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May Reyna was a normal, but not so normal, high school student. She is in her sophomore year and does not believe in werewolves. At all. But what happens when she finds out that they do exist. Theodore Mendoza is a werewolf. He is also in sophomore year and has not found is mate yet. He has been looking for her for a while now. A year to be precise. What happens when he finds her one day. Both of them are broken and both of them have suffered. Does their pain and suffering reduce once they meet each other. Do they pass all the hurdles thrown towards them?

Romance / Fantasy
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1. First day of school (M)

May's POV
"Coming mom!" It is the first day of school and I woke up late. As always. My mom is screaming for me to come and eat breakfast. My mom is a single mom and I am a single child. Relationship and sibling wise. I haven't had a single boyfriend and I am a junior in St. Andrew's School. I live in Florida and have been living there since I was born.
I look at myself one last time in the mirror. The girl who was looking back at me, looked...........meh. I was wearing a brown t-shirt with "Brown Sugar" written on it. Under that I was wearing light wash jeans. I had brunette hair and tanned skin and brown eyes. Nothing special. I looked like a normal high school teenager. But I wasn't. I had gone through stuff that no one should have to go through. Well that's a story for another time.
I run down the stairs and trip and fall. Damn it! I look up and my best friend is standing there laughing her ass off. Brie. I have know her since kindergarten and we have been inseparable. We do everything together. Today for our first day of junior year she is standing in my house laughing at my clumsy ass and I am glaring at her.
"That was probably.....the best thing.....I will ever see...." she said between laughs. I flipper her off and went and took an apple for lunch. I was in the kitchen and my mom was making pancakes.
"Hey honey? How are you? Did you like the floor?" said my mom. She loved to tease me and she takes any chance to. I think that is why Brie and her get along so well... Any way, back to the topic.
"Oh, I loved it." I retorted sarcastically.
"Good for you." she came back at me.
I love her, but sometimes I feel like pouncing on her....I think I should.......
Before I actually pounce on her, I eat my pancakes and then leave for school.
"Bye honey. Have fun." she said while I was leaving.
"Bye, and I will. I love you."
"I love you too. See you soon."
Now it had been five minutes since we left and we were walking to school. School was only a 15 minute walk.
"So May, any new guys you saw?" Brie starts up conversation. She was always the outgoing type and I was always the bookworm. But we still got along perfectly. She had almost uncountable boyfriends and one night stands till now. And yes already had her first kiss, lost her virginity, everything. And all to whom, RANDOM PEOPLE!! Random people, I tell you! She is not one to "pop your cherry with the special one" and before you say anything, I know that is not a saying. Well back to the story, shall we.
"Brie, today's our first day, and we haven't even reached school. Obviously, I haven't seen any new guys. But a few days ago I saw someone move in, in the house across from us. He was probably our age. I don't know, looked new."
"Ooooh, was he hot and fit?"
"Geez, Brie! I don't know him. We might meet him in school. Why don't you ask him if he's "hot and fit"." I said putting quotation marks on hot and fit.
"What's gotten into you? You are generally willing to talk about boys. Willingly." she said, letting out a small laugh.
"Nothing. I just thought of my dad this morning. Whenever I look into my eyes, I remember him. I have his eyes, and I wish I didn't."
"Hey hey. I'm here. Your mom is here. You can talk to us, you know that right. Any time of the day, any time of the year, I am always here for you. Always."
"Are you seriously quoting Snape right now."
She giggled and said, "I wanted to lighten the atmosphere."
"Do you know when Snape said that line. When he was talking about his dead love interest. How is that supposed to lift my mood?"
"Oh yeah!" she said giving me a sheepish smile. But her smile is too contagious, so I practically had to smile. We soon reached school and went inside.
When I stepped inside and was heading for my locker, I bumped into a wall. Well, at least I thought it was a wall. Two arms were snaking around my waist and holding me up.
"Morning beautiful." said the wall......I mean the guy. I looked up and it was like heaven visited me early. Seriously.
A Greek God was standing right there practically hugging me close to his chest. He had beautiful grey eyes and jet black hair. He had a beautiful lively touch to his skin and his eyes stood out. He was 1 head taller than me. I just realised I was staring when he continued
"So.....I kinda have class. That is if you let me leave, beautiful." he added. I blushed and moved away. Immediately, I felt the lack of his warmth.
"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I'm May, and you?"
"It's alright and I am Theo. Can I have your number?" He has a smirk on his face and I am still virgin FYI if you know what I mean.....
I raised an eyebrow and said, "Excuse-me?"
"I asked if I could have your number. And before you ask it's not for hooking up. I just feel like you are an interesting person and I wanna get to know you. Also I like your shirt. Brown Sugar. Good choice" he finished, smirking at my surprised expression.
His bluntness caught me off guard and I raised my eyebrows.
"Umm...Sure.." I give him my number and he gives me his.
"See you around, beautiful." He called out. Him calling me beautiful gives me butterflies......wait, what? Forget it. It is just a crush. He looks too hot to be true and there is no way he doesn't have a girlfriend.
I was bumped into again, and I returned to the world. I walked to my first class of the day, English Lit.
I was walking there and I saw the guy who had moved in, in front of my house. He was probably an inch or two taller than me and his eyes were green. He had brown hair like me. He was lean but not like Theo. Wait......why am I comparing Neighbour Boy to Theo. What's wrong with me.
Anyway, after a while, he comes up to me and says, "Hey! I'm your new neighbour. Kyle. And your name?"
"Oh hey. I'm May......that rhymed. And yes, I saw you move in a few days ago. How's Florida life treating you?"
