Love. Redefined.

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Not just a love sotry....

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Love. Redefined

“I’m sorry! ”
Tirtho’s phone screen lock became bright as the notification popped up. It was Sneha, again. This was the 4th time Sneha sent it and Tirtho left it as seen. And this was probably their Nth argument till date. The reason? She left his soccer game before half time without any prior notice. And as the lucky charm wasn’t present, his team lost! Sneha’s weak argument in her support was she had a friend’s birthday invitation but she knew she was wrong this time. So she chose to apologize. She knew Tirtho won’t be mad at him for long and come to her inbox to scold her some more and then forget it all, but she felt bad. Love, as you know, makes people sort of crazy, and they are not an exception too.

Tirtho, student in the Bennett University, Delhi. A tall and broad muscular frame of 5ft 11 inches, always carrying a smile on his face which was totally a proof of his friendliness along with his athletic physique. His eyes were deep and they told all about how he is. And cracking jokes whenever he got an opportunity. Pretty decent in academics but he was the main attraction of many people in the college because of his sports enthusiasm. He was a footballer by passion but interest? In all kinds of sports. He was someone who could spent hours and hours talking about sports, and yet, not get bored or exhausted. There was very few people in the college who could defeat him in an argument about sports. And there was very few who could defeat him even in a physical duel too, as he practiced Boxing along with taekwondo and Muay-Thai! Talkative, Smiling, Friendly, Humble and of course you guessed it right, an athlete with such a physical presence and personality obviously drew a handsome amount of female attraction.
And the strangest part, he didn’t enjoy it. He had more female friends in college but that didn’t make him enjoy all the creepy attraction. He didn’t hate it but he enjoyed his private space more. Yeah, weird. And that’s exactly how he is.

Summer of 2019, after securing a 91% in HS, Tirtho took admission in Bennett University for Computer Engineering and from then on, his life and many others, took a big turn.
As per the college guidelines. the first two weeks are the introduction period where the syllabus pressure is negligible and fresh students are given time to interact and know each other, get accustomed with the college and meet many famous personalities and many more alumni interactions to brief them about the college. After a long one hour journey as Tirtho made his way to the classroom and found a corner seat to get comfortable, “Hi”......a voice came from his front. A guy with curly hairs and a broad smile began the interaction.

“Hi bro, Tirtho here”, Tirtho replied.
“Hi, myself Rahul. Which school?”
“Aditya Academy. You?”
“Great! Sports fan?, yeah, Tirtho has his focus on one only thing. And if someone failed to fall in this criteria, he won’t find that spark in him anymore.
“No dude, just arts and stuffs”.
“Nice bro”, replied with a sigh!
“Oh, i guess the professor is here, look there”
And apparently it was the HOD of their department whose first impression was quite badass. Two more professors made their way in along with the principal to have a chat with the students. The total 120 students were divided according to roll numbers into two sections, A which had 1-60 and B which had 61-120 which would come into action from the next day. Apparently, Tirtho’s first friend Rahul will be sitting in section B from the next day and he himself, in A. Short meeting!
And thus the first day came to a close and oh boy! What a boring day it was for him!
He came back and threw his bag on his bed and dozed off. Tomorrow he had to go and then start making new friends! Yeah, all that and his soccer practice too! He had one thing in mind, he had to make his way in the college soccer team! This had more priority than grades! Rightly so!

The next day he went to campus half an hour earlier and chose a comfortable seat in the second last row. A backbencher since birth!
Slowly the rest of the students made their way in and at once, and suddenly a bright energetic appearance made her way in! Tirtho couldn’t flinch for a moment as he kept looking....It was a new girl whom he didn’t notice last day. She had long black silky hairs till her breasts, a pretty fair skin tone and with gorgeous black eyes and her smile! Tirtho never saw someone smile more brightly ever. It was as if she spread happiness around her every time she smiled. How could someone have such a gorgeous face , he kept thinking about it!! She was quite tall around 5feet 8 inches with a broad and toned sexy figure which made clear she was involved in sports or worked out often and it also made her stand out of all the average girls in the class. She was wearing a light yellow colored salwar and white leggings which totally caught Tirtho’s attention. He couldn’t move his eyes from her as she made her way to the seat two rows before his. Shit, his bad luck as always. The seat beside him was empty and of course he didn’t have much luck in his favor.
The day began and went ahead with two classes, one of maths and one of english and then the expected alumni interactions went on. He had only one thing in mind, how to talk to her! He totally expected to have a girlfriend in his university days, but he didn’t expect to get so attracted to someone on the very first day!

His lucky moment came during the lunch break, or did it? As everyone made their way to the canteen, and bought foods, Tirtho went there too though he had his own fruits and energy drink he consumes to keep his body is shape. He saw that girl sitting in a corner table with her food. It seemed she also did not have any previous friends like him here. Although many of the students had, but both of them were among the few exceptions. He walked two steps towards her and stopped. “What if she thinks i am a creep?” “She is so gorgeous, a lot of boys will hit on her and what if she thinks i am one of them too?” thoughts like these just froze his feet on spot. She was looking even more gorgeous while having her food, it seemed to Tirtho! It became quite obvious for him from her toned figure that she attracted a lot of unwanted attention on facebook, instagram whenever she uploads a picture, and she must be fed up with all those creeps hitting on her at midnight! “What should i do?? Should i go on and say hi or just back off and wait for some days?” this was the dilemma which he faced for the first time in his life. He always had an easy approach towards his female friends as he had a lot of them since his school days. But now? What is going on!! It took some more seconds before he trashed all the thoughts and started walking towards her. “Alright, it’s just a hi, and i am not a creep. She will totally understand this, she looks quite smart, just talk to her” he said to himself in his mind and kept walking. He was two feet away from her table and suddenly a ringtone buzzed! It was her phone! She took the phone out of her bag and went outside to receive the call. Shit!

All this dilemma and this is how it ends? Damn. Tirtho felt disgusted at himself for taking so much time and wasting the opportunity. He waited for some time but there was no sign of her coming back. The lunch break’s bell rang and he had to make his way back to the class without getting the chance to talk to her. And as usual, he had to spend the rest of the day by looking at her from the back. “Fuck! i am such a loser” he kept repeating to himself for the rest of the day.
Meanwhile, he tried to talk to the guy sitting beside him but that guy was a bit too awkward and often ignored his initiative to start conversations. Though it didn’t bother him much because he was already preoccupied with cursing himself.
After the college hours, he found the sports coach on the soccer field teaching some senior boys. He went there to have a talk to him about the trials and for some other information regarding the team’s selection. This took almost half hour more and when he finally came out of the campus, he couldn’t see her anymore. She was already gone! He boarded the bus and kept smiling constantly. “damn who knew i would get such a huge interest in the university on the very second day?” he kept thinking.
The next day he went half an hour earlier too and waited at the main gate with earphones plugged in, he had to wait for her to come and then walk behind her so that he could get the seat beside her. What a master plan! He saw her entering from the main gates and oh my god! She was looking like a princess, Tirtho kept repeating to himself! She was wearing a pink salwar this day and she too had earphones plugged in which, extraordinarily, didn’t contrast with the traditional dress, instead, she made these two, the best combination ever! He went behind her keeping a safe distance and both of them entered the class. This time she found a seat on the extreme corner and of course, the seat beside her was already occupied by another girl! Bad luck and Tirtho, the bestfriends. He went forward and found the seat beside that same creepy guy he found yesterday. Damn! This time that boy greeted him with a smile which just made Tirtho creep out a bit more. “Hi bro, together again”. that boy said,
“yeah together.....again” Tirtho replied in a sarcastic tone which of course that dude didn’t get hold of. Two more classes went by and now they had the online registration process where the students need to fill up an online form regarding the university registration.
All the students went to the lab and sat on the computers of their choice. He became busy in starting his machine, and as he looked up and then turned his head to her right, he was shell-shocked. That girl made her way to the computer beside her and sat there. “Did it really happen?” “She made her way here and sat beside him??” He was puzzled totally and a sudden blast of happiness, excitement and fright clouded his mind. And in the process, he totally messed up the startup of his machine by pressing some random keys unwillingly just to act normal! He tried to look here and there and pressed the CPU’s main button thrice but of no result.

