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Chapter 6

Note :

Hey guys!

I was thinking of focusing this book on two new characters as Leads and Xavier | Rose's development in a relationship in a background.

I hope you like this idea because You might know it well that stretching a character's story can lead to dropping any interest in them further, Hence the decision.

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I could hear people , talking around me when I opened my eyes . A gasp held in my throat as I felt the heavy darkness sitting over my chest . My screams were silent . My eyes moved but my muscles won't .

The more I tired shaking myself the higher voices of people got , Then I heard banging . Loud banging . I tried to talk myself out of it . It knew it was unreal I knew it was a trap . I felt the darkness step over my throat causing me to wheeze .

It was then I opened my eyes and was met with a bright light making my eyes burn causing me to shut them quickly , My head spun and my ears rung with a strange voice of something very disturbing . I could now feel my legs and my own hand around my ears trying to block myself out .

I trembled in fear sitting up . When I heard the door open . I gulp crawling back to the bed frame when I saw a women who I did not recognise , " Hey ! Hey . Its okay . You are safe I promise " She said , I controlled my breathing by taking two heavy breaths and looking at her .

" How are you feeling ?" She asked handing me a glass of water . I snatched it gulping down the glass in a matter of seconds . She was expecting an answer , I tried speaking but my throat hurt so bad . I frown . The space between my eyes starting throbbing making me clench my teeth and tear up .

" You don't have to say anything , I am glad you look okay . We heard you screaming It scared us all " Suddenly I noticed another women .I had absolutely no idea when this other women came in but I knew myself , Judging from my numb legs and absent mind , I must have gone through another sleep paralysis episode .

" I'll get her breakfast ." Said one of them and the other stood up . " Would you like to take a bath ? You are sweating " I look at my hand . They were red . Probably from clenching them in my sleep. " Who are you ?" I asked in my rough exhausted voice . I relate it to the screeching of a door .

" My friend found you in the forest near our house , Don't worry We are trying to help . My name is Mia and the other women you saw is Rose " I closed my eyes breathing better . " Here , lets get you in the bath ." I took her hands and slowly walked towards the door .

" I will keep your clothes on the bed okay " I nodded closing the door behind me .

I look around the bathroom before taking my dress off carefully since I was very much in the state of mind fog . I did not question the white gown on me which I did own .When I sat in the bath tub and pulled my knees close ,I stare . At a void space. I recalled the night I was making my way back to my house but everything was blank from there onwards .

I watched the dress placed over the edge of the bed . Grabbing it I lift it up, She had give me a little pink dress to wear , I put it on after wearing the inner wear and peeked outside the door . A small hallway with stairs at the end . I made my way towards them and looked down from railing . I could see the women who I initially talked to .

I was thirsty . So I walked down my legs still numb but I could grab on the wall to help myself . I gasp as I saw a man right at the end of the staircase make me step back over one step . " You're awake ?!" He almost yelled making me gulp and look for the women . " Hey . Why did you come down ? I was bringing you your breakfast . Here , since you are downstairs we'll have breakfast together " She said giving me her hand which I grabbed .

" This is Zachary , he was the one who found you . He had no choice but bring you here . You were soaked in the rain and very cold " My eyes moved to the guy as he watched me leading me look down and push myself close to the women .

She handed me a plate . " Rose made this for you , You were holding your head . We though you might have a headache so got you some medicine " She kept medicine with a glass for water next to me . I grabbed the glass and drank the water . " Where is Rose ?" Asked the guy .

" She said she was late for her job so she left . Xavier and Jake are gone as well . Tell us how to help you . Where do you live ?" She asked . " I-I can go by myself . Thank you for taking care of me " I spoke . I could see the guy staring at me from the corner of my eyes but I dare not look at him . For some reason , I did not wish to be near any man at the moment .

" No , We'll take you home that's the least we can do . Now tell us , What were you doing in the forest beside a highway ? " She asked sitting in front of me ,I frown . " I don't remember " She folded her arms leaning back on her chair . " Do you remember anyone bringing you there ?" The man asked and shook my head .

" I know you aren't in the condition to talk right now . But Let me tell you something . Your coat was open , and your shirt was torn , Unless you have an explanation I suppose you need our help to find anyone related to you being in that condition " MY heart stopped . When I look at him in utter confusion I met his black eyes staring back . The feeling of pure horror came over me .

I did not remember anything , My shirt was torn , I was in middle of a forest where I wasn't suppose to be in the first place . I had no conclusion . No answers just Questions .

"Zac ! " She yelled . I think her name was Mia . I was already paranoid . " I am sorry , may I know your name ?" She asked . " Aurelia " I reply . She nodded ." Have your breakfast , Me and Zachary will take you home okay ?" I nodded .

The more I thought the more my heart started feeling heavy and I chew into my three bite, the memory of that evening came into my mind . I was at a friends place after leaving work . I Blink as I take another bite , I was drinking.

Suddenly it came crashing down to me like stones down a steep hill . I was drugged wasn't I . I do not doubt it , not at all .Not one bit . I started feeling bad the moment I had the last drink of beer before leaving her house . I still didn't understand how I got in the forest . I breath out heavily .

" Aurelia ?" I snap my head at the guy . " Are you alright ?" He asked I nodded . He stared at me for a while before standing up from his chair and walking away while The women handed me glass of juice . " Here , You look pale . I will get the car ready . Do you live alone or with family . " I lick my dry lips looking down .

" Alone " I answer she nodded as she called someone . She talked for while . I realise I zoned out . MY eyes felt sleepy . And now I could felt goosebumps rising over my legs and my arms . The background somehow turned greenish . I could say I felt like my strength was gone . When I felt numbness near my ear I heard her voice .

" Zachary , get the car . Where do you live Aurelia , We'll take you home okay ?" I nodded .I told her my address and with the little strength I had I stood up , The floor spun a little but I could not show it . I cannot bother them any longer . I walked out the door behind her and she opened the back door for me .

"Thank you for helping me " I said as the car started . She looked back from the passenger seat . " No . You don't need to thank us " I just stared out the window .

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