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Chapter 8

[Rose’s POV]

I sat up after yawing and looked back at Xavier. It was his birthday tomorrow, so I would have to run to a nice store and buy him some things he loves, I was pissed at the fact he didn’t have dinner last night.

“Asshole” I mutter and almost fell off the bed when he spoke, ” Who ?” I sigh resting my hand on my chest.” You scared me!” I yelled hitting his arm. “I made dinner last night, now go have that for your breakfast,” I said grabbing my bathrobe and walking in the bathroom. “Okay, I am sorry. I really wasn’t hungry babe” I rolled my eyes stripping.

He just walked in on me showering. He smirked made me draw the curtain between us. ” Common baby girl. I’ll make the breakfast alright?” I smiled but didn’t say a word.

As I ease myself in the hot bath I heard him brushing his teeth.

“Xav” He hummed pulling the pulling back and I look up at him, he moved me slightly and sat behind me. ” What do you want for your birthday?” He tilted his head to rest it on my shoulder. ” Maybe we should go overseas” I chuckle. “Not easy since you have work” I stated.

“Maybe you can be my dessert and maybe we can make a gift for both of us” I cluck my tongue glaring at him. ” I don’t trust us both enough for that” I wince as he pinched my nipple. “Stop ” I cry. His kisses laid over my neck as he hummed in agreement. “It’s not dangerous now, It’s okay. I wouldn’t put you in danger anymore” He said.

“Hey, I know you won’t,” I said grabbing his cheeks and kissing them both. ” Good,” He said

“I’ll drop you off at work,” He said getting out the tub and took a shower.


“They said they found me with my jacket open and my shirt undone. I have no clue how I ended like that, I know I ran away from the hospital but don’t remember anyone trying to- hurt me” I said.

She closed her eyes. “I remember seeing bruises over your back from when your dad hit you. I think Its best we go to the police” I looked up, ” Clara, I told you I failed in convincing them last time” She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Honey, last time you did not have bruises on your back nor did you have a witness to back your claims up, This time I and even Evan saw them basically drag you out the apartment. You have turned eighteen, you are an adult remember that. Contact a relative if you can. I can’t see you being any more abused”

I closed my eyes and grabbed the water bottle, drinking some water as she made us some noodles.

I slurp on the instant noodles while watching youtube when I heard a knock to my door.

My eyes immediately snap to Clara who sits up looking at me. “I’ll get it,” She said however I stopped her by her hand.

“I will,” I said. Our door did not have a peephole. So I held my heart to my hands and opened the door expecting my parents to barge in and drag me back to our house.

But I was shocked. It was the guy from before. “Oh, it’s you..” My voice faints away as he stares at me.

“How did you -”

“Mia told me where you lived. Umm, you forgot this at the house ” he said handing me my jacket. I grabbed it staring at the ground.

“I- Thank you. I am sorry. I don’t remember your name ” I said biting my lip in embarrassment.

He chuckled, “Zachary”. I nod as I remember it. “Thanks,” I said. He nodded looking at me for a second. ” Are you sure you don’t wanna file a report? Do you remember anyone doing anything to you ?” I gulp the laugh it off.

“No-No. I am fine. Thanks for worrying. Can I offer you a cup of coffee ?”

Why the fuck did I ask that? But he did help me. So how can I thank him? But he is a stranger.

“No. I wouldn’t wanna intrude. Goodbye,” He said walking away. I step out to see him walk towards the stairs and disappear.“Thank god he found you. You would’ve been in danger if he didn’t” I agreed.

The next few days were troublesome
I couldn’t figure out what I would do if my parents started meddling with my life again.

I couldn’t ask for help from Clara. I felt like moving away. Because every single time they came to her apartment asking for me She would have to listen to their rants. I was a broke student. I had to complete my studies. But I know for a fact that they will come searching for me.

I had no one but a sister who lived miles away.

My sister ran away at eighteen. She was tortured just like me. But she is a nonbeliever in god. So they abused her even more. She had lost all contacts, and she left me. She left me to suffer from these two evil assholes. I wipe my tears calling her. I had to get away from them one way or the other. As much as I hate her for leaving me she was my only way out.

Reaching out is always hard. So I waited. I called her every day for a week. But she did not reply to my calls.

I broke down that day at my college. Locking myself up the very last stall in the bathroom. Trying to hold myself back from yelling out my pain.

I left the college early but as I walked out of the class on the ground My heart stopped when I saw them at the gate of my college with a cop. My heartbeat rose up to my throat when I realized the cop saw me. It was either run inside or just tell him the truth which he probably won’t listen to.

I froze. Like a stupid bitch I was I froze right there and let the cop and my psychotic parents come near me.

“Oh my god! We finally found you. Do you know how worried I was !?” I step away from her as soon as she touched me, “Get away from me” I said with all the hate I had inside me in front of the cop. “You left the hospital without telling us! She must have had a bad episode of hallucinations ” My father said grabbing my hand but I pushed him away.

“I do not wanna be near these two,” I said moving away from the cop only watched us in confusion at first.

After a frustrating conversation with him, I got him to take me to the station with my parents. I had no clue how that was gonna help me but called Cara right away. “I am an adult. It gives them no right to stalk me like that, no right to barge in my friend’s apartment and invade her space on top of that judge her to have her boyfriend over ” I explain.

I had to beg them to listen to me without my toxic parents near me. The officer nodded.

Clara and her boyfriend came in time to help me get the fuck away from my parents. After the bruises I showed, they still had the audacity to explain that they did this to help me.

I finally get my way out of their life. But I was asked to file a report or get an attorney. But I didn’t wanna get legal I just wanted to be away from them.

After getting back at the apartment I breathe a sigh of relief when I get a call from someone I wanted to see for years.

“Aurelia?” I bite my lip looking out the small windows of the kitchen. “Hi” She spoke for minutes and asked why I called.

“I need your help with something. It's about the fucked up parents we have”

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