“It won’t start that way, your monitor is in sleep mode” a light, soft yet assertive voice came from the side! It was her talking to him!! Yet again a rush of extreme emotions ran across his mind and before he could gather some courage to talk to her, she said again “i’m doing it, lean back a little please”, and she came up from her seat, leaned on his computer and pressed some keys which eventually worked but Tirtho was awestruck! The girl he had a crush on, came herself and talked to him! She even took the initiative to fix his computer! Was this a dream? Pinching himself would be a bit too much he thought. “Th....thanks a lot! hehe” Tirtho said to her and she replied with the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. He was about to speak some more but the professor came and told to begin the proceedings which saved Tirtho from a bit more embarrassment for sure. If he went to speak some more he would’ve clearly embarrassed himself in front of her on the very second day of college life. He couldn’t even gather the courage to ask her name as she seemed quite busy in registering. So he took a quick peek at her desktop and saw the name “Sneha”.
Sneha! What a beautiful name! Sneha! He kept repeating this to himself. Soon the process came to an end, and as they both got up, she greeted him with another beautiful precious smile and went away. Tirtho started blushing. This was probably the first time ever he became so nervous while talking to a girl and the blush!! For fuck’s sake, the blush!!! The athletics champion has crushed over Sneha head over heels. Tirtho thought as the ice is already broken he should today go and sit with her for lunch. But sports coach came to ask for all the players interested in soccer and told them to make their way to the field for a friendly match. So chance wasted!
But soccer is another thing which gives Tirtho equal happiness so he wasn’t quite disheartened. As they played a friendly Tirtho immediately became the star attraction with two goals and three assists. He knew he would get his spot in the college team booked as soon as he steps on the field and it happened rightly so. Even the senior players came and talked to him so yeah, quite popular on field as always! After the dispersal he went to the coach again for a quick chat and started to make his way out of the campus after a minute or two.
“Well played Mr. Tirtho” a voice came from behind! That exact same sweet soft assertive voice! He looked back and it was Sneha who came up to him to talk. Again!!
“Your speed is excellent and you got neat footwork too! Not bad!” she said.
“Thanks.....but you watched me play?” Tirtho asked in a shaky voice. For the first time he constructed a sentence in two days to talk to his crush and he felt proud for this.
“Yeah, everyone was, i guess you didn’t notice me, i was on the far corner at that bench, she said by pointing to the bench placed at the entrance of the canteen from where the field could be seen directly.
“Oh! That one”. He said.
“Yeah Mr. Player, you are already selected, don’t worry. The coach is totally impressed”.
“I hope so hehe”.
“Wait, how did you know my name?” Tirtho now realized she called him by his name while starting the conversation and there is no way she could’ve known it!”
“Just the same way you came to know mine! She smirked.
“wh…..” before he could complete his sentence she said by pointing to a bus “that’s my ride, i gotta go, and keep a seat beside yours from tomorrow onwards Tirtho. Bye” she said with a smile and boarded the bus.
Tirtho was standing there spellbound. What did just happen here?? She knew her name and told to keep a seat beside him from tomorrow!!!!
She did all this!!! His crush came up to him and did all this! It means she peeked into his desktop too for the name!!! “How did my luck take a 180 degree turn just in a few hours?” He said to himself.
Suddenly the day turned out to be the best day so far in recent times as he recollected. He couldn’t wait for the next day to start!! She told him that she will sit beside him! He started having butterflies!
Rest of the day went as usual for him with the regular practice sessions and he couldn’t sleep with excitement for the next day!!
The next morning he was a bit late and ran the entire road after getting down from the bus in the fear that she must have went in earlier and his place might have been taken! Shit! His athletics didn’t disappoint him at the time of need as he raced past everyone and entered the class. He looked everywhere and couldn’t find Sneha. Where was she? He is 40 minutes late and she should’ve been here by now! As he collected his breath and suddenly a hand waved at him from the back signaling him to come there. He raised his head and saw it was Sneha! She kept a place beside him at the very last bench! He went there grasping for breath and instantly all his exhaustion turned into a bliss as he saw her smile.
“Sit and have some water, looks like Mr. Player ran a lot today” she said with a smile.
He sat down and had water while she looked at him all the time.
“Thanks for keeping a seat, actually i was late from the morning sprint today” he said.
“That’s all right, if one of us is late then the other one will do it from now on” she replied with a happy face.
“That sounds great.......”
“You already know my name from yesterday , call me Sneha” she replied in a teasing voice.
“You knew it?” Tirtho said in a surprised tone.
“Ofcourse i knew. You couldn’t ask for it so you looked at my screen” she teased him more.
Tirtho blushed again. “She is totally smart! Beauty with brains! Damn” he thought.
“Yeah....... I’s just that.....” Tirtho tried to continue in a mumbling voice.
“Hey prof’s here” she said.
As he looked up he saw the professor was here to take the lecture and thank god! He was saved from further embarrassment again!
As the lecture proceeded, Tirtho dozed off to a power nap only till Sneha shook him up, “dude stop sleeping, it is just the 4th day.”
“Yeah....right right”, tirtho shook his head and got up, and both of them shared a smile looking at each other.
“Damn she is a total bundle of cuteness too”. He thought.
As the lectures went by, they started talking about their school life and the various interests and hobbies. She took a lot of interest in Tirtho’s life, his sports career, fight enthusiasm and other extra-curricular. They shared a gala time while the lectures went by on their own.
As the lunch break came she got up and was packing her bag to go to the canteen when Tirtho asked “you are going downstairs?”
“Yeah, you wanna come?”
“But you bring your own food i saw”
“Yes but we can share a table i guess if you don’t mind” Tirtho said.
“That sounds nice, come on let’s go”, Sneha added while they started walking towards the corridor.
“How do you know i bring my own food?” Tirtho’s amusement kept on piling. How is she getting to know all these about him?
“Did you notice me too?” he asked.
“I saw you, didn’t notice” she added with a teasing tone.
He kept thinking to himself, was she keeping an eye on him too?
“She saw my name, watched me play from distance, asked to sit together and now this too!!” He thought to himself as he felt quite good about this and at the same time quite impressed too.
“You know, making a new friend at a new place feels so good.” She kept the conversation going....
“yeah, actually i wanted to talk to you bu........” Ah shit! Tirtho slipped something out of his mouth which he shouldn’t have.
“No i mean not like that, not like a crazy stalker you know...” he tried to cover up
“I know. i can spot creeps from a long distance. you are not one of those.” she replied in a comforting tone.
“But, Mr. Athlete wanted to talk to me.....hmmmmm” she teased him again.
“You get a lot of fun in teasing me right?” Tirtho said with a smile
“Yeah, especially when you get all blushy and all when i do it” she smirked and they both shared a good little laugh together.
Both of them felt the strange comfort while talking to each other. They felt connected very soon. And you know, the first step of the good old love.
“you know quite a lot about me, tell me about yourself, like what you do except spotting creeps and teasing me” he said with a laugh
“well, i was quite involved in tennis but then i had to leave as my mom shifted. And oh i’m an amateur ballet dancer , you know, dance and songs make a perfect woman like that shit. And by the way, I practice Karate too” she laughed.
“You don’t look like a perfect woman by the way lol” tirtho replied.
“Really? Now you are pulling my leg ” she smiled
“That’s what i live for miss dancer”
The usual boring days became more and more interesting with them getting close. From the morning to evening, constant partners in everything. And of course, as days went by, they started to form a group. The backbenchers.
Raj and Rishav, two more footballer guys, who had to come of course as an influence, two more girls named Kavita and Neha joined. Sleeping during lectures, bunking classes for playing together became a daily part of their lives. Soon the 6 of them became like a family while Tirtho and Sneha were slowly building on their friendships as days went by. Even Tirtho realized she had somewhat a close connection with him. Even while staying in a group, these two always sat together, cared for each other a bit more than others which was totally evident to others.
“Hi”, Sneha’s phone buzzed as she was completing her assignments one night. It was Tirtho.
“Hi Mr. Player what’s up?” she replied
“Please stop calling me a player. it sounds so bad”
“lol. okay then what about just tirtho?”
“That’s great. And btw your name is a bit hard to remember, can i just call you mine?”
“How many girls have you tried this on before?”
“There were two girls whom i tried this on, one blocked me instantly, and the other one stopped talking to me after two days”
“lol. I think i should do that too! xD”

“Why are all the beautiful girls so cruel on innocent boys?”

“Btw, I know who is beautiful here, but who is the innocent one? Lol. And someone knows how to flirt here......Mr. Player, not bad”
both of them had a broad smile on their face while texting, both of them were on cloud nine as they kept talking for hours forgetting about all the assignments, deadlines, submissions, they just went with the flow knowing that it would make them meet at one point for sure.
“What about ex? Had any?” Sneha asked.
“Don’t lie, you got the craziest female fan following here, almost every second girl talks about you, and i’m sure this was the scene in your school too”
“It’s true, but i never had one proper relationship though, liked someone but she never did, and that’s it”
“That’s sad! What was her name? If you don’t mind”
“Nah, i’m totally cool with it. She was Riya, 12th standard’s incident”
“So it was a crush affair?”
“Not like that, she was my best friend in school days, friendship grew, i fell, she didn’t, she fell with a senior of a college who used to hit on her for a long time, and that’s how it ended.”
“Damn, that’s one hell of a heart break. ”
“Are you mad?” she asked
“No, something came up, i gotta go, let’s meet tomorrow. Bye”
“Yeah, bye”
Sneha felt she just pressed on the point which hurts Tirtho. She should’ve eased him into the conversation instead of just being so direct. But that’s her thing, she is always so direct that instead of it being an advantage it often makes some people avoid her. “I gotta make it up to him tomorrow”, she thought.
The next morning Tirtho made his way to the campus and as he was went past the entrance gate….
“WHOOOO” a female voice shouted into his right ear suddenly from the back.
Tirtho got one fright of a lifetime as he jumped at least a feet with a classic scream!
It was Sneha.
“Dude, why are you so late, athletes should report on time everywhere” she said with a sweet laughter as she saw Tirtho still recovering from the shock.
“Bro you just scared the hell out of me!” He exclaimed.
“It’s evident, that was so fun. I should do this to you more often” she added while still laughing.
Tirtho saw the joy on her face and instantly started smiling himself. For him, Sneha laughing her heart out every time was the best thing he saw, she looked so carefree and the way a small tear droplet would roll down every time from her eyes as she wouldn’t be able to control her laughter! Damn, Tirtho fell a bit more for her every time.
As the both recovered and started to make their way into the building, Sneha said
“I’m sorry, for last night”
“It’s totally cool, that’s in the past”, Tirtho replied
“No, i should’ve eased you in first, i was a bit too direct. Everyone has that weak spot in their lives”
“It’s okay, you don’t need to be sorry. I am totally cool with it, actually it feels good to have someone to share these things with”
“That’s true, i’m glad i am that one for you in this new stage of life”
Tirtho’s heart just skipped a beat when he heard this. She just told him that? This is probably one of the best things he heard in the past few days from anyone! Damn!
“Hey, my team selection is starting from today, so i gotta stay after regulation hours, so i guess you 3 girls gotta leave by yourself for some days now after dispersal” Tirtho said.
“Yeah, Best of luck for the trials, though you are already selected still....” Sneha replied as they made their way into their class.
After just another usual day with lots of fun and jokes the guys made their way into the field but this time with a slight change of plan. The 3 girls also stayed back to watch them play. “Who would miss out on the sight of university boys sweating themselves out on the field?” They said. Rightly so.
The trials consisted of some regular drills and then a practice match of 30 minutes. Where Tirtho, Raj and Rishav all bagged a goal each, and their off-field chemistry started to show it’s magic on-field as well. When one of them is on the ball, the rest two already know where to be to receive that killer pass. When they stepped on the field it was totally 3 vs 11. What makes Tirtho a bit better than the rest two is he is more of a team player. He creates more opportunities for others rather than keeping the ball to himself for all the lime lights. But these 3 together would rock the field any day they wanted.