"It's going good so far. Even better seeing you."
I blushed and replied, "Oh, well do you need anyone to show you around or anything."
"I was just gonna ask you. Thank you so much."
"But can we do it like in lunch or after school. My day is completely full and I can't skip any of the classes. At least not on the first day." I finished with a smile hoping he would take it. Honestly I am only going with him to take my mind off of Theo. I am not using him. I just need some one to not think....... a lot......if you know what I mean.
"Sure. We can do it after school. See you at the front gate?"
"It's a date."
"No it's not." He tried but I turned him down. I don't think I am exactly in the mood for a date with Kyle, when I can't stop thinking about Theo.
"Come on."
"No, Kyle." I ended with an amused smile on my face. Why was he trying to get a date with me? He smiled one last time and left.
I stopped thinking as the second bell was about to ring. I went in the classroom and sat down on my desk in the middle of the classroom. Jenny, one of my friends was sitting there. We weren't exactly close but we talked. I saw her and walked over to her.
I sat down and she asked me, "Hey. How are you doin'?" She had a southern accent and was very sweet. She looked at me with a bright smile. Her blue eyes twinkled and her auburn hair was left down.
"It's going good. How's yours?"
"Oh, perfect. You know what happened. During the summer I hooked up with Theodore Mendoza. Best. Sex. Ever. You should try it."
I felt some kind of jealousy at that. And I didn't like the way she could just say it like he is some kind of ice-cream that I need to try. He is a human. "Ummm....No thanks. I don't think you should be that blunt about it Jenny. Like don't you feel weird? Just talking about sex like that?"
"About Theo? Not at all. He has had sex with most of the girls in this school. Even though he is just a junior like us. You know I wish I could do it again. But, he doesn't do second flings."
There was that jealousy again. Why didn't I know that he was the world's biggest playboy just by his looks. I still didn't like the way she was talking about him. I scowled a little and then the teacher came in. She was starting Macbeth today.
We continued with our lessons and soon it was lunch. When I pulled out my phone, I saw that I had two messages, from Theo. My eyes widened and i opened them quickly.
Theo: Hey
Theo: How are you?
I answered immediately. I didn't want to seem eager but I don't think that could happen now, since it has been almost an hour since he first texted me.
May: Hey
May: I'm fine. And you?
He answered immediately which surprised me a little. I liked it nonetheless.
Theo: I'm good. I was hoping we could meet after school. In Frozone's Fro-Yo?
May: Um...sure. Why? Is something the matter?
Theo: No. I just felt like seeing you. So...see you there?
May: Yep. See ya there. Bye
Theo: Bye.
I was in utter and complete shock. You could also throw in barrels and barrels of happiness somewhere in there. I was smiling like an idiot at my phone and I only realised that when Brie asked me about it.
"What's up with 'Miss Smile-till-I-split-my-face'?" she asked with and amused smile.
I let out a loose laugh and then I said, "Oh nothing, hun. I was just talking to someone. No one important." That was a complete lie. It was an extremely important someone. I can't help but feel some kind of pull towards him. Like he is some one special. Like he is-
"Ooooh, someone is it? Who is it? Is it a guy? Tell me right now."
"It's no one. Just Theo."
"You mean Theodore Mendoza?!?! You have the Theodore Mendoza's number?!?! Girl what the hell! When were you gonna tell me? You guys are gonna have the best little Mays running around your house! I'm gonna be an aunt!! Oh My Goodnessssss!!!"
By the time she was over almost fifteen people were looking at her like she was crazy. I was blushing like a tomato and telling her to shut up.
"OMG! Brie! Shut up!! We are just friends. You are not gonna be an aunt. Get it?" I asked her like she was a child. She looked completely unfazed. She was smiling like crazy.
"BTW, I completely support you guys. Also, what were you texting him about? Something juicy? Are you gonna make me my god children. Please say yes!!!"
I was even redder than a completely ripe tomato by now. "Brie, NO!!!!! We are just meeting at Frozone's Fro-Yo after school. Nothing too important. He just wanted to see me."
"He just wanted to see you?" she was wiggling her eyebrows and I just started walking away. "OK,OK. You'll end up making me god children a few years later. Happy?"
I gave her one of these (-_-) faces and then she shut up. I told her that we should both go and show Kyle around. She agreed immediately. She hates canteen food. I don't know why she hates it. It isn't like it is bad or something. Well back to the topic. We were just heading for Kyle's classroom (which he told me earlier) and when we reached there, he was standing outside the class on his phone. Brie was a little shorter than me so if you compare Kyle and Brie, Kyle is a lot taller then her. Brie's mouth was on the floor.
"So, you are telling me, this Greek God moved in, in front of you. He has green eyes. I love green eyes." she said. She was practically melting. When he saw her you could practically see him in shock. Then he had a big grin on his face. He walked over to us, not once taking his eyes off of her.
"Hey gorgeous." he said to Brie. she blushed and said a small 'Hi'. I could honestly picture them together. they compliment each other. Personality and look wise. Her waist length blonde hair and blue eyes with her ivory skin looked awesome with his looks. For a second I wished me and Theo could be together. But I quickly dismissed that thought. He is a major playboy.
"So...are you guys gonna show me around?"
"Yep. Let's go."
After that I showed him around the whole school with Brie and him talking all the time. I loved to see them together. Brie didn't seem to get this happy often. I liked to see her happy. I loved her so obviously I liked to see her happy. All the time though, I was wishing I was with Theo. I know I don't even know him, but I still feel a pull towards him.
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