the bedroom ." Why are you in such a hurry ?" I asked , I got the slamming for door and him taking his shirt off as a reply . " What are you -" Before I could understand he kissed me , He was so rough , I let out a soft voice as he took my shit off and threw it . " Xav" I called but he lifted me up and carried me to the bed laying me down soft . 

" I missed these " He said grabbing my boobs , making me hit him . But he didn't stop , " Stopp !" I whine but he latched his mouth on my neck hitting my weak spot making roll my eyes at the back of head and moan profusely . I couldn't even protest , I loved this as much as him . 

" Will you come down in an hour for dinner , I'll resolve a problem at work quick" He asked running his fingers over my cheeks ,  I nodded , He kissed my cheek rough and pinched the other before grabbing a shirt and walking out the room , I sit up giving a sigh .  

I walked down the and into the kitchen to see a maid making the dinner , she noticed me a smiled . I smiled back looking at the dinning table , It reminded me to my house . Mom use to put flowers in between like that . I can't say I didn't see her in all these years . I have met her , my father but decided against staying near them , I thought I would never be able to meet people I knew after what had happened . 

I sigh tracing my fingers along the table and suddenly I see a figure standing at the end of the room near the door . My mouth opened slightly as I fixed eyes over my best friend . 

" Mia " I called she showed me a cheeky smile before coming towards me and hugging me . " Its been long huh " She said and I nodded . " You and Jake at still together ?" I asked she chuckled , " Married , we married . You don't know how much I worried for you . " I smiled hugging her back . 

I can say I wished my high school life was a little better , even if my life back was complicated she was the someone I knew well enough . Who made me feel a little happy . 

" Hey Rose " I smiled hugging Jake . " Glad you are back and safe " I nodded . 

" Glad you take care of my friend here " He chuckled . 

It was after dinner that we four sat in the living room discussing things when some one walked in soaked in rain water , with a unconscious girl in his arms . I just stared at him with confusion while Jake and Xavier stood up running towards him . I did not know him , but since he could walk into the house without getting security alert I assume he was someone Xav knew . 

" Oh my god ! Zachary what are you doing ! "Mia started yelling as he ignored her questions and walked towards me , I stood up as he laid the girl On the couch . "What's going on ? You both are soaked and who the fuck is she ?" Xavier asked . 

" I did not kidnap her  , She was already unconscious when I found her . In the forest , behind the house " I frowned looking at her and gasp kneeling in front of her body as I saw blood coming out of her open . 

" Help us take her to the guest  room , We'll change her out the wet clothes . Call the doctor if you can , she has blood coming out her mouth . " I said , Zachary nodded dropping his coat and picking her up as I guided him towards the guest room with Mia . 

" I call a doctor " Jake said . I closed the door while Mia went the bathroom to get towels . I gulp and I saw her bleeding from the back of her neck . " I'll get the bandages , undress her or she'll get cold " Mia nodded . I opened the door to see Zachary standing right at the front . 

" Is she .." , " She is bleeding from her neck . Not severe .  Don't worry We'll cover the wound until we get the doctor is  here . " I said walked to my room get bandages . " Zachary , Maybe you go change " I heard Jake say . He nodded walking away . His eyes met mine , " She will be fine won't she ?" I nodded patting his shoulder once and walking in the room  . 

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