After a long hour of tenacious practice, the coach pointed out the mistakes in their games and told that the team sheet would be published on the notice board tomorrow. As the 3 of them made their way out of the field and went to the shower room, Rishav said “Bro, she is totally into you”
“What?” Tirtho replied in quite a shock.
“Sneha, she is totally into you, haven’t you noticed?”
“Shut up dude, what even?” Tirtho replied in denial.
“You are in love and everyone knows that, but she is into you too”. Raj added from behind.
“Stop it guys, i am not in love, she is just a good friend”
“Yeah, you not in love with Sneha and Rishav stopping hitting on girls are same. Both are impossible” Raj added with a broad grin.
“Someday i’m gonna kill you mf. Let’s foucus on our mission here.” Rishav replied.
“What mission!!! I’m not in love and she is totally not into me, everyone knows that!” Tirtho said in a quiet tone.
“Dude, you are blushing right now like a cute chick, you can’t lie” Raj added.
“Exactly. And Sneha totally had her eyes locked on you in spite of the fact there was such a hot guy present on the field too” Rishav replied with a smirk.
“Who?” Tirtho and Raj said at the same time while looking at each other in amusement.
“Me. Who else?” Rishav burst out with laughter saying this.
“Fuck off dude. I’m totally hungry come on let’s grab a burger after this, those girls are waiting for us too” Tirtho said.
As the three of them made their way out of the dressing room with usual outfits after a bath, Kavita said to other girls “We gotta admit, our boys are literally the most awesome ones.”
“Yeah, you are right”, Sneha and Neha replied in a same tone while all three of them having a quite good look at their boys.
After a good fun for an hour or two at Subway and the girls amusement while looking at the boys eating up three whole subs and still saying they are hungry, they called it a day. As all of them were walking together to the bus stop, The 4 of them gave Tirtho and Sneha a space of their own where they walked together. Yeah, friends are literally the best gifts, who knows how to insult each other every now and then and also make each other feel special.

“Well played”, Sneha started the conversation.
“Thanks, for waiting too” Tirtho replied.
“Of course we would wait for you guys. And i would specially……” Sneha said the latter part in the most quiet tone.
“You would what?” Tirtho asked....
“Nothing, i love watching you guys play even though i am not into soccer. And i must say, you run like a beast, how do you get so much speed?” Sneha changed the topic.
“Years of practice and hard work maybe” Tirtho replied.
“You should never give up on this sport. I totally see the joy and satisfaction on your face when you are on the field. You hardly get this happy doing any other thing” Sneha said while patting his back.
“And you are absolutely correct....i don’t know where would i have been without sports” Tirtho said with a sigh.
“You would’ve been the college topper maybe.”
“Yeah lol”
“No seriously. Dude you totally rock the exams even after sleeping in the lectures everyday”
“Says the girl who doesn’t get anything below 95” Tirtho pulled her leg.
“You know that’s a talent very few possesses” Sneha laughed
“Bro seriously, how do you just keep studying and top everything?”
“I don’t know, it just happens”
“Stop being modest. But it feels so cool to have a topper in our gang , you are literally the savior during exams” Tirtho replied.
“You boys should treat me one day for this” Sneha smiled.
“Sure mam, as you say”
“How far is your home from here?” Sneha asked
“1 hour minimum, Lake avenue’s route is bit too crowded you know”
“Yeah. Mine an hour or so too, btw, we go half the distance on the same route right?” Sneha asked.
“Yeah why?”
“We can return together duffer, i’ll go down and catch the auto at River lane” Sneha said.
“That is one great idea!” Tirtho said in total excitement as from now on he would get at least half an hour more with her he thought.
The rest of the 4 guys went on their respective direction after bidding farewell and now it was only the two of them at the bus stop waiting for their ride.
A quiet yet peaceful silence prevailed as both of the looked at each other and shared a smile while Tirtho’s heart raced with numerous emotions at the same time.
“Does she feel for me? Were Raj and Rishav right? Should he tell her? What if their friendship gets broken? What if he keeps waiting for too long and the opportunity is gone? What if.........” his thoughts got interrupted as Sneha said “Our ride is here, come on” and held Tirtho’s hand and took him to the bus as both of them got up and went to the last seat.
“Did she just hold my hand?” Tirtho just got puzzled again. “But the bus was here and i was lost in my thoughts that’s why maybe, it doesn’t mean anything for her” he kept thinking to himself.
“Hi Mr. , thoughts about your old love?” Sneha interrupted in a sarcastic tone.
“No, not that, i was just tired” Tirtho covered up.
“Then doze off, i will wake you up when my stop comes” Sneha comforted him.
“No, it’s okay. You tell me what about your exes, had any?” Tirtho said.
“Well, i had one. Didn’t work out”
“We couldn’t get close much. He wanted something else from life, me something else. He got excessively possessive, tried to control me every time, thought i cheated on him whenever i was late for a date, you know, made life extremely difficult and i couldn’t cope up with it” Sneha said.
“I see, it’s good that you saw the wider picture instead of just trying to please him. You did well.” Tirtho comforted her.
“Yeah, thanks for understanding” Sneha said as both of them looked out of the window as the bright lights for the carnivals were being set up.
Without their knowledge within a few moments both of them dozed off to sleep after a long tiring day.
When their sleep broke due to a jerk, Tirtho woke up first and felt a slight pressure on his right shoulder as he tried to sit up. As he turned his vision he saw Sneha held on to his shoulder and was sleeping peacefully.
Time stopped for Tirtho. “She is literally the most beautiful girl I ever came across. How peacefully she is sleeping and is holding on to me as if the arm is hers totally.” He thought to himself. He moved a hair falling on her sleepy face and tucked it behind her ear due to which Sneha woke up too.
She kept his arm grabbed and asked in the probably the cutest sleepy voice with half-opened eyes “Where are we?”
“We missed your stop already, both of us fell asleep. Don’t worry we’ll get down at the next one and take you home” Tirtho replied
“Shit, we missed it.” and released his arm immediately in a hurry. She looked down as she blushed...
“Someone slept quite a lot today, why not, she got the best pillow ever” Tirtho teased her as she blushed more.
Both of them got down at the next stop and started walking while an awkward silence prevailed because both of them realized that they were physically the closest some moments before. Their faces were so close, she held on to him like the most protected girl in his arms.
“You don’t need to come the entire distance, your parents will be worrying, i know the roads from here” Sneha broke the silence.
“I live alone, don’t worry, it’s late at night i should walk you home, and we can spend some more time together too” Tirtho added.
“Yupp, we should walk together then, btw you know i’m a karate practitioner too, didn’t receive any belt yet but i can protect you too from some creeps as it’s so late” Sneha said sarcastically,
“Really? That is so cool!” i love self-dependant women who doesn’t always need a man to protect her” Tirtho said with joy.
“Yeah, btw i live alone too, dad passed away, and mom is an interior designer settled in Cardiff. ” Sneha said.
“I am so sorry to hear this!”
“It’s okay, what about you?”
“Mom and Dad settled in Bangalore, sent me here, both of them has their work there so i live alone. This was their first house when they had a job here, didn’t sell it as when we visited here, we stayed in it. And now it is mine for the time being”
“That is so cool! We got a lot of similarities eh?” Sneha said with smile.
” I guess so”....
Both of them kept talking about their interests and dislikes and bonded with each other like never before. Tirtho was beginning to become sure about her feelings but he was totally scared to disclose his feelings to her. “Maybe this is what happens when people fall in love”, he thought.
“This is my apartment” Sneha pointed at the big white building with the name “NIRMALA APARTMENTS” and pointed to the second floor to show him her house.
“Come on in, have a cup of coffee, it’ll help you with those sleepy eyes hehe”, She said jokingly,
“Some other time, it is a bit too late, i need to get back, hope you don’t mind” Tirtho said and immediately regretted it.
“TF dude, she is inviting you over and look at you asshole” he thought to himself.
“Okay, i get it. We’ll meet next week then, goodnight, bye” Sneha said as she gave a sweet smile and waved Tirtho.
“Text me once you reach and thank you for today sleepyhead” she shouted from behind...
“Sure i will miss fighter” Tirtho replied as both of them shared a laugh from distance, Sneha watched Tirtho disappear into the dark alley after a few moments as she kept looking.....she didn’t move until she finally couldn’t see him anymore.

This weekend, both of them stalked each other’s each and every social media accounts they had, and exchanged numerous messages. Mostly where they roasted and teased each other playfully. The next whole week went almost the same with the regular lectures and the soccer sessions with the women crushing on all the boys sweating out and of course, the star attraction, Tirtho among all of them. But Tirtho had eyes only towards one woman which was quite evident for the others. And of course, rumors and what not, started spreading. They didn’t care though. After every match won, Sneha would leap with joy more than anyone else and after every lost match she would console Tirtho and make him push harder for the next match. Semester exams went by, and as usual, both of them secured above 90%, so both of them became renowned in the entire university for excelling in both sports and academics. And Sneha? Many boys hit on her but she was not just interested enough. She had eyes only for one boy, and the same for Tirtho. 6 months went by but they couldn’t confess to each other. Both of them were scared to lose each other totally. If it meant to be just friends forever, they would happily accept that too. They spent the whole day together, left together, often slept on their way back home and miss the stop, or intentionally they would miss it just so they can walk together every day. But still, they couldn’t speak their hearts out. But can anyone fight against the laws of nature? Can someone ever, go against destiny? No. Sneha and Tirtho wouldn’t have seen even in their wildest dreams what was going to unfold in the matter of some time.

The winter of 2019. Lives, starting to change. Inter-University cup semi-finals.
Scoreline: 4-3 . Bennett University trailing by a goal at 80 minutes. Tirtho has already scored twice and assisted one for Raj but still that wasn’t proving to be enough. Adamas’ players were proving to be toughest competition till date.
The centre-back provides a lofted ball to the centre forward but he fails to collect it and now Adamas are on the break again, Rajesh sacrifices his position to chase and slides into a tackle to win the ball back. Tirtho screamed “pass it” while dashing forward with full pace as Adamas had left a lot of open spaces in their back four while counter attacking. Rajesh lofts the ball over everyone and Tirtho’s first touch is sublime, he enters the penalty box with ease and took a slight peek to see if he has any support or not, he realizes he is all by himself at the opponent’s den, so aims at the far post and shoots with all the mighty powers he has gained through all these years of tremendous hard work. The net tears as the ball goes flying past the Adamas goalie! 4-4! Tirtho’s hattrick! And the crowd roars!!! But Tirtho knows it is not done yet. He simply collects the ball from the net and takes it to the centre line to save time. It is better to kill the match right now instead of taking it to the penalties.

