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Chapter 9


I bite my lip putting my book in my bag, swinging the bag over my shoulders, and walking down the stairs.
"Leaving ?" My sister asked and I nodded. We hadn't talked must every since we met. There was this uncomfortable silence every time we met. For me, it the silence of all those years we had been apart, For her, it was probably the guilt of leaving me behind.
I could see the guilt in her eyes when she saw my wounds last week. It was hard, for me to look back at her while she stared at my wounds.
I have been leaving with her and her husband for a month now. I had to change my college, I was now away and saved from my psychotic parents. My sister was kind enough to take me in and prove how my parents abused me in the name of religion all these years.
And now I had to start a new life. Which I was more than glad of. Because I could do what I wanted, wear whatever I wanted, Go anywhere at any time. More importantly, I could talk in her house. Tell her or her husband if I had problems. Unlike - I shook my head out to reality.
"Hey, Aurelia" I smile at Brandon. "Hi," I said pulling the door open and walking out. "Auree!" I stopped and turned around.
That's what she called me when I was young.
I hummed in question as she walked to the door, "Do you want me to drop you? It's your first day" I rose my eyebrows. "Umm- Ya sure" She nodded and told me to wait as she got her stuff and her car keys.
"Will you need me after you are done? " I shook my head opening the door. "Its just a short walk home" She nodded. "Thanks. see you later" She nodded and I slammed the door shut.
I knew it won't be difficult since I had the time to study enough for the class that I might have missed while moving and settling in the new environment. It was colder than where I lived. Just a little, other than that, not much difference.
It was good that my sister and her husband worked until late. I did not have to make unnecessary conversations with them for the sake of bonding.
I closed my eyes, my fingers caressing the back of my neck as I sigh. As the students moved to their next class I took a while to gather my stuff. Reminding myself that I had to see my teacher after the last class to get myself enrolled in activities.
My mind was buzzed as I walked toward the next class, I had not received a locker yet. But I hope I did soon, The notes really did make my bad heavy.
A sudden pull on my elbow made me gasp in shock.
"Aurelia?" My eyes fixed on a familiar face and I stare at him for a complete minute. "Hey! I am shocked. I thought you lived-"
"Ya, I just moved in with my sister" He nodded. My mind reminded me of his touch by how cold his hand was. I look at it and he took it away. "It's great to see you again" I nodded. "Umm-I am sorry. I forgot your name" I said.
"It's Zachary James, but you can call me Zac" I nodded smiling.
"Are you doing okay now?" He asked putting his hands in the pockets of his pants. "I looked down nodding as we walked slowly.
"Um- I never got the chance to thank you for what you did" He shook his head. "Hey, I wish I could do more." we both heard a distant call of Zac's name and we look at the guy.
"Hey man, You coming?" He asked and Zac nodded.
"See you around then" I nodded smiling and he ran towards his friends who slapped his back. He got in a car and they drove off. Wow. Didn't think he was a college student. He does look older because of the stubble over his face.
I took out my bottle and sipped some water while walking back to the house, enjoying the cold breeze, the beautiful streets.
I wonder if I would form friends. Everyone was so intimidating and cool, something I don't think I can blend in due to my past experiences.
"Hey, Aurelia. Want to sit with us for break time?" Her friends stared at me. In their short skirts and pretty tops. The hair in perfect bands and braids. While I was in my covered, colorless dress. My hair always up in a low bun.
"Leave her alone, Her Mumma doesn't like her hanging with us."One of them said. My eyes fell to the ground as they left me alone.
I sigh leaning my head on my hand as my eyes stare out the window. My perfect bubble popped when my ears picked the knock on the door of my room. I bite my lip walking over to the door almost tripping on the stuff on the ground.
Their house had just one bedroom. Hence When the offered to clean their Attic I jumped in telling them I would do it myself.
My sister brought in a bed and emptied the cupboard witch held stuff they never used. She sold the unused money so I could buy myself some clothes and things I needed.
"Hey, Brandon" He waved giving me a slight smile. "Clara wanted me to give you this." He said handing a box to me. "You two aren't on best terms yet. So she thought I could hand it to you" I nodded taking the box from him.
"Tell her whatever she thinks is probably not true" He smiles walking downstairs.
I sat on the floor opening the rusted box to uncover the pictures. It was our childhood in that one box. Years before she left. I smiled picking up the random peacock feather. The pearls that we collected from a broken necklace of our mother's. I sigh closing the box and getting to clean up of the room.
"Aurelia!" I turned around and wave at Zac, "Hey. You come really early" He said as we walked inside the gates together.
"Well so do you" I reply and he chuckled. "Nah, I came early because I have copy my assignment from some nerd" I chuckle.
"You got an assignment in the first week of college? Who teaches you guys?"He hummed. "Miss Rose, You will have her next semester probably," He said and I crease my brows. " How do you know?" I asked.
"Oh, I am a year ahead. I had to skip a year of credits" I nodded understanding.
"I gave my exam last month". "So you worked for a year," I said to myself and he nodded. "Remember the house I took you to when you were unconscious?" I nodded remembering.
"I worked for him." I nodded. "What did you do?" He shrugged. "Just followed him around for the experience. I hacked into their programs to find the bugs in their system,"
I was amazed and impressed. "Hey by the way" I hummed looking at him as he leaned on the door of my class.
"Come with me and my friends for a drink after class?" I opened my mouth but I wasn't sure. "Don't worry its not just guys," I chuckled." I-I will see" He nodded smiling.
"Hope you will then, see ya later" I nodded.

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