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Chapter 7

When The car stops I look around before getting out. So did the two of them, "Common I'll help you get to your apartment" Mia spoke taking my hand and leading me inside, "Thank you for helping me. How can I repay you ?" She smiled shaking her head, "No, please. That's the least we can do. Do you still not remember what happened to you?" I gulp and we stop at my door.

"I am fine. I will figure it out myself. Thanks again" I said. She nodded walking back. I search through my bag for my keys When I find them I gave a sigh of relief.

I slam the door shut and toss my bag when it comes crashing down to me. Grabbing my throbbing head and drink a glass of water as it all recalls to me. I was indeed at a friend's house, But it was last week. I ran away from a hospital, didn't I?

Tears filled my eyes as my legs give out. I slid down on the floor in my depressed mind sleeping right there because I had absolutely no energy to walk to the bed.

The nightmares never stop. It's always the same. About my parents.

"You are not our child. Our child would've obeyed our instructions. You will not go to that college you will stay with us! I will not let you leave this house!"

I begged them to let me free, But they would never. I did as my mother told me. To join the religious cult they believed in. It was horrible. Talking to men was a sin. Having outside food was a sin, Talking to girls outside the cult was a sin. Leaving the house was a sin.

When I showed them the utmost obedience, they finally considered let me off to a college. This apartment wasn't even mine. It was a friend's. I would always stay here. But they would always come here, harass her by telling her how she was a devil for wearing the clothes she did. Those were just shorts!

I was lucky she did not give an f about them. But It started getting worst when they would drop by without telling me, My roommate always had her boyfriend over. And when They found out they dragged me out the apartment by my hair and drove me back to their house. After a week of harassment, I tried running to a friend's house. I had a drink, got drunk. But that night ended in a bad way since my parents walked in the apartment dragging me back to my house and forbidding me to ever step out.

Torturing me for sins I never made.

Eventually, my classmates started catching up on my bruises. Reported to the teacher. I did not expect the teacher to care. But, she called my father. That took a bad turn on the road. I found myself in the hospital. They said I was hurting myself because I was depressed.

They just got on my last nerve when they brought in the father of the church. Who was the ugliest, most creepy, pathetic man I have ever seen.

"You better pray to the lord you are saved by your parents my dear. But you deserve a punishment. You will confess in front of everyone next Sunday and take all your punishments like a Faithfull girl that you are."

I ran away and I know for a fact that my parents will search for me here even if they already must-have. They are insane. My mother is insane.

When my friend came back she gave a gasp. "Holy shit Aurelia. Your parents are fucken idiots" She said helping me sit on the couch, "I was worried-", "No, just-just tell me where they are and what they did " I ask.

"Your bitch of a mother called the cops on me saying I kidnapped you! " I lean back in utter shock. "They searched the apartment, everywhere else they could. Questioned me. Fucken hell dude, She was cursing at me while the cop questioned me" I wipe my tears leaning on my hands which rested over my legs.

"You should go. I think you should just run away. I can see why you were always depressed " I shook my head, "Yes ! they will come back and take you back to their house, Imagine what they will do to you." I whimpered crying.

"You should tell the police", "I have no evidence," I said, "They will just be brainwashed into thinking I hurt myself" She looked away in disappointment.

[Rose's POV]

I walked in the house taking my jacket off and see Zachary sitting on a couch with Mia." Hey baby" Xavier said walking to me and kissing my cheek. "What's that ?" He asked pointing at the bag in my hand.

"Oh. I brought some cake for everyone. Did you guys drop that girl off at her house ?" I ask sitting on the couch. " Ya, There was something off about her. I saw bruises on her head, I frown. " You guys should've gone to the police. " I said but Mia spoke up, "She didn't want to" I sigh taking out the contents of the bag while Xavier made us both some coffee.

"Oh, she left her clothes back. " said Mia walking down the stairs. " We'll take them to her on our way home." She said but Zachary stopped her.

"I'll take them." We all look at him walk out the door and I lean back on the counter," I think he likes her" I chuckle at Mia, "By the way. I have never seen him around, Does he work with you ?" I ask Xavier and he shook his head.

"His father was my manager a year ago. Zachary is an intern. I lean my head back. "I did not know you would be close to an Intern Xav"

"He is a Hacker" I gave my satisfying smirk. "Of course."

"You think Xavier would let anyone just walk into his house like that? Its because he has worked for him for a time to just gain his trust." I agree with Mia. Suddenly it dawned upon me. Mia seemed so much more comfortable around him, makes me wonder how she was years ago. She knows more than I do.

"I'll see you later then." She said walking out.

"I gotta get some work done. Call me when dinner is ready" He said squeezing my waist making me jump and cursed at him and he walked upstairs.

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