90+3, the last minute of extra time and Adamas wins a corner. Heartbeats racing, one mistake and all the hard work is wasted, all hopes will end. Adamas’ captain takes the corner kick, every players in the box jumps, just to touch the ball once, nobody does but there goes Raj, he receives it at the end of the entire flock and sees Tirtho who was the first to respond to it. He started sprinting at full speed at the other end, Raj passes it with full power so that nobody can get to it before Tirtho, and it does, All the 20 players are sprinting at full speed but nobody can match Tirtho’s pace, he is flying with the ball, this time just before entering the penalty box he slows down because this time, the Adamas’ goalie didn’t repeat the same mistake, he started to dash towards Tirtho to shorten the angle for him even before he can enter the box, Tirtho slows down at the half-circle of the box, as soon as the goalie was about to dive to his feet to stop him from scoring, he sees, Rajesh with the fastest sprint of his life making his way into the box, he squares it to Rajesh without any hesitation, and Rajesh just passes the ball into an empty net.
5-4!!! Full time! And Bennett University tastes victory from the grasp of defeat, that too at the semi-finals. The entire crowd leaps with joy and everyone is just chanting their hero’s name, Tirtho. And now, Tirtho does the classic celebration of CR7, his idol because now he knows, it is job done for the day.
Sneha had already started to cry sitting on the stands, it was her friends and especially her love, who did the miracle for them. Tirtho’s eyes were only searching for one person in the stands and after a lot of searching, he spots that brightness of his life, crying in happiness. He felt so happy. The coach runs on to the field to give his boys a hug who worked the hardest to make this miracle possible.
Tirtho stepped outside the field, and before anyone else, there is Sneha, she came running towards him and jumped on tirtho to hug him. Tirtho was literally pushed back one step because Sneha totally leaped on to him this time! Their first hug!!! And what a moment she chose to do it!! Tirtho’s joy just doubled or tripled up! He was hugged by his love for the first time! And he saw with his own eyes that how happy she was just after seeing him perform! A rush of bloods, emotions, and so many butterflies at once! Tirtho closed his eyes and held Sneha tighter, as Sneha leaned on him more and slowly whispered in his ears, “Well played champion!” That sounded like the sweetest voice on earth giving him the best compliments he could ever get.

And tirtho replied “i am glad that you are happy”.
Before they could enjoy their first hug any more, rest of the team-mates and class mates flocked them to congratulate and hug the players.
The final was scheduled to take place next week, so they had 5 days time. So the entire team decided to celebrate together. But Tirtho hated booze, he preferred his physique more than any celebration, so he sat with the team for a while and then the 6 of them, the backbenchers decided to have a party on their own with only foods.
“To our boys” Exclaimed Neha while all 6 of them doing cheers with their burgers.
It became quite late at night after their small party and thus, the incident which probably changed Tirtho and Sneha’s life forever.
“Well, guys this day will be remembered for quite a while, eh?” Said Tirtho addressing everyone present there.
“Absolutely, dude you just re-wrote the history of Bennett” Raj replied.
“Not me, us” Tirtho replied...
“Exactly, look how humble i am , i don’t even want to take credits for my brilliance today, btw, you guys are welcome” Rishav said and burst out on laughter
“Dude can you ever shut up?” All three girls replied together...

“ is this your boyfriend?” an unclear and unfamiliar voice sounded from the back as they entered the dark alley, it was already past 11:30 on a winter night, and there were no-one on that street except the 6 of them, so it sounded quite strange....all of them looked back and found a stranger with two other guys walking towards them...
“The tall one is your boyf.....boyfriend? eh?” That man said again and apparently it was directed towards Sneha. The man was at least an inch or two above 6 feet and was quite heavyweight which made him look like a giant at the middle of the street. He was wearing a loose shirt with the front three buttons undone, and was totally drunk. His words were jumbled up and had difficulty in constructing even a simple sentence, and the aroma of alcohol surrounded them as he kept walking towards them. He was accompanied by two more men who looked like his friends or whatever, and were totally as huge as the man speaking.
“What are you doing here?” Sneha replied. And to everyone’s shock, it seemed Sneha knew him too.
“You know him?” Tirtho asked to Sneha
Before Sneha could reply the man roared again, “You shouldn’t be late at night with some other guys i told you already”
“What is the matter with you? You are drunk, just go away and live a peaceful life, please” Sneha replied in a disgusted tone.
“Oh really? I told you not to roam at midnight, and is how you disobey me?”
“What is wrong with you? It is already over, just go back!” Sneha said to the man, and then said to her friends, “let’s go guys” and started to walk...
“You know this man? Is he your ex? he stalks y......” before he could complete his sentence,
“Hey, tall dude, wait up” said the man from behind again....“You know who i am?”
“Look, i don’t really know, and i don’t want to too, just go your way and we go ours” Tirtho replied
“You should’ve went your way every night instead of dropping her home fucker!” The man roared again and the smell of alcohol just filled the atmosphere over there.
“What? Who are you exactly?” Tirtho asked.
Sneha came from behind and shouted “You stalk me every day?? Are you crazy? You know i could report you to the police?”
Now it became clear for everyone that who this man was. It was that ex Sneha was talking about in the bus the other day and apparently this dude has become an alcoholic and started to stalk her every day.
“This...this is what i fell for sweety, you are so enggg....energg....energetic, i would love to spend one night with you, you know this figure, i still miss it, the way we hugged and our bodies rubbed against each other, i still want to feel your body” said the man while getting close to Sneha.
“You are the most disgusting person i have ever met, to hell with you” Sneha shouted at the top of her voice in the hope of scaring the man away,
“Dude, i think you should back off!” Tirtho came in between the two of them. And instantly the man held his collar and shouted “did i talk to you? you arrogant prick!” and gave a mighty push even though Tirtho just moved back one step. Neha and Devika got extremely scared at this and stood at a far away distance holding each other and trembling with fear, while Rajesh and Raj were beginning to square up. Nobody messes with their friend, especially when Rajesh was renowned for having a fight with almost everyone at his school.
“What the hell are you doing?” Sneha intervened and this time the man grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, which literally came as shock. Even though Sneha had Karate lessons, such a mighty giant man would scare anyone out of their senses, Sneha literally froze and didn’t know how to defend herself anymore.

Suddenly, a huge whack lands on the face of the man, or as anyone would say, a properly trained boxer’s uppercut straight to the chin of the man, and he fell on the road with a big groan!
Everyone was shocked, amazed and terrified equally! It was Tirtho with the strike! He took down a man almost twice his size with just one blow, that too, a proper one!
Everyone looked at Tirtho in amazement and Sneha was totally shocked as she saw Tirtho’s eyes become red with anger. He was looking like the angriest beast she knew who could tear up this big dude if he tries anything more!
This is the point where matters get solved, but here, things worsened. The rest of the two guys who were enjoying the show until now, jumped in, and of them took out his knife. The shiny blade displayed fear for the 6 of them, and anger for those two guys who were now literally out of their senses and could do anything.
“Stay back everyone” Tirtho commanded to his friends. And even Rajesh and Raj stepped back with fear as they never saw random strangers brandishing a knife before them!
Before anyone could say anything, the man with the knife ran towards him with the blade pointed at Tirtho’s stomach. But Tirtho was trained for a moment like this, he just took one foot across his other one from the behind and twisted his body as he dodged the knife swiftly. Immediately he noticed the other guy was coming at him too, in just a reflex he landed a strong side kick with his right foot to that guy’s chest as he screamed “ouuhh” and fell down.
All his 5 friends literally couldn’t believe their eyes as they were stepping back further and especially Sneha, she never knew Tirtho could fight like a beast and doesn’t even flinch in front of weapon. For her Tirtho was that sweet innocent guy whom she teases every now and then and he just laughs like a sweet child. But now!! This side of him was literally the biggest surprise for her! Not just the fighting but the anger on his face and the eyes turning red!
As soon as Tirtho landed the kick , the man with the knife saw the opportunity and ran towards Sneha, but Tirtho was ready and anticipated all possible situations already, he caught hold of the man from behind and pulled him back while he twisted his body to shield Sneha who was still standing frozen with fear. In this process, the knife slashed across tirtho’s left arm but he didn’t care, he turned his face towards the man and landed a straight kick on his balls as the knife fell down and he dropped down on his knees. In the meantime the man who fell down because of the side-kick, got up and tried to land a punch on Tirtho’s face but he instantly blocked the punch and held his arm, twisted it behind his back and before Tirtho could make a move, Sneha came back to her senses and used her experience as she landed a karate chop on his neck with her right palm and elbowed his nose with her left in the fraction of a second and the man knocked out instantly.
The fight came to a close as the man who was kicked in his balls ran away seeing this, and the other two guys including the ex were down senseless.
Instantly, all the friends ran towards Tirtho and realized his arm started to bleed profusely making his white sleeve red.
“Dude, you are bleeding! We should take you to the hospital” Neha said in fright!
“No need, i don’t want my parents to get to know about all this, i’m going home, first aid will be enough” Tirtho said as he still carried that anger on his face.
“He’s right, i will take care of him, Raj just book two ubers, one for you all and one for us, give Tirtho’s address, i will take him home” Seha commanded as she started to tie his wound with a piece of cloth to put pressure the spot.
“Dude that’s a lot of blood! Don’t you feel any pain?” Devika asked,
“Exactly! And dude you just fought guys twice your size!! You are a hero bro!” Rajesh added with excitement!
“This is not the time, we will talk about this tomorrow!” Sneha said in a teary voice as she kept tying tirtho’s arm.
“Uber’s here, guys get going, and text us as soon as you reach all right?” rest 4 of them asked, as Sneha took Tirtho into the Uber and replied “Sure. Return safely you guys too.”
A pin drop silence prevailed as they couldn’t talk about all this in an Uber. And Sneha tried her best not to cry watching Tirtho.
As they got off and went inside TIrtho’s house, Sneha burst out crying holding on to Tirtho. She sunk her head in his chest and started crying while Tirtho used his other hand to comfort her. After at least a few minutes of crying she said while sobbing “I never expected such a great day to end like this!”
“It’s okay, i’m fine totally, i’ve been injured a lot severely than this” Tirtho consoled.
“You could’ve been killed today trying to save me! Idiot”! Sneha said as she kept crying.
“Don’t try to make me understand! Not just because of Aditya, but you getting hurt after like this! I hate blood and now you are bleeding! My god!”
“I know. Stop crying Sneha, i am right here with you, and totally fine, but give me the first aid please, it is hurting. You are my nurse for today. And hey, you saved me infact! Those were two amazing strikes! Please don’t hit me someday, i can’t defend those hehe” Tirtho laughed to lighten to mood
“Yeah very funny now shut up do as i say” Sneha replied while wiping her tears and took him to washroom to wash all the blood and made him sit on the couch to apply first aid.
“I never knew you could fight so well, even against a weapon!” Sneha started conversation.
“This was even a surprise for me, i just practiced boxing and Muay Thai but today it was all just reflexes and instincts, i never knew it myself that i wouldn’t get scared”
“Thank you for saving my life today!” Sneha said while finishing off the bandage.
“You would’ve done the same, you shouldn’t be thankful, i had to do it” TIrtho replied.

“So when are you going to say it?” Sneha asked after a pause.
“Say....say what?”
“Are you always this duffer?”
’I’m not following you, what....what should i say?”
“That you love me!” Sneha looked into his eyes.
“Everyone in the college knows it, you know it, i know it, and that’s why i kept waiting for you to say it but Mr. Duffer, it took you 6 months”
“No i mean...i just....i” Tirtho didn’t know what to reply, this was the moment. This was it! And she took charge to disclose it!
“I was about to te........” even before he could complete his sentence, Sneha held both of his collars, and pulled him towards her and sunk her lips into his. Both of them closed their eyes as it was the moment of ecstasy. Tirtho just surrendered himself to her as her lips took control of his. The girl he loves, the girl he had a crush on since the first day, the girl who makes his boring day cheerful, the girl whose smile makes his heart skip a beat, the girl without whom he would’ve been a different person altogether has just kissed him! She let go of his collars and now held his face with her hands as Tirtho placed his hands on her waist and they sunk in for the deepest kiss ever! They couldn’t let go of each other, He sucked her lower lip while she took care of his upper one. Their tongue touched each other for once and pulled back, they exchanged their lips while bending their heads to lean more into each other. They could hear each other breathe, Sneha’s core became weak as Tirtho’s lips took control. He pulled her in, claiming her mouth again, this time more intense after a short interval for catching their breath. Tirtho could feel Sneha’s heartbeat. The way her heart was pounding on her chest as she felt the softness of Tirtho’s lips against her mouth. The most delicate thing which she needs to embrace and caress for the rest of her life, she felt. Heaven on Earth for them! As they say, the greatest things happen unexpectedly, the same happened for Tirtho. He never knew this would happen on a day like this! They felt the aroma of each other’s mouths, her soft lips brushing against his as a sign of control, love and right over each other. They were in control of each other as the longest, deepest and the most intense kiss lasted for yet another minute. He wasn’t sure if nature rooted this moment or if his mind tricked him into a perfect present but every breath he took was filled with Sneha’s smell, and he didn’t feel shy anymore. As if he was never shy. As if this was the moment he was made for, he was flowing with confidence. They didn’t care for the rest of the world, this was their moment of magic and nobody could take it away. They wanted it to go on and on, never let go of each other’s lips and hold each other close. It took over 6 months to confess their love, how could they let go? They invaded each other in all of the senses, their hearts skipped a beat, they embraced each other’s broad frames as their lips did the magic.

Sneha finally pulled back, and looked into Tirtho’s eyes. Their faces were still so close they could hear each other’s heartbeats. Time stopped for them as Sneha hugged him and totally let her bodyweight fall on Tirtho, as if she knew her man is capable enough to handle her in every way possible. She let herself loose and Tirtho hugged her back.
“I love you Tirtho”. She whispered into his ears.
“I love you too Sneha, i love you so much” he replied as his voice was about to choke with tears, he was so happy.
“Don’t cry, it doesn’t suit you”
“You’ll never stop teasing me right?” Tirtho was about to burst into tears
“Shhh....i’m all yours don’t cry my hero, shhh don’t cry” Sneha said patting his back and she pulled back from the hug and planted a kiss on his cheek.
“Why are you so adorable?” Sneha spoke again as she was wiping his tears...
“You were also in love with me right?” Tirtho said looking down, as he was still not able to look into her eyes..
“Of course i was duffer, everyone knew it except you, i was your crush, but you were mine too from the first day” Sneha spoke in a soft, comforting tone, she knew Tirtho is happy and she is all he has right now
“What?” now he looked up in a shock...
“Yes, what do you think, how do i got to know with everything you do and teased you all day long? ” Sneha replied with a smile and started to wipe his tears….
“I watched you from distance too, how you brought your own food, how you laughed, how that weird guy made you creep out.....i just waited for you to make the first move, i saw you approaching me but that call from mom....huh, and even the next were so scared to talk to me haha...that’s why i took the first step, i had to ease you in the friendship....then again, i too feared for a while after you didn’t approach me that you even like me or not....that’s why i waited, but today, i couldn’t control myself anymore” Sneha said while holding Tirtho’s broad frame within her arms....
“I was your crush too? this is so exciting!!” Tirtho’s face got all bright with joy.
“Now i will get to tease you hahaha!” Tirtho continued.
“All right Mr. , once your wound gets healed up i will hit you so hard”
“Do whatever you want, i’m all yours”
“Okay, the first thing i want to do is put you to bed, you need rest to get that wound healed up quickly.” Sneha said as she held Tirtho while both of them walked towards the bedroom...
“Can you make coffee please? You know i’m not really sleepy, we can grab a coffee and talk all night? pleaseeeee don’t say no please” Tirtho said in a cute voice.
“All right, don’t make that cute baby face, you look too cute doing it, sit there, i’m bringing coffee” Sneha replied while putting Tirtho under the blanket
Tirtho couldn’t believe that this was going on for real, a day which was so special till afternoon, worse at evening, and the greatest at midnight!
“Why did that dude, Aditya do this today? He was really looking to hurt you!” Tirtho asked as she came under the blanket with him.
“I don’t know, i was totally shocked to hear that he was following me!”
“From now on, you do not need to worry, you are not alone anymore, i am there with you” Tirtho held her hand.
“I know, after today i just came to the conclusion that you are that man whom i can depend on totally! But you need to promise me one thing” Sneha rested her head on his shoulder.
“You will never use your body as a shield to protect me again. I know you care for me but i care for you too, you getting hurt is equally saddening to me as me getting hurt is to you” Sneha said as she gabbed tirtho’s arm tightly.
“Okay, i will try to save both of us from danger from the next time, only if there is a next time. Don’t worry” Tirtho rested his head over Sneha’s as both of them shared a calm, peaceful moment between them.
The entire night they kept talking to each other about past stories, how they fell in love, how both of them kept noticing each other, what was their first impressions of each other and so many things ! Time flew by as they kept talking to each other till 4 in the morning, their conversation didn’t take a break, they just kept talking their hearts out and finally they slept without each other’s knowledge. When they woke up, Tirtho found Sneha’s head resting on his chest. “She looked at peace so much both the times when she slept with me” Tirtho thought.
“Wake up, sleepyhead” he said as she was still fast asleep in the most peaceful sleep she would ever get!
“Damn, she looks like the cutest baby ever while sleeping!” he thought.
They spent the rest of the day like a married couple as she stayed in his house for the entire day. It was a holiday after the matchday. She took care of him and even fed him, even though his right hand was totally fine. She just kept Tirtho’s injured arm on her lap as if it was totally hers. They were so in love, couldn’t stop kissing each other all day long. At evening she went to her apartment back. And now time flew....

Days went by in a flash, as both of them progressed in their individual lives as well as together as a couple. Bennett won the Cup final where Tirtho didn’t score but provided two vital assists as they won the match 3-1. Another feather in their crown. They kept supporting each other, motivating each other, and of course Sneha being the lifeline for him during exams but for the rest of the times, both had their equal share in making each other happy. Pulling each other’s legs, roasting each other, going out on dates, small quarrels and making up instantly became their daily life.

Summer of 2020, 6 more months went by within a flash, the happiest relationship ever, going on.

“Yo, get up, that new action movie i was talking about, i’ve booked the tickets get ready, i’ll pick you up at 6” Tirtho texted Sneha. And this kind of out of nowhere dates were their everyday life. They didn’t plan for anything, just went with the flow and spent the most happy times with each other.
“Okay duffer, don’t be late, i’ll be waiting” Sneha replied.
“Yeah look who’s talking, don’t make me make outside your house more than two hours, i hope that’ll be enough. Lol”
“haha very funny. Now don’t disturb, let me get ready”
“Why don’t you shut up?”
“I love you, that’s why”
“haha. i love you too”
And yet another date was going on with lots of fun and foods and kisses, until something else disturbed them yet again.
As both of them made their way outside of the restaurant after the date, they stopped. Aditya was there.
Tirtho instantly went straight ahead and held his collar “What the fuck do you want now?”
“I’m here to apologize” Aditya replied.
“Dude, just shut the fuck up and leave before i knock you out again” Tirtho shouted.
“Guys stop it, we are in the middle of a street! Leave him Tirtho, please” Sneha went up and took Tirtho behind a few steps.
“Sneha, i’m sorry. What i did was wrong, i know you can’t forgive me but i am sorry!” Aditya kept going.
“You should’ve said this before attacking us, oh i’m sorry, you can’t even attack properly, try not to get knocked out one more time by him, because this time if you try to come close even, i won’t stop him, so better back off” Sneha said in a confident tone pointing to Tirtho.
” but sneha i.......” Aditya was about to speak more but Tirtho intervened,
“You heard her. Now back off” And held Sneha’s hand and went out confidently.
“What is this dude’s problem?” Tirtho asked to Sneha in an irritated tone after a while.
“Seriously, i don’t know what does he even want? His appearance looked like he left drinking and all those shits he used to do, but what even?” Sneha replied.
“Exactly! God these guys seriously need to get a life”
“Leave it, by the way the movie was damnnnn! Especially the climax fight! You should fight like this too!” Sneha smiled.
“Me and you should become the avengers you know? Saving the world from evil like Aditya. lol” Tirtho replied.
“Exactly. haha”
The next few days Sneha looked quite busy on her phone during college hours. And looked quite off-tone even while returning together. Sometimes she didn’t even wait for Tirtho at the entrance. “Maybe it is that week of the month” Tirtho thought as he shrugged off his shoulders.
But even he couldn’t expect things would take such a drastic turn in the weekend.
Both of them were watching a movie on Tirtho’s couch at a fine Saturday evening.
“I’m going to the washroom, pause it please” Sneha said
Suddenly a buzz sounded on Sneha’s phone. Another buzz. And another. It drew Tirtho’s attention. Text from Aditya.
Tirtho’s eyeballs enlarged. “What is going on?” he thought as he took her phone and opened the chat. Aditya kept apologizing and the way Sneha replied it looked quite odd. Instantly Tirtho’s anger burst out.
“Sneha!!!!” he shouted.
“Yeah? what?” She came out.
“What is this?” Tirtho pointed at the texts while still holding Sneha’s phone.
“What? “Sneha asked being totally puzzled.
“I should be asking this to you. How did this bastard get your number and why did you reply?”
“Wait, let me.......” Sneha got interrupted as Tirtho kept going on....
“Oh, i get it, this is the reason you looked so off during the whole week, so busy on the phone! wow, ex’s text, so important isn’t it?”
“Can you please let me explain?”
“Shut up! Just shut up! Why did you hide it the whole week? What is going on between you two?”
“Tirtho! You shouldn’t talk like this, i know you get angry easily but please calm down, let me explain”
“I shouldn’t talk like this? And you can talk to your ex without informing me at least?”
“Please calm down, i’ll explain everything! please”
“Shut up! You are literally in no position to explain!”
“Why are you being like this? And why did you touch my phone in the first place?”
“Oh, i am so sorry to invade your private texts with Aditya. Please forgive me”
“Tirtho!! It is not what you think you are not even letting me speak!”
“Please do then! I want to hear what is so private between you two going on”
“What? You are doubting me now?”
“Should i not?”
“Great. I think i should leave now. Bye.” Sneha dashed off angrily.
“Yeah of course!” Tirtho said and instantly regretted it.

The next whole day they didn’t exchange any single texts. Both of them realized their mistakes while felt ashamed to start a conversation without seeing each other. He knew his anger issues were a big problem . So Tirtho decided he’ll talk to Sneha during the lunch break and clear out all misunderstandings.
Both of them sat together the whole day, but didn’t speak, they won’t let go of each other but anger is top priority too.
During the lunch break Tirtho started the conversation.
“I think we should talk”.
“We should. Only if you don’t get angry again”.
“This time only you speak. I am sorry for Saturday, i really am.”
“I am sorry too for not letting you know earlier, come on let’s go to the park, i’ll show you the entire thing.”
“Sure, let’s do that”.
“Guys you go on, we’ll tag along later” Sneha said to the other guys as they made their way to the park.
“See, first he texted me saying sorry, so i said......fine, you see the chats it’ll be better” Sneha handed over the phone to Tirtho as he began to see the chats where Aditya kept on texting about how sorry he was and Sneha kept ignoring. Finally Sneha replied “it is over, please go find someone else” but still he kept texting, and then Sneha calmly replied to him a few times that how he can lead a better life and leave her and Tirtho alone so it would be better for both of them.
“This is it?” Tirtho asked after reading the whole thing.
“Yes Mr. Duffer, this is it. I can’t believe you doubted me” Sneha said in a sad tone as she looked down.
Tirtho without speaking any further words, pulled Sneha and planted a kiss on her forehead and hugged her, while Sneha being like the most obedient girl let herself loose and sunk her head deep into Tirtho’s chest.
“i am so sorry for everything i said, i didn’t mean them you know, but i am so sorry” Tirtho said in a comforting tone while brushing his hand over her head.
“I know you didn’t mean them, even i am so sorry for not letting you know, i just wanted it to be done and then show it to you” Sneha replied.
“It’s okay, let’s forget all these, let’s make it up to each other today.” Tirtho said.
“Food date, sounds nice?”
“My Mr. Duffer knows how to make me happy” Sneha said as she brought her forehead close to Tirtho’s lips as a sign of asking for one more kiss. Tirtho fulfilled her wish with two more kisses and both of them started walking holding each other’s hands.
“Okay so our love birds are done with their quarrel” Raj said from behind.
“What the fuck dude, you guys were watching us?” Tirtho and Sneha shockingly asked,
“Of course we were!” Neha added,
“You guys are just the most adorable couple here, you will fight and sit together but won’t talk. How cute” Neha added.
“Absolutely, our chick Tirtho is so damn cute and Mr. Sneha is so handsome” Rajesh laughed
“Dude do you ever stop?” Sneha said while hitting on Rajesh’s arm.
“Never babe, my jokes are the most precious, you’ll never understand, you pathetic human beings” Rajesh laughed again.
“Just leave this dude and let’s go, no wonder he gets blocked by every second girl he meets” Raj said.
“Lol, best one” Tirtho smirked.
“Well, what are you guys going to eat tonight? Each other?” Rajesh bursts out with laughter yet again.
“Shut up dude, just shut up” Tirtho and Sneha exclaimed together while laughing.
Tirtho and Sneha spent the rest of the day holding hands and sleeping together during lectures at the last row they went straight to their usual food date at Burger King. Sneha is as usually amazed to see how much Tirtho can eat up at once, and yet she just keeps looking at her love gobbling up foods and trying to talk with that filled mouth. Imperfections create the perfect relationship. Sneha doesn’t eat less to be honest though. Other couples watch them eat up like monsters instead of holding hands and clicking pictures.
“Bro, we don’t have enough pictures together” Sneha said as both of them were walking outside with holding hands.
“Shall we click one now?” She asked again
“Sure, wait let me wear the lipstick, oh shit, i forgot to bring my fake eyelashes”, Tirtho imitated a girl’s voice to mock Sneha.
“Why do you always pull my leg? Boyfriends should treat their girls like princesses, you know?”
“I know, but you are not the snow white, you are the dwarf lol”
“Shutup, i’m 5′8, and my frame is broader than most guys in our class too”
“i know miss fighter, click the picture”
“Yupp, say burgerrrrrrrrrrr” and both of them gave the weirdest pose they could ever give with their faces.
“Dude, we are literally the most handsome couple on earth, just look at this pic, damnnn” Sneha burst out laughing while Tirtho kept smiling looking at that same old smile on Sneha’s face after she cracked a joke or did something funny. That was possibly the one of the best sights for Tirtho. His love laughing her heart out. He felt like the most happiest person on earth.

Suddenly, he held her waist and pulled her towards him and sunk his lips into hers. Her eyes enlarged as the most romantic shock hit her now. A moment ago she was laughing out loud and now her mouth got shut in the most romantic way possible. She felt amazed at how soft those lips felt against hers, she felt weak on her knees as her core felt weak because of extreme ecstasy. Her heart pounded against her ribs, as Tirtho kissed her slowly, slowly he invaded all her senses as she just gave in. She let go of her stance and hugged Tirtho with all the remaining strength she had. She felt a thousand butterflies in her stomach as she wanted more of him. She wanted him to take total control of her. Now Tirtho’s tongue started exploring her mouth. His tongue just explored each and every portion of her mouth while she held on to him more tightly. She tightened her grip with each and every stroke tirtho’s tongue played over hers. He pulled back from the kiss for regaining breath, as both of them breathed heavily with their mouths so close they could hear literally each stroke of air passing by. Sneha didn’t leave her hold on him. She kept hugging as their bodies pressed against each other creating a moment of extreme intimacy.
“I love you so much” she said whispering into his ears.
“I love you more than anything.” Tirtho replied.
“Well, i have an idea, remember how you always wanted me to propose you but you had to do it because i was dumb?”
“Yeah but what about it?” Sneha asked
“well............” Tirtho said as he pulled back from their hug and took two steps backward while Sneha kept staring with curiosity.
“Sneha.........“Tirtho said while getting down on his knees,
“You know how they call me Cristiano on field, so will you be my Marcelo? I’ll make sure none of your passes go in vain because you are the best partner i’ll ever get. Will you be my teammate? Will you fight with creeps at midnight with me together? Forever?”
Sneha’s eyes went all watery. She knew no girl will get a better proposal than this ever. She felt the luckiest girl on the planet as her Mr. Duffer was on his knees even after they were in a relationship just to fulfill her one little wish. She could only manage to speak one word with her voice becoming heavy with tears,
“YES” as she ran towards him and jumped on Tirtho to give him the tightest hug ever. “I love you so much so so sooooo much duffer” Sneha exclaimed in joy.
“I love you too. Just stop calling me duffer or else i’ll take back my proposal.” Tirtho laughed.
“I’ll kick you right now, but before that i’ll hug you” Sneha said as she tightened her hug while clinging on to Tirtho.
“You are happy?”
“Of course i am, this is the happiest moment!“, Sneha replied as she pulled back from the hug and both of them started walking.
She started to walk while facing Tirtho. She held his hand a started backtracking while with each step she took, she got a kiss. They couldn’t believe what a happy world they are living in. Everything is so happy, everything feels so nice, everything is just perfect. They are in the world of fairytales it seemed. Only smiles and laughters, no sorrows. All they did was look into each other’s eyes and smile.
“One minute, i got a call” Tirtho left her hand to take the phone out as it was ringing.
“What even....these call centers dude.....Sne.........” He couldn’t finish, before that a huge crash with a mild scream stopped him mid-sentence.

“WHAMMMMMM! Ahhh” that’s all.

Sneha was lying on the road with blood dripping from her forehead. Tirtho stood still. He was expression-less. He did not know how to react. He did not know what to do, what to say. He just stood there looking at Sneha’s opened eyes which were looking back at him. As if she was calling him for help but her mouth wouldn’t cooperate. It seemed when Tirtho left her hand to check his phone, Sneha did not stop walking, she took a few more steps as she landed straight on the main road from the alley they were walking on and a cab struck her. It took 2-3 more seconds for Tirtho to regain his stability which seemed like an eternity. He ran the fastest sprint of his life to get there and sat down taking Sneha’s head on his lap and calling her name in the hope that she would respond back with that same bright smile which would light up his day. But she wouldn’t this time. She lay there, only if she could see how scared her Mr. Duffer was.
“Sneha, Snehaaaa, please wake up! Please please don’t do this to me, please wake up, look at me, please! Why do you always keep teasing me? Why? Please wake up Sneha” repeated Tirtho innumerable times but in vain. Tirtho called the ambulance immediately with the half sentences that he could create, and again began nursing Sneha. He couldn’t believe that yet again a wonderful day just got worse than the previous incident. It doesn’t matter what happens to him but Sneha was his most prized possession. He could go on a war just to defend her but now what should he do! He felt helpless with her lying on his lap covered with blood. He couldn’t even find the energy to say her name anymore. The best fighter has just lost. This time he has no fight left in him. This time he is helpless.
The ambulance arrived soon. Tirtho’s tears won’t fall down. They were stuck just like every emotion which a person could feel was stuck and wouldn’t come out from his heart anymore. They took her to the Emergency and Tirtho filled up the basic forms and then she was shifted to the O.T.
Tirtho called his friends to inform, and everyone came within an hour. All of them were walking here and there, nobody could sit down peacefully until the doctor comes out.
“She’ll be alright, don’t worry. She is strongest, mentally and physically both. A car can do no damage our girl” said Raj to comfort Tirtho a bit.
“I hope so bro. i hope so” Tirtho replied as the rest 4 of them came to a group hug.
“Excuse me, who is Mr. Tirtho here?” The doctor came out with a worn look on his face.
“I am , doctor, i am Tirtho” Tirtho replied as he broke the hug and went to the doctor. It just took one more sentence from the doctor but for the guys it was like waiting for an eternity. Heartbeats racing, mind not working properly, sweating like never before. Tirtho didn’t sweat this much before getting the results of HS, he didn’t sweat like this after playing for 120 minutes. His heart was pounding waiting for the statement.....

“She is fine and out of danger. She was very strong and muscular so it didn’t hurt her much, the car was also travelling slow i guess, there is a minor fracture in her right leg and her left elbow, but don’t worry her limbs will be back to normal within a month. She lost some blood during the accident but thank god you called the ambulance on time, we were able to save her from a hemorrhage. Just don’t let her think or put pressure on her brain much for this whole month at least okay? Take care of her, i’ll come for a checkup tomorrow”.

These words sounded like the best things he has heard after Sneha’s “I love you”. These words were such a relief, his pulse which was racing at 220 now came back at 120. Now he finally sat at the chair outside the OT. Rest of the guys joined too as everyone was relieved after this.
“She is fine, our girl is fine, i told you na!” Raj said again.
“Dude, she had to be fine, who else will listen to all my jokes and laugh every time!” Rishav said.
“Who else will love our hero so much if she is not fine! She just had to be!” The rest of the guys kept talking but Tirtho was silent. He didn’t speak a word more or less. Only he knew what was going on in him during the whole time. He saw what it feels like to have your loved one lying lifeless. Blood covered body which is not moving, not smiling not laughing anymore. That.....that was the scariest part of his life.
“We’ll come back tomorrow, come on dude, let’s go home tonight” Rishav said to Tirtho.
“No, i will stay the whole night.” Tirtho said in denial.
“He’s right man, look at your clothes, all bloody. Change them, get some sleep, she is alright and there are the nurses and doctors. You need to call her Mom too.” Raj replied holding Tirtho’s shoulder.
“Alright.” Tirtho replied in agreement.
The whole night he couldn’t sleep though, but he made the all important call to his mother and she said she would come to visit her as soon as she can.
The next day as she regained her consciousness, visitors were allowed. And all of them rushed to see how was their friend was doing. All of them went to hug her but Tirtho didn’t. He kept standing at the door looking at her. He had the mixed emotions going on in him which even he couldn’t explain.
“Okay, we should give them their time, come on love birds, enjoyyyy” Rishav said as they went outside to allow the privacy.
“You won’t come to me?” Sneha asked
“Why did you do that? Why are you so careless?” Tirtho asked in a sad tone instead of an angry one.
“I’m so sorry. Come here na, please. I want to hold you” Sneha said as she cutely pointed towards the side of her bed.
“I was so scared! ” Tirtho said as he sat on her bed and held her hand.
“I know, i could see how you were almost crying and couldn’t speak properly too. i was not totally senseless,, i could see you partially for a while”
“Be ready for the scolding when you come home! Until then, this will do” Tirtho said as he hugged her on the bed.
“Home?” Sneha asked
“Yeah, you will be staying with me for at least a month now!” Tirtho said
“Seriously??? no i mean...why?” Sneha got excited.
“I called your mom yesterday, and informed about the situation, as our sems are coming up and all that so she couldn’t take you back with her, you need to stay here and your fracture you know, so someone needs to take care of you! So this is how it ended up and your mom agreed that such a gentleman is your bf”
“Yeah yeah right! but if this is situation then i think i should stay injured throughout the year” Sneha smiled as she played with his hairs.
“I will seriously hit you once you are released!” Tirtho said.
“Hey, the visiting hours are over, i don’t want the nurse to see us like this” Sneha said while laughing
“When is mom coming by the way?”
“Tomorrow maybe, she said as soon as she can”
“Okay, but my injury made so many great things happen! Even my mom agreed to us!”
“That’s true. I love you sweety, i will try to come at the evening else tomorrow, alright?”
“Alright. And keep that face happy, i love it that way. I love you , bye”

The entire week went just as planned with her mom coming to visit her for two days, and she was quite impressed with Tirtho as well. Visiting twice a day daily and slowly progressing with the walking and of course with Rishav’s jokes , kept the mood light every time. And just like that, their kind of live-in started. Even though Sneha could walk for a bit, she would make that cute baby face and say “Can you pick me up and take there pleaaaseeeeee?” And every time Tirtho would leave whatever he is doing and take Sneha. She would not come down and hold on to him as tightly as she can, “Now take me there, take me there too i need my phone” and she would stay up holding him for as long as she can. In the meantime Mr. Terrible cook Tirtho learnt how to cook as well after some doing some serious damage to the kitchen and burning up a lot of food and having maggi to cover up. Sneha would sit on a kitchen slab and give instructions which Tirtho would perfectly fail to follow and destroy everything. “Dude, my parents gonna kill me once they visit” was his realization after every time he damaged the kitchen walls with oil stains. They would study together every day and of course, Sneha would scold him every time to make sit for just 5 minutes straight for studying. Sneha made him her constant pillow as she would not sleep anywhere else except his chest. And Tirtho loved how crazy his girl could be when it is only just the two of them. She learned how Tirtho would jump and shout like the cutest retard ever whenever Cristiano Ronaldo would score. He didn’t let her sleep and would drag her to the couch with him to watch soccer game at midnight. Every time Tirtho had a bad dream regarding Sneha’s accident and would wake up all sweaty and panting for breath, She would hug him and pat his back to assure him and watch him fall asleep in her arms. Fights became a regular part o their lives but they wouldn’t last for more than a few hours. Soon everything returned back to original and Sneha shifted back to her apartment.

But Tirtho’s house became their weekend home. Summers passed, winters passed and they were in their final year. One more trophy won and Tirtho’s trophy cabinet was almost overflowing with his achievements on-field. While Sneha resumed her ballet but had to leave her Karate for the injury so Tirtho kept teaching her in his own ways. Love, redefined. But lives don’t stay the same? Do they?

Winter of 2021. The final year, final semester. People always come back. A small world, eh?

“Tirtho, i was thinking that we should start living together. If we get placed in the same city, so we should totally stay together.” Sneha said during the class.
“Sure thing, you’ll move in and then we’ll sell the apartment. Your mom soooo wants me to be her son in law ! damnn!”
“Yeah, she talks to you more than me on video calls now days! She totally loves you!”
“Of course! Every woman falls for me you know!”
“Shut up! I don’t want anyone else to fall for you. Else i’ll have to break her teeth”
“You know that i am scared of you?”
“You should be, you’ll be beaten up one day for sure for your jokes on me”.
“Haha, kill me but they won’t stop!”
“Now shut up else the prof is gonna kick us out for the 7th time”.
“lol, i think he has issues with his wife, eh?”
“Maybe. But you won’t, you gonna enjoy your wife” Sneha winked.
“Let’s do it today, in that empty class, i wanna see how much i can enjoy you”.
Sneha pinched him on the thigh as both of them shared a smile looking at each other.
“Dude Dude!!!!! Listen up” Shouted Rishav as he came running from the back, while the rest 5 were taking a walk at the park after dispersal.
“What is it?” asked Tirtho.
“That same alley where Sneha’s ex that Aditya dude attacked us, there has been a murder” Rishav said panting.
“Damn!! Shit that is so sad!” Exclaimed Sneha and Neha together.
“Here, this woman was stabbed to death!” Rishav said as he handed his phone to Sneha with a new article of the murder incident.
“Wait a minute! What?” Sneha said in curiosity as she bent over more to engage on the screen.
“I know this woman” She said.
“What? Who is it?” Rest of them asked together.
“This is Aditya’s new girlfriend! I stalked her profile once, i am sure this is her” Sneha said while returning the phone.
“What????? That crazy dude’s gf got murdered with knife! Is there any chance that he would’ve done it?” Asked Tirtho.
“No. He is not a murderer, who would come to say sorry after just a drunk act if he is a murderer? And we saw him he was totally sober, and changed! Even when he texted me!” Sneha explained.
“Hmm right.” Tirtho said as he grabbed Sneha’s hand and all of them started walking towards the exit. But somehow Tirtho’s felt something was wrong. Something bothered him and even he didn’t know what was it exactly. Two more days passed and everything seemed quite normal and fell back in place only until one more news article came up regarding that murder incident.
“Sneha, something very strange happened!” Tirtho clinched Sneha’s hand tightly while they were entering the college.
“Regarding that murder, i think something is very fishy. There is a high chance Aditya did it” Tirtho said with a fear in his eyes which scared Sneha to her core.
“What are you talking about?”
“Come with me” Tirtho took her to an empty shed under the tree and showed her his mobile with the news article opened.
” I felt something very strange about it so i kept searching about it, look today one more article surfaced” Tirtho said as he handed his mobile to her.
“There are several bruises on her body showing tremendous domestic violence which was going on for a long period of time and Aditya is missing after police tried to communicate with him regarding the domestic violence!! What???????” Sneha’s eyeballs enlarged as she was shocked.
“I think it is very strange! I’m pretty sure that crazy dude did this. Or else whose friends keep knives with them?” Tirtho claimed.
“Don’t scare me like this! What is going on?”
“I totally think he had been beating up his new girlfriend and one day when finally water went above his head or she tried to protest, he just stabbed her, and you know how empty that road is at night! Even if anyone shouts, nobody won’t be able to hear it!”
“And i think he tried to act cool with the police but as soon as those violence marks were found he fled” Tirtho continued.
“So? Where can he be now? Are we at.......nahh nothing! We are safe!” Sneha told to herself in a scared tone!
“Dude, come up, the prof came” Rishav said after finding them.
“Yeah, coming” Both of them replied in an absent minded tone.
“Should we tell them?” Sneha asked quietly in Tirtho’s ears.
“I think we shouldn’t scare them much, let us handle this, let’s see how far the water goes” Tirtho whispered back.
The entire day both of them looked off-color, absent-minded. No classes done properly, all they kept thinking was what is going on. Are they at risk too? What would happen to them?

“I think it’s time for us to stay together for a while again.” Tirtho said in an assertive tone.
“Do you mean Aditya can come for us now?”
“He is angry at both of us. He couldn’t get you and i punched him and threatened him twice! “Tirtho replied looking dead straight into Sneha’s eyes.
“All right. I too think it’ll be better at least for some days. Fine, i’ll shift tomorrow, today let me pack all the stuffs. Okay?” Sneha replied.
“Totally cool.” said Tirtho as both of them started to walk back towards the bus-stop.
“Where are all the buses today?” Sneha asked in disgust after almost waiting for an hour.
“Fuck, it’s dark already” She continued.
“Let’s take auto okay? We will break thrice but at least we will reach within today lol” Tirtho tried to bring some humor but none of them were in the mood.
“Let’s do that”
It took almost two hours reach their destination and it was already past 10. And past 10 in a winter night is almost same as midnight. Tirtho walked Sneha to her apartment’s lane, kissed her goodnight and started to walk back. 5 minutes later, his phone rang, he picked it up and saw it was Sneha.

“Hi Sneha, what’s up?”
“I.....i.......think....i think someone is here!” Sneha sounded absolutely terrified in her voice.
“How far did you go? Can you come quickly to my apartment, i think someone is here! And i don’t know why but the opposite flat is closed today too. No one is here.”
“What the fuck???? i’m on my way...keep talking” Tirtho turned back and started running.
“What do you see? What is there? Who is there?” He kept asking.
“I......i don’t know I just entered and turned the lights on and felt something, someone is present!”
“Shit shit shit........take your bag, wear it in front of you as a guard” Tirtho instructed.
“Hi Sneha.......long time no see” Tirtho heard another voice from the background.
“Sneha who’s that?”
“What the fuck Aditya! You broke into my apartment? How dare you?” Tirtho heard Sneha’s voice.
“Shhhhh Sneha, i don’t like girls talking much. Who is that on the phone? That dude who considers himself strong? He is coming here? haha, this time i’m prepared, let that bastard come”.
“Sneha don’t get afraid, you are a fighter, you know how to defend and counter, don’t freeze like last time i am almost there” Tirtho kept talking.
“What do you mean prepared? You killed your girlfriend didn’t you?” Sneha asked
“That’s a great tactic! She is keeping him busy” Tirtho thought as he picked up more pace while still having the phone on….
“Ofcourse i killed her! And now i am here for you. It is all because of you, i loved you and this is how you beat me up in the street using your friend, not this time.” Aditya’s voice was as cool as an ice
“You want to know how i killed her? Don’t worry, i’ll keep you alive and kill that bastard in front of you exactly how i killed her, and then finish you!” Aditya continued.
“What do you mean because of me? What did i do to you? You are the one who made me suffocate during our relationship and look at you now! What have you become!!” Sneha’s voice started to build confidence.
“I became like this because of you. I went to apologize but your boyfriend threatened me there too. I texted you and you said i should find someone else and shouldn’t bother you anymore. How could you Sneha? I had to do this because of you. I killed that bitch because she kept asking me about you as i kept looking at your photos. Every time i took one of your photos to bathroom she questioned me, i couldn’t take that bitch anymore.” Aditya spoke in an unshakable tone.
“You are a disgusting person, get ready to rot in jail” Sneha replied in disgust.
“We’ll see. Brothers, come up” Aditya said and soon three more guys came up from the bedroom to surround Sneha. Aditya took out a bloodstained knife from his back pocket, which apparently he didn’t even wash after killing his ex and started to approach towards Sneha.
Suddenly Aditya’s motion stopped as Tirtho almost broke the door as he pushed it so hard and entered the room.
“That’s it, i have had enough of you asshole. Remember what Sneha told last time? She wouldn’t stop me if you made another move. That’s it” Tirtho roared and in a flash as he ran two steps and landed a straight jumping high kick on the chest of Aditya even before he could react and Aditya fell down at least a foot away . Sneha immediately seized the opportunity and landed a straight kick to the balls of the man who was standing closest to her and jumped away and went beside Tirtho. The rest of the two guys couldn’t figure out what to do and instead of attacking chose to help Aditya and the other guy get up which gave Tirtho and Sneha the necessary time to organize themselves.

“All right, Sneha stay back, i can handle this, i know how to fight multiple attackers” Tirtho spoke as she guarded Sneha as Aditya was getting up slowly. But Sneha came out of Tirtho’s guard, looked straight into his eyes and said “We are in this together, we will fight together, we will win together.”

Tirtho felt the confidence and anger in her tone. His eyes told her “That’s my girl” and his mouth spoke “All right, let’s do this” as both of them took their stance, Tirtho with his classical boxing stance and Sneha with her Karate stance.
“Get these motherfuckers” , Aditya shouted as he started to find his knife which fell down while he received the kick.
All three of them went for Tirtho as he looked more dangerous to them, and using this opportunity, Sneha immediately slid in with a sweep kick to the legs of one guy who fell down instantly as he was in a motion already, over the other guy, which shook the third man too. This gave Tirtho a split second to think about his counter, he used his body as a lever to hold the arm of that man who now came to punch him and performed a classic Judo throw over his back which stunned the guy immediately. As an instant reflex, Tirtho stepped on the face of that man with all the power he had to knock him out. Rest of the two guys started to get up and in the meantime Aditya found his knife. Sneha noticed this and threw the paperweight which was lying on the table straight to Aditya’s face hitting him in a shock. Tirtho got in between the two guys who now got up and punched guy in the liver and even before the second guy could react, he threw a back kick on his liver. Sneha swept his legs instantly as he was pushed back due to the back kick which resulted in the guy falling on his back with a bang! Sneha used a karate chop to his throat to make sure he doesn’t get up too soon. And as his third move in a row, Tirtho threw an uppercut the first guy with his left hand which threw him on the ground like a ball of sack. In the meantime, Aditya recovered from the heavy paperweight being thrown at him, he looked at three of the huge men lying on the floor senseless by two college students and was shocked. Even though he had the knife he knew now it is too tough for him to even put a scratch on them. He could feel a sense of fear in the air as now the game is totally changed. Tirtho and Sneha regained their position and now were looking a bit too angry.

“You messed with the wrong girl dude, you messed with the wrong girl” Tirtho shouted. “And you wanted to kill my Tirtho infront of me? eh?” Sneha shouted with a smile full of vengeance at the corner of her lips. Aditya tightened the grip on his knife as he dashed towards Sneha and his knife pointed straight to her stomach. Tirtho pushed Sneha out of the way and in the same motion he himself jumped backwards to make sure both of them dodged the knife. Aditya stopped and slipped as he was running at full speed but he regained his balance soon, but this gave both Tirtho and Sneha enough time to regain their balance too and they knew exactly how to finish this fight. Even before Aditya could point his knife forward, Tirtho landed a roundhouse kick to the rib cage of Aditya and Sneha caught hold of Aditya’s knife holding arm, twisted the wrist to make sure the knife fell down and kicked the it away. As Aditya couldn’t recover from the massive pain inflicted upon him by that kick and twist on the wrist, Sneha seized the opportunity to grab his head by the hairs and whacked it straight at the corner of the table. Tirtho jumped in with full force and landed a straight punch to the lower jaw of Aditya which made a cracking sound as it surely broke and Aditya fell down senseless. One of the men tried to get up but Sneha made sure he wouldn’t with another kick on the throat.

Tirtho got up and as soon as Sneha and Tirtho regained their proper senses, Tirtho hugged her immediately. He patted her back for being the bravest and fighting equally if not more. “Thank god you are safe” said Tirtho as he brushed is hand over Sneha’s head and continued “we are the greatest team-mates aren’t we?“, “Of course we are, i don’t know what to say to thank you for coming instantly! You saved me again! I love you Tirtho” Sneha replied. “No stupid, you saved me. And i love you too” Tirtho planted a kiss on her forehead.

They called the police and during all these sounds, some of the neighbors from upstairs came down. Tirtho and Sneha didn’t face any legal problems as Aditya was already a murder suspect and he was caught red handed this time with the bloodstained weapon too. Even the rest of the three guys confessed that Aditya paid them to do this.

“So finally, we are done with problems right?” Sneha asked as they went out of the police station.
“God knows, maybe something else is waiting for us tomorrow. But why fear when we are together” Tirtho put his hand around Sneha’s shoulder and pulled her close.
“Yes, the greatest team ever. Us.” Sneha replied in the happiest tone she could ever speak.
“You don’t need to stay in that apartment anymore. From tomorrow you are shifting with me and i will tell it to my parents too” Tirtho said.
“yeah bu.....“Sneha couldn’t complete her sentence as Tirtho put his hand over her mouth and said…. “Miss, i think you are making a mistake to think that you have a choice! It’s an order. Tomorrow we are coming here to take every important thing and from now my house is our house”.
“Okay sir” Sneha replied as they kissed each other and punched each other’s fists as a sign of victory.

“Dude! We came to know about your story! You guys literally fought again and won again?” The rest of group flocked them while they were sharing a cup of coffee at the lunch break after two days.
“Yupp, we did. It’s sad you guys missed the action, we literally teamed up and no one could match us” Sneha said with a smile.
“Tell us more about it idiots” Rajesh asked.

Tirtho and Sneha held each other’s hands tightly and moved close to each other and started

“Ofcourse, sit down everyone....for the greatest action-romance story ever............